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President Trump and the Laughing Hyenas

By Veronika West



“Watch and Listen!  For the sound of the roar of The Lion of Judah will shake and break down the walls of wickedness and it shall shatter to pieces the chains of corruption that have kept My People bound.”


Last night through a dream I was shown President Trump standing in the midst of Laughing Hyenas and ravenous Lions….


The Laughing Hyenas I knew by revelation were symbolic of the Media, and the ravenous Lions were those both on his left and right who were conspiring night and day to destroy him.


But as I looked at President Trump standing in the darkness of the pit, surrounded by the Hyenas and Lions, suddenly I heard the sound of the roar of The Lion of Judah and the ground began to tremble and the walls of the dark pit began to shake violently.


Then I heard the sound of chains being broken, and I watched as the Laughing Hyenas and the ravenous Lions began to scatter.  Running in fear they fled in many different directions.


Then I heard these Words, “Watch and Listen!  For the sound of the roar of The Lion of Judah will shake and break down the walls of wickedness and it shall shatter to pieces the chains of corruption that have kept My People bound!”


As I heard those Words, suddenly I saw a radiant light breaking forth and I could see the seven colors of the rainbow appear before me, and I heard these Words, “For My Covenant shall be established in this Nation, and My Covenant shall triumph over Judgment!”


Then on waking this morning, it was quickened to me to share an urgent Word below, that I gave concerning ‘The Lion’s Den and President Trump’.


As I re-read the Word, again it was quickened to me the Word I submitted recently where I saw the Donkey Piñata hanging in a tree by a Scarlet Cord and I heard The LORD say, “The thief has been caught and will pay back seven times!”  Please see HKP Word,


America: The Curse Will Be Reversed


For ‘The Lion’s Den and President Trump‘ please also see following HKP Word,


An Urgent Dream Concerning President Donald J. Trump

Watch, for the den has been prepared and the bloodthirsty lions lie in wait!


As I come to you today, it’s 3:00 a.m. in the morning and I have woken from a powerful dream concerning American President Donald J. Trump, where I was shown a great upheaval that is coming in the days ahead.


In this dream, I found myself standing in a dark dungeon type place and the smell of the air in that place is hard to describe, but it was the smell of blood and of lions, (having been brought up as a child in a wildlife conservation I know the smell of lions).


It is a smell so distinct that it is a smell that is unmistakable…!


As I stood in that dark place, my nostrils filled with the smell of (blood and acid like tones).


As I began to feel fear rise up within me, then suddenly I saw a bright light appear around about me and an Archangel of The LORD stood before me in the dream, and spoke to me saying, “Fear not, for you have been brought to this place for what is about to take place.”


As I listened, suddenly the dream shifted and I was taken high above the White House where I was shown a small open window (which faced south).


As I looked through the open window, I saw President Donald Trump knelt down upon his knees, looking up to heaven, and as I looked at him, I saw a great battle taking place over the land and as I watched him cry out to The LORD.


Suddenly I saw the Archangel Gabriel standing above him, with a flaming sword lifted high above the president’s head. I watched as the blade of the sword touched him, as if he were being knighted.


Then I saw President Donald Trump stand to his feet. Suddenly I saw a mantle fall upon him, that flowed like liquid gold.


The mantle of gold covered him from head to toe. I watched as it became like a body of impenetrable armor, and the Angel of The LORD left him…!


Then I woke up.


As I woke up, my body my covered in sweat and I was praying so loudly in the Spirit that my son my awoke.


As I reassured my son that all was well, I began to feel a great urgency to pray for the land of America and the president.


As I began to cry out to The LORD, the atmosphere was heavy. It felt as if I was walking in thick sand.


But as I prayed and warred in the spirit, suddenly The Spirit of God spoke to me saying, “Watch and pay attention! Pray, pray, pray for the nation of America and for President Donald Trump, for it shall be like in the days of Daniel, when My faithful servant was thrown into the lions’ den.


Watch! For they shall come together and they shall conspire with one another to destroy that which I have decreed and that which I have declared over the land and they shall look to catch him out.


They look to grab hold of him, to utterly destroy him, for surely I tell you, the den has been made ready and the hungry lions now lie in wait,” says The Spirit of God.


“Watch and pray! Call a Fast, for they shall come together as one from the left and from the right.


Yes! There will be those who shall come from the right, who shall say, “How can this be?”


But I tell you, many hearts will be turned cold by a strong spirit of lies and deception.


Yes! Even a spirit of murder dwells in the midst of them, for they have hatched a plan and they have put together a plot to overturn and overthrow that which has been established.


But listen, stay vigilant in this hour! Watch and pray! For surely I tell you again, just as the day they threw Daniel into the lions’ den, so they shall they come together in great unity and authority in this day to throw a praying president into the den of hungry lions.


Tell My People, if they will look to Me and cry out to Me in this hour, I shall send My angels of protection into the midst of them.


Yes! Into the storm of rising lies and false accusations and into the midst of the roaring lions, and their bloodthirsty mouths shall be shut closed, and that which was conceived in the womb of darkness shall not come to full term, but shall surely be fully aborted and brought to nothing,” says The Spirit of God.


“Now watch! For I stand over My Word to perform it in this hour and in this day, for the nation of America shall see My Glory and they shall see My Hand move in mighty and yet more mysterious ways in the days ahead, for I have set My Seal upon My Servant and a Mantle of Kingship, and he shall become My Trumpet for Righteousness and Justice in the land, and no man shall touch My anointed and live!” says The Spirit of God.




Blessings to you all.



By Veronika West












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10.11 | 06:23

Yes beloved . . . of course it is!!!!! Today! Yesterday and Forever!!!!!

08.11 | 09:41

Amen, I receive it in the Almighty Name of Jesus for family, friends, neighbor's, people in our lives, and myself according to Gods will. Amen

08.11 | 08:11

I see the date on this is May 31, 2016. Does it still apply to today? This is just so beautiful.

06.10 | 06:30

Awesome prayer for supreme court justice . . .

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