If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

In town there is a coffee shop . . .


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In Town There is a Coffee Shop

By Kathy Mote




In town there is a coffee shop, run by a nice family. I thought to go and fellowship there, but the Lord said, You don't belong there with them. Knowing I don't belong humbled my heart.


Then I thought to go to the little Baptist Church. The people are so sweet there. But the Lord said, “That is not where you belong,” so I stayed home in His presence with a humble heart.


I wanted to visit the Pentecostal church, but when I got there, I couldn't even get out of my truck. I heard the loud, blaring, thumping music and the shouting all the way out in the parking lot. The Lord said, This is not where you belong. You belong with Me. I went home again, filled with the comfort of His presence even as I realized I was separate.


So I stay at home, and in walks my son, speaking hatred against me to my face. I was stunned. What has happened to my life? I couldn't for the life of me remember what the argument was about! It had spun around me with a terrible force. I sat in my room realizing I didn't even belong in my own life, for this is the way nearly every relationship has gone.


Instead of feeling sorry for myself or blaming myself, which the Lord has taught me not to do as I trust in Him, I turned to the Lord as He said, “You belong with Me.” I remembered all those who hated me as they fought against Him, knowing God had moved them away from me to humble me and He did this Himself.


It was then He said something to me that has changed my thinking and given my heart courage, knowing that everything that has happened in my life is about but what He is doing in the Earth. That is what He said. I have been asked to share, because it is true of every one of His Beloved called to live in this time.


He said, “You belong with Me because you belong to Me and I have filled you with My heart. It is in My heart to bring change to every heart in this time. It is My will to bring great change to the Earth. Your appearing not only heralds great change, it brings great change, for what I have revealed in you will release My heart. It is My presence that is causing all the fuss. Your place is not with the people of the Earth, it is with Us.”


So whatever your place in His body, whatever you are called to do in this time, know that the endless struggle against you is the warfare that comes against Him and what He is releasing into every heart. As for me, my eyes will never again look at myself as I try to figure this phenomenon out. It is His power moving, and I will remain humble in His presence as He does, for He has gone to great lengths to teach me that.




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In A Vision

By Kathy Mote



In a vision I saw a woman who was walking in the presence of the Lord. But the people all around her were so miserable, she could no longer interact with them. She didn't relate to them. She didn't enjoy hearing them talk.


As she turned her heart to the Lord to repent, He filled her with a great Light. That Light was the warmth of His fellowship, and she simply walked in the joy of it, hearing His voice. He said something to her that at first seemed like a riddle, but remembering where she had heard it, she laughed at how witty it was.


It was a line from an old war movie, and it meant 'you are surrounded by your enemy on all sides'. He said to her, Broken arrow, and now, she understood she walked through hostile territory wherever she walked. She argued with no one. She walked in His love, and in His presence, she was protected on all sides.


What the Lord is doing in the Earth, He is accomplishing in every heart. This is causing a great shaking in every heart. The battle for their thoughts is fierce. Not for Him, but for them. They battle to keep what is theirs; they battle to keep control of their life. They battle a principality that literally hammers against their thoughts, and to them, the enemy makes sense. But the Lord will win each and every one who are called to Him. When He fights, He fights to win.


What we do not understand is there is a lot more going on than salvation for those in the world. The Lord is bringing the world into alignment with His will as He is moving in the Earth. He will bring great change. Those who have stood in positions of great influence and power will fall off their feet as things begin to shake.


We who know Him will see a side of our Father that we just have not seen, and we will quake. He is gentle with us, and kind as He nurtures our heart, bringing us up to Him, but this is not how He will deal with His enemies. He will shake them and the 'world' they live in and they will fall at His feet. But in the end, every eye will see just how just and merciful He truly is, for every fallen warrior will find He is indeed a very good King. As for His children, they will remain in the Light, unshaken by anything they see.


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What He Declares

By Kathy Mote



What He declares in you is so.





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The Comfort of the Holy Spirit

By Kathy Mote



The comfort of the Holy Spirit is what leads you to Him. Think about that for a second. Being filled with the Holy Spirit is the promise of things to come like a promise ring in an engagement relationship.


Yet people are defending their walk with the Lord as it is, and as it is, it is not all there is. Believe me when I say I am not trying to take anything away from anyone. I am trying to tell you there is more to come than what you already have! We have the promise of things to come and many have made a religion of it, thinking they are honoring Him.


The scriptures that promise Him (and what He will do in us by His presence) were never meant to replace Him. They were never meant to be practiced as something we do, yet that is what so many have done, walking in their flesh and fleshly understanding of what they have read.


They read (ok, sure) and are comforted (oh, yes) then they declare His Word (hang on, isn't that promise what HE will fulfill in us by His presence in our heart and our lives?) thinking that is how to receive it. It isn't. It isn't believing Him, or honoring Him or receiving Him or trusting Him at all. Those scriptures are supposed to lead you to Him just like His Spirit leads you to Him. HE is the Word, in Him is the promise of Life, and the scriptures promise Him.


So let me say, just to clear the air, There is more in Him than what we have so far, and He says so in those scriptures, something we have missed while reading them. And doing what we have been doing is not how to enter in and walk with Him. You have to be in His presence to walk with Him, hearing Him. Opening our heart to Him and accepting Him as LORD, listening to Him as He speaks to your heart and obeying Him is how to walk with Him.


How many of us can say we know all there is to know of what has been promised to us? How many can say they have seen all there is to see of Him? None of us. And how many have been brought into His presence to hear what He says, and being changed, look Him in the eye and say, Yes, Lord. Being in the Lord's presence is not accomplished by something you have said or done and is not something you can imagine. He will heal your heart just speaking your name and calling you to Him. There is no mistaking His voice. It heals you.


He is the living God, and He is in charge of His Word. It is not manifest in you by dint of anything you say or do or believe or declare. What a foolish notion this is! We don't measure God's voice by our knowledge of the written texts, it is the other way around and those who have seen His face know this. The Life He gives you is by Jesus' presence alone and your 'yes' is your whole heart's response to Him. That is how we are to walk with Him.




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Imagine Facing Every Moment

By Kathy Mote



Imagine facing every moment of your day in the presence of your mighty Savior. He speaks to you and you trust in Him. He surrounds you with His mighty angels. He reassures you and fills your heart with comfort, and in every situation you face, you are in His presence.


Now what scripture would you feel the need to quote.  Just think for a moment.





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Standing on the Promises

By Kathy Mote



Standing on the promises does not bring them to pass, He brings them to pass by His presence as we trust in Him.





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