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2021: The Year Of The Refuge!

By Abel Praise



The Nations, America, Texas Case, 2021: The Refuge, the Spirit of Vengeance.


A few days ago I had a profound vision.  Very quickly and brightly I saw the words; “2021: The Year Of The Refuge”.


This wasn’t at a set-out solemn time of prayer, but at a time when I was busy with other random daily activities.  Interestingly, that was all I was shown at that time in that vision.


The multifaceted season that the year 2020 brought still remains a mouthful, coupled with the ongoing American Presidential elections that took the world by storm and all the ongoing litigation.


I have had so much to process privately, and in yearning to see all The LORD grants me access, from all perspectives THE LORD would reveal, stewarding the responsibilities they come with, and sharing publicly what must be shared — in the midst of all that, The LORD shone such a great Word in my spirit – “2021: The Year Of The Refuge”.


The determination of yearly seasons in The Kingdom isn’t so much about the passage of time in years, but the passage of the fulfilled Will of The LORD, through seasons.


In other words, The Kingdom doesn’t move from season to season because time passes by, but because the Ordinances of The LORD set for a season having been fulfilled, and set the foundation on which another season is built on.


In keeping up with all The LORD had shown me and permitted me to share publicly, from a Global Perspective and with The American Eyes for the nations, I have written several articles, detailing dreams and visions, showing ongoing processes in the American Elections, published here on HKP — how I saw the Election given to another in a dream in July 2019, to being showed the ongoing battle in the courts, and even more, the emphasis of contending against the strongholds in the land.


As I began to pray concerning what The LORD had shown me — “2021: The Year Of The Refuge” — The LORD began to say to me that ‘Ministries of Refuge’ must begin to arise in the nations, because we were coming to a time when the avenger — the spirit of vengeance — will draw out his sword against many, both those in The Churches and in the marketplaces.


The LORD began to show that after Elijah had taken out the prophets of Baal, and rebuilt the righteous prophetic altar for the nation, what arose in Jezebel was the spirit of vengeance with which she was determined to go after the head of Elijah.  [1 Kings 19]


In like manner, when John The Baptist, having led a national revival preparing the way and calling the nation to repentance and actually rebuilding the prophetic altar, the spirit of vengeance arose within Herod’s wife and she sought the head of John The Baptist.  [Mark 6]


Each time in prayer — the dream I published in HKP concerning Donald Trump (see here) — being shown how he was winning the elections, the results given to another, yet congratulating him that he did what he was supposed to do as I walked out with him, continued to ring a bell in my heart — as I looked up in the skies in the dream — and saw a beautiful cloud, with so many bright shining lights lit up in sky over the Nation Of America.


This has brought me to many points of questions in my conversations with The LORD asking, “Did Donald Trump lead a major take down of the prophets of Baal, rebuilding the righteous prophetic altar of The American Nation as evidenced in the many bright and shining lights that lit up the skies in my dreams in his first term presidency as a fulfillment of a divine mandate?”


The answer remains personal….


Elijah lead a prophetic reformation the take down of the prophets of Baal and the strange altars of Baal, ushering in a new season.


The spirit of vengeance rose in Ahab and Jezebel as political leadership — and the nation had crossed over to a time when it will go through a season, where a new generation of prophets were to be raised and through which, new leadership will be anointed who would take down Jezebel.


The Scriptures then records how Elijah and Elisha led the season of raising up a New Prophetic Company, and goes further to show how this New Prophetic Company was instrumental in setting new leadership in place.


We see how Elisha sent his servant, a prophet within the New Prophetic Company who had risen to anoint Jehu [2 Kings 9], and how the young King Joash was preserved from vengeance that arose in Athaliah [2 Kings 11] — because at a time, while the spirit of vengeance prowled the land, The LORD raised up Ministers and Ministries of Refuge, that will raise up a New Prophetic Company, determined to lead the charge to establish New Leadership.


These are very significant processes in The Kingdom.  There are set ordinances and pathways by which shifts occur in nations.


We also see the Ministers and Ministries of Refuge emerging at a time when Moses was born, and The LORD JESUS CHRIST was born in the earth.


These and so much has filled my heart in private fellowship with The LORD, of a significant mission accomplished through the first-term presidency of Donald Trump, a significant prophetic altar rebuilt and the spirit of vengeance rising in the hearts of political leadership, as it did in Ahab against Elisha when the famine was sore upon the land and the women cast lots to eat their children [2 Kings 6]; as the spirit of vengeance arose in Jezebel against Elijah, [1 Kings 19] and in Herod’s wife against John The Baptist [Mark 6],


Praying through all these, The LORD had been stirring in my heart and keeping watch on how the battles unfolding in the heavens are playing out in the earth.


I woke up with a significant dream this morning, the 12th December, 2020; one I am released to share publicly.


In the dream, there was a woman who wanted to bring a case concerning the Presidential Elections that could be very determinative.


In the dream, I knew that she was a Governor, and also a woman.  In the dream I saw that she was threatened so much, such that I saw men in suits who held her pinned down to the floor, and tied her mouth with a white cable wire, yet she was struggling to speak, but she still had the strong will to bring her case to the courts.  Then I woke up.


Immediately I woke up and spent time with The LORD on this.  I knew the woman, being both a Governor and a woman bride, represented the Texas Case and the Prophetic Voice of The American Church before the Supreme Court.


The dream showed she was threatened so much, had her hands tied, pinned down with her heads bowed by some men, and her mouth tied with wire, yet she had the strong will to make her case.


This represents the Prophetic Voice of The Church that is being stifled by those whom the spirit of vengeance had risen in their hearts.


It brought so much burden to my heart in prayer, yet revealed a great call to prayer and shed more light to what I had been shown concerning the year ahead, because after the great victory Elijah had gained, the spirit of vengeance rose in the hearts of leadership in the land.


More so, between the time when the altar and prophets of Baal had been taken down, the rage of the spirit of vengeance, and the Prophetic Reformation that will see the emergence of a New Prophetic Company — one that will bear the new Oil for a New Leadership; the Ministers and Ministries of Refuge must arise — with Authority and Wisdom to cushion and hold back the spirit of vengeance, as well as lead the emergence of a New Prophetic Company who will carry the Oil for New Leadership.


This is from a global perspective, an American’s eye into the nations, a peep into what the next global season bears.


Ministers and Ministries of Refuge must arise in the land, to shield and cushion the rage of the spirit of vengeance, as the Prophetic Reformation enters the phase where a New Prophetic Company must emerge — that will bear the Oil for new righteous kings and leaders to emerge across the nations.


May this handwriting on the wall be understandable — “2021: The Year Of The Refuge”.




By Abel Praise







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10.11 | 06:23

Yes beloved . . . of course it is!!!!! Today! Yesterday and Forever!!!!!

08.11 | 09:41

Amen, I receive it in the Almighty Name of Jesus for family, friends, neighbor's, people in our lives, and myself according to Gods will. Amen

08.11 | 08:11

I see the date on this is May 31, 2016. Does it still apply to today? This is just so beautiful.

06.10 | 06:30

Awesome prayer for supreme court justice . . .

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