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When you make eye contact with someone . . .


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When You Make Eye Contact With Someone

By Kathy Mote


When you make eye contact with someone, you see them and they see you. The more of their heart they reveal in that moment, the more your heart is changed.


When God looks intently at you, He sees what is in your heart, but you also 'see' Him and that makes an impression on your heart. He draws you near to reveal what is in His heart. You are changed by this encounter because He shows you what He wants. That is how He corrects your heart. As your heart is changed, so is your life.


As I slept, God picked me up and drew me close to Him. He looked intently at me, and seeing I knelt before Him, He said He didn't want to see that in me again. He said He heard it every time I answered Him and He didn't want to hear it any more. I straightened as I was held in His hand.


He said He is more and He called me to more. He told me He called me daughter and as a daughter is how I should respond. He said kneeling is how soldiers and servants respond and seeing me do that broke His heart. He said, I am more to you than that and I have called you to more.


And just like that, He changed my heart. In my heart remains the respect and acceptance of His will, but He changed how I see all that He would desire. I was brought face to face with Him and as my Father looked at Me, I looked at Him. This is how He called me to be with Him.


He said we don't fully understand the relationship we are meant to have with Him, but we will in the days to come. Our thinking of Him and what He is to us is too simple by our own definition. It doesn't encompass Him or the love He has for us.

It came as a revelation to me as He made eye contact with me that to know Him as we are known by Him, we have to see as we are seen. It is by knowing Him that He will change our heart. Be blessed. ♥️


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Turkey Dinner

By Kathy Mote



Turkey dinner is not something either of my children have ever liked, so I have always given them something they liked to eat on Thanksgiving. But that turkey and mashed potatoes, stuffing with celery, and green beans is one of my favorite meals. So today at the last minute, I decided to get all I needed to make it.


My daughter took the news that she would be eating turkey rather well, I thought. She was brave, only turning a little pale and somber when I told her the news. I'll deal with her later, but for now I have Turkey dinner to make. I just thought I would share one thing that happened to make this meal a little more memorable.


On the way to the store, I realized I might not even find a turkey. Even if I did, what were the odds I would get one small enough to thaw before tomorrow. I found there was only one fresh turkey left, something that delighted me. (They are usually frozen.) What further delighted me was this turkey was small, just the right size for two people.


I took my little turkey to the check out isle, and the girl running the register called back for a code to figure the price of my treasure. The young boy that works in the back said there weren't any turkeys left. At that, she turned off her walkie and asked me, "How's $8 sound?" It sounded like the deal of the century. I smiled and said, Thank you!


This little turkey is just beautiful, and I prepped him and popped him in the oven. Around here, on the day before a holiday there are usually no turkeys left, but this one was the perfect size, just waiting for me. To get it at all, much less at such a low price, made it feel like a gift, and I am grateful.


There are many who are tempted to feel loss instead of gratitude around the holidays, and this year I was one of them. But the Lord is so generous and good, I refuse to feel sad no matter what loss I have faced. I hope with my whole heart that no one reading this feels loss instead of gratitude this year. A tall order, I know, but the Lord is so good that healing is a breath away if we will receive it from Him.




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What God is Doing

By Kathy Mote



What God is doing in you He has always been doing in you. It's your reaction to Him that you are aware of and your response is your choice. He has been drawing you to Him to hear His voice. Relationship is His point. But you don't hear Him until He speaks. That is how you are called.


I once heard the Holy Spirit say, 'Yeah, go find God and walk up to Him' when someone said they sought Him out by choice and that is how they knew Him. What really happens is when we are called, we hear Him and we answer. We have no power to find Him out. Even a yearning heart is His invitation, and it is a gift.


That is why we call not knowing Him being 'lost'. He always knew where we were, and accepting Him is being saved (from not being in His presence) and knowing we belong to Him is being found.


Yet, we are the expression of His love. He created us. Each one of us. Oh, our flesh was born of flesh, but that part of your heart that can hear His voice and KNOW it is Him as you are brought before Him is part of HIS heart living and beating in yours. That is how we recognize Him. He is God and there is no mistaking Him.


He put that living part of Him in you as He knit you together in your mother's womb. That is what being knit together means. He is perfecting His love for each of us as He calls us to Him to hear His voice. He said, hearing Him is just the beginning of a beautiful thing.


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