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Knowing God's Word . . .

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Knowing God’s Word

By Kathy Mote



Knowing God's Word is not a matter of knowing scripture for every moment, it is a matter of knowing Him as Lord in every moment.




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So What

By Kathy Mote



So what does it mean to hide His Word in our heart? It means to hold dear to our heart His presence and all He says to us. Jesus brings God's will to our heart. That's how we live, by knowing Him. He brings our heart into God's will by His presence in us. That is God's will for us. That is His work in us, to bring God's living Word to us.


This is something we don't seem to understand because we immediately think of the Bible as the Word. But the Bible says Jesus is the Word (God's will, decision, decree and desire for us.)


As a small child, my son had trouble accepting my word was my will. But I was always there to enforce my decree being the mom. No, there will be no ice cream for dinner, and no nacho chips for breakfast. My word was my will and I was present to explain it to him and help him live it.





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I Hear The Lord Say

By Kathy Mote



I hear the Lord say, “Know your place.”


So as I hear this, this is what I see and know. If you think you need someone, Know your place is in His presence. He will fill and satisfy your heart.


If you think you are being wronged, Know your place is before His throne. As His will for your life is revealed to your heart, you will rest in His will as He brings it about. He is your strong tower.


As your heart is troubled by all those who do not acknowledge or walk in His will, Know your place in His will and abide in Him. He is working in them all and He will have His way in them.


As you compare your life to what you think it should have been, Know your place is right where you are. He has seen to every detail just to make you as you are. He measures your life by His presence in it to bring His will to pass, just like He does your in heart.


As you lament the things withheld from you in this life, Know your place is on the palm of His hand. He will provide more than you need in this life and in the life to come.


So Know your place is in Him. There is nothing lacking in Him, and as you Know your place you will remain, with nothing lacking in you.




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As I Slept

By Kathy Mote



As I slept, I dreamed that my daughter had an allergic reaction to the hand lotion she used at work. I rushed to her and began to pray, but I prayed my will in His name. Before I got the words out, the Lord stopped me and said, “Until you hear Me, you do not know what I will do.”


“You do not go and I follow you, I go before you and make a way and you follow Me, knowing what I do. I will make what I do known to you. That is My way for you. That is how you keep your peace, by knowing what I will do.”


I thought back on the nearly four decades that I had done the opposite of what He said, praying what I believed was His will instead of hearing Him, assuming I knew His mind in the situation I faced without facing Him. I knew scriptures, the record of what He had done in the situations He faced, but that is not hearing Him speak to me regarding the situations that I faced.


I said, “But it is always your will to heal and save. The scriptures say that.” He corrected my thinking and as He did, I turned to face Him. He said, “It is always My will that you be in Me first. That is how I will bring My will to pass in all things. I made a way for you to go My way in all things.”


Being in Him is not a technicality, but a living communion of the heart. There was a bond between Him and me that spread from my heart to my head, and as He revealed His thoughts He quieted my heart. In that moment, my daughter was healed. This is knowing and seeing and honoring His will, which is what HE is doing in the situations I face. As I look to Him, I defer to Him. As I stepped aside, He stepped up and I followed Him. I literally stepped behind Him.


As I woke, He said, “Go write My word (all that He had told me) that there be a record of what I said. As My Word is released, that is what I will do.” I am reminded of when He walked with His followers. They wrote only a portion of all that He said to them.


We walk with Him as well, listening to what He says to us, and as we hear, we see what He is doing in our lives. This is what it is to be in Him. He is moving in the Earth as He is moving in us. It is not enough to know and believe scripture, we must know and believe Him. This is the living communion He has promised us.





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The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said “He is giving our heart a special gift of purity.” Our hearts have gone from waiting for something He will do to simply waiting for Him. Many of us are on the edge of feeling done with this life, we feel so empty in the waiting. It's the refiner's fire again, for sure, but this fire seems more refined and delicate, burning with specific purpose. Did I say that right? A delicate fire that only burns one thing out of us, the care of what He will do next. We only want to remain with Him, whatever He does. This is how He is preparing us, for either being empty or being filled, our hearts will be secure in Him. No earthly desire can tempt us.



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Allowing Our Self-Esteem

By Kathy Mote



Allowing our self-esteem to be based on how people have treated us is wrong, wrong, wrong on three counts. First, we haven't acknowledged God's hand in it. We are using what has been withheld from us to determine our value, and this is not reflective of God's finished work in us. In this generation, our past is largely what the Lord has allowed it to be in order to shape and mold and train our hearts to enter and remain in His presence.


Having our opinion of our 'self' be based on what the Lord is not finished with is not a fair grade of who we are going to be when He is finished. We have been as one who is pressed in a wine press. We have not lived through normal circumstance, our lives have been entirely of His making to build in us what is lasting and Spiritual.


Most importantly, we aren't yet seeing the end of all He will do in us or what we will be by His presence dwelling in us, and judging ourselves by so little understanding does not express our faith in Him to finish what He started in us.


So to all those who are realizing that along with the humility the Lord built in them, they have a lower opinion of themselves, be encouraged to realize we have no idea of what He has prepared us to be. No idea at all, but He said the world will be in awe of what He has done in us. And the fact that we are content not to imagine what we will be is evidence that He has done a perfect work in us. May our confidence continue to be in Him.




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I Will Satisfy The Deep Hunger

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said, “I will satisfy the deep hunger I have given you. With My presence will I satisfy you, and there every good thing will be given you. The oil of gladness will lighten you. Pure waters will freshen you. All that I desire is My desire for you, and with long life will I satisfy you.”



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The Anointing of God

By Kathy Mote



The anointing of God is the power of God rising up in you and it will both change your heart and transform your life. It will burn up all that is in you and burn away everything around you so that nothing by any means will entangle or ensnare you. It will both free you and capture you. It will fill you with a deep desire to give back to Him all He has placed in you, even before you realize what it will bring you to.


It is His presence in you, which is bringing about His desire, and you will, by His power in you, honor Him. You are a living testament of Him. This is the explanation of your life as it has burned in the fires, all you who are His Remnant, and He has great purpose in making your life as it is. You are the sharpened sword in His hand, and He will pierce the darkness with it.








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