If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

I Once Knew . . .


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I Once Knew

By Kathy Mote



I once knew a gal from another part of the world. She was adorable, but she was spoiled. It wasn't just that she wanted everything, (don't we all?) it was that she wanted everything to be given to her, in service to her, like it was something she deserved.


In her country, it was a matter of status to be served. So it was beneath her to humble herself and it was a matter of status to be served. I had trouble with her thinking because it is borne of Ishmael's lost inheritance and his anger over God's choice to honor His promise in the Earth, something Ishmael tried to usurp.


I tried to get along with her, even though I noticed the difference in our thinking and perspective right off. To give her what she wanted the way she wanted it was to bow, and to argue with her would have upset her apple cart and she wouldn't understand. There was simply no arguing with her on the subject of who she was.

To me, serving someone is a matter of love, not inferiority or pride. But then, my heritage is different than hers. She comes from a country where desert and wilderness thrive. It is her country's heritage to resent going from a garden to a desert. At least, that is what the Lord said.


The Lord taught me a lot in my association with her. Enough to fill a book. First and foremost was that our thinking doesn't change Who He is, and our thoughts of who we are do not make us more than He desires us to be. Our desire to be served doesn't change our call to serve Him. But the thing that always stood out in my mind was that He loved her only from afar because she thought He was someone else, and called Him by a different name.





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The Lord said, “There Are Those  . . .”

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said, “There are those who fear the Truth.” I wondered why that is until I realized He is the Truth and when you open your heart to Him, He is all over you, all over who you are and what you do. Those who aren't willing to surrender their heart are afraid to lose control. Those are the ones who don't know how loving He truly is. Yes, you do lose your life, but what life was that? It was no Life at all. What healing He gives makes up for everything you once were, even though it is but a taste of what is to come. He is Life. No doubt about it at all, and when He has made them ready to breathe, they will accept Him in.




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The Lord Took Me To A Place

By Kathy Mote



The Lord took me to a place full of all the knowledge that can be understood. I was not invited to look at what I pleased, or to know what I wanted to know, I was there to hear what He said, and what He said was the sum of it all.


He spoke to me saying, Everything belongs to Me. Even the blower, who ignites the coals. Even the smithy who sharpens the iron. When you learn this life is given to lay down, you will learn of the Life which is to come. Your life is given as a gift to give back, and what you are given is only precious as it is given back.


I was told to carry the knowledge of this and guard it in my heart, for it was precious, the Life God gives us to be with Him. I was told to hold it dear, for the enemy would not allow it to be near him and he would stop me if he could.

I was told to stay on the path. As I walked the straight path that was laid out, I passed where the enemy lives like a mean dog protecting a tax accountant's yard. Loud and vicious, he came at me, threatening, menacing, trying to scare me.


But in my heart, I obeyed the One who promised His Life to me. He had promised me and as I held His promise dear, I was promised to Him. I neither looked at the enemy, nor did I argue with his threats. He can't take away what I have been given.


As I kept to the path that would take me home, not setting my foot in the tax collector's yard, only one thing lived in my heart and mind, to keep walking that straight path home with that precious gift of Life warming my heart and directing my thoughts.


The Lord said, Like a drink of water that cools your thirst, your thoughts of Me are borne of My thoughts of you. Such is My love for you.



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By Kathy Mote



Something I have learned is that when someone accomplishes God's will in your life, they don't owe you an apology and you don't owe them any strife.

He is our Lord and we receive His will from Him. Our trouble starts when we take our eyes from Him.


He is faithful to bring His will to pass as He raises us, and to recognize and accept the work of His hands is a measure of His presence in us. Our trust in Him is face to face and one on One.


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When God Calls You To Him

By Kathy Mote



When God calls you to Him and you hear His voice, it will set you apart from carnal man. You will learn to walk with Him and stand with Him, and you will walk alone with Him. The deeper your intimate relationship with Him, the more you will be separated unto Him. You will not walk according to man's thinking. You will not learn of Him from them. The day will come upon you that you realize what a minority being called to Him is.





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I Hear The Lord Say

By Kathy Mote



I hear the Lord say, “Don't struggle to be what you already are. You have no idea what abiding in Me will mean to your heart once you know you are the work of My hands. The days of struggling in your own accomplishment are at an end. The days of knowing you are My Beloved are at hand.”





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For Many, Many Years Of My Life

By Kathy Mote



For many, many years of my life, the Lord used the people around me to soften and change me. These people were the most miserable, violent, unpleasant, resentful and arrogant folk on the planet, and I bent and swayed as a tree in the wind, being reasonable, constantly trying to weather the storms they were in.


Over the years I have learned there's no getting along with some people because getting along is not their objective, ruling over you because they resent you is their objective. It seems to make them feel better about who they are to be better than you. Those people have made me strong but those people are long gone now and I am grateful. But I said all that to say, The entire world now sounds like them.


People who are ordinarily docile and sweet are hurting and defensive and miserable. It is my opinion that the Lord is working in them to bring them to a place of surrender so that He might heal them, and we will remain in what peace the Lord has given us if we keep our eyes on Him as He does this.


The Lord showed me that no matter who you are dealing with, you have nothing to strive over if your heart is surrendered to what He is doing in the situation. I hope this encourages those who wonder what in the world is going on in the world. The Lord is moving mountains out of people's lives, their hearts and their thinking. This wont be unpleasant for those who belong to Him if we abide in Him, and not take their response to what He is doing in them personally!




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You Who Are Called By The Lord

By Kathy Mote



You who are called by the Lord to speak are actually very few, and there are even fewer who want to hear you. Let your devotion to Him be what drives your heart. You don't look ridiculous to Him and you don't sound ridiculous to the host of Heaven who know full well He will fulfill His Word no matter how few in the Earth are able to hear it. The way He will bring His Word to pass will shock and dismay all who don't love Him!

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