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Natsar "Watchman" Report

By Deborah Taylor





Greetings Natsar "Watchmen" Tribe!


It's the third watch of the night and I am up praying and writing this message to you.


Without doubt, we are in a time of intense spiritual warfare.  A time when nations are hanging in the balance.  A time when families, cities, states, and countries must make a decision to stand for righteous; to cry out to Yahweh for mercy; to seek His face for answers; to petition the courts of heaven to overturn wicked schemes and restore righteousness and bring forth Godly leadership.


I began writing this message several days ago, but did not feel led to release it.


During that time some very trying times hit close to home as people I know have died or caught C19.  I am SO grateful for the ones who made it through what I learned is called, "the dark night of the soul."  And, yet, I am greatly saddened by those who did not make it.  My heart goes out to anyone who has lost a loved one due to this horrible virus.   We must not take what is happening lightly, but we must lean on God's promises like never before.


I am grateful for each of you.  I am grateful that GOD is still talking. He is our deliverer and He will deliver us out.  Hold fast to the truth.


If you have not prepared, now is the time.  Be ready.  Get your house in order.  It is quite disturbing how the news media is officially censoring information.  However, truth is revealed to those who search for it.


At TWI, we are in the process of rethinking which social media platforms we will continue to use (I believe some are going away).  I am also seeking GOD for how much I should share openly, for many false teachers and prophets are abound.  I understand why Christ spoke in parables.  Nevertheless, I believe GOD has a strategy and only those with ears to hear and a heart cleansed with repentance will discern His voice and be positioned for what will take place.


This is why I strongly encourage you to engage in the art of listening prayer and revelatory journal writing.  YOU must know Elohim's voice for numerous reasons including the censoring of information or our ability to connect online.   Make no mistake China will fall!  Big Tech, corrupt politicians, government officials, laypeople, and those who come against Yahweh will fall!  Giants do fall, Saints! There is a window of time granted to each of us to repent and come to Yahweh.


In the meantime, the goals for TWI going forward is to educate God's people given the resources we have.  We must discern Elohim's voice and one way to do this is through listening prayer and journaling.  I plan to release past Sacred Scribal Chamber messages and other teachings in the near future.


Yahweh is moving globally.  Nations are hanging in the balance.  Angels are assisting in the documenting of cases.


Saturate yourself in the word.  Be prepared mentally, spiritually, and physically.  Connect with likeminded believers whether online or by phone.  Limit face-to-face events and always ASK Elohim how to move, if you need to move about.


We are here for such a time as this.  We are called to stand boldly before the throne of grace.  We are called to put on the whole armor and having done all stand!  Elohim has not given us a spirit of fear, but power, love, and a sound mind.


This message is written to encourage you and to nudge you a little harder to get your house in order.  To help with this process, here are a few practical tips you can do now.


Practical Tips


*Listen to the word online or on your phone.

*Read the word and listen for revelatory insight.

*Engage in consistent journal writing.

*Worship daily, pray, then listen to discern Elohim's voice.

*Connect with other believers (forsake not the assembly of yourselves).

*Purchase and keep basic household staples, medical supplies, etc. in stock.

*Keep your gas tank full and only move around if led or you have to work or to get groceries.

*Keep your hands, face, and face masks clean.

*Keep extra cash in a safe, easily accessible location.

*Keep extra water and blankets.

*Remember and pray for the orphans, widows, those in prison,  and less fortunate.

*Build your immune system and engage actively in self-care.

*Pray for Jerusalem.

*Pray for righteousness, mercy, and truth.

*Do not fear.  Trust God. 

*Recite scripture affirmations.

*Keep your lamps full of oil.  The oil of Holy Spirit.

*Pray always for yourself, family, city, state, and nation.

*Occupy... keep doing the right thing and keep the faith.

*Engage in fasting.

*Build a prayer altar in your home.


The word released during our last Sacred Scribal Chambers session was to "Be strong in the LORD and in the power of His might." This is a word for us to lean on.  Victory is coming!  God is not mocked.  Deliverance is coming.  Stay covered under the blood of Yeshua, He knew this day would come and He trusts us enough to be here.  Trying times are coming, especially for those who don't know Him.  But know this, an outpouring is coming as well!  GOD's glory will fill the earth.  Decree the word, speak life, there is hope on the other side!


Engage in spiritual warfare by using the weapons of prayer, worship, praise, fasting, and trusting GOD.


We are going to get through this victoriously!  Remember, 2021 is the Year of the Teeth.  There will be a gnashing of teeth, wickedness will be exposed as Elohim's Kingdom comes and presses out and exposes darkness, stay connected to Yahweh, get your house in order.


I see giants falling.   Giants (media, big tech, politicians, entertainment, sports, educational institutions, greed, corruption, etc.) are crumbling and turning against each other.  It's going to get ugly, BUT GOD will keep His people in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Him.   Angelic assistance is here (Psalm 91).


Share this message and allow others to be encouraged and ready!


The nations, the nations, the nations are turning for the kingdoms of this world are being overthrown by the Kingdom of OUR LORD!  Hallelujah!


With Love,



Deborah T.



Released for prayerful discernment ©December 14 2020.  All Rights Reserved.

Reprints in full or excerpt are allowed, if the source link: thewritersinkhorn.com is included and the message is not altered.



The  LORD is good,

a stronghold in the day of trouble,

and He knows them that trust in Him.


~Nahum 1:7




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“You Are Not Just Overcomers, You Are Triumphant In Me”

By Susan O’Marra



“Do not be afraid. Do not fear. Do not look around and wonder what’s going to happen this year. Be strong! Be strong and stand in the Lord’s command! You have the authority in your land! You have the keys in your command! Do not fear the future, and do not fear the things in the earth, but look to the One who has given you birth! For you are the stability in the earth, and you are not to be shaken! You are not to flounder! You are not to be in despair! You are to sit in your authority! You are to sit in your chair! You are to decree the things that shall be because you rule and reign with Me! I am not shaken. I am not weary. I am not far away. But I am near, I am here!”




“’Children, it’s time that you stand up and steer! It’s time that you draw near, and that you stand in Me in your authority! I am your Strength. I am your Power. I will lead you through all that comes in this hour! Everything is subject to Me! Do not look around and think you see all that there is to be. I have much hidden in Me! I have only disclosed a small portion, because My People are not ready for more. But the portion that I show you, walk in them! Walk in it with Me, because through the midst of it all you will have victory! Because I am going to bring you through into more! That is what I am empowering you for!”




“You are not just overcomers; you are triumphant in Me! You are not just going to overcome and win a battle. No, you are to rule and reign! You are to sit with Me! These things are to be under your feet! They are not to be coming back out, and then you have to battle them down again. Once you overcome them and defeat them and put them under your feet, that’s complete! It’s time to thoroughly root out every enemy. Thoroughly remove them! Don’t just defeat them! Remove them from your land, and they won’t come back again.”




“You must utterly annihilate every demonic root. Then replant righteousness in its place. Replant Grace. Replant My Glory. Replant My Fruit and change your land! Change your land! Reformation is at hand! You must understand! I am here to bring change. To utterly transform! And these things that you struggle in must go! You must change, so the new can come and flow! I want you to know.”




“I have a better way, but you must be militant today! For your enemy seeks to devour, and one of you will stand. Will it be him in your land, or will it be you? Then you must remove everything that hinders you! Then you can see the things that I want to bring. That are ready to come. As you move in Me, I will show you more, and I will show you more! I will continue to pour as you are faithful in the war! Be faithful in the war! Don’t succumb in this hour! Don’t give up! Don’t lose your faith in Me but stand! Because I am your victory! I am your strength. I am your life. And through Me, you will have the victory!




The Lord speaks more:




“I have not planned your scrolls, and I have not orchestrated it to unroll, I have not planned your defeat. I have planned that you would fulfill it and it would be complete! I have invested my very life on your behalf. I have invested my very life to carry you through, and to empower you all the way through! I have invested Myself in you! Why would you struggle and waver in this hour? I gave you My Authority and Power! I laid down My Life so that you could be free! I laid down My Life because I won your victory!”




“There is nothing that can defeat you in this hour! There is nothing that is not under My Blood’s power! There is nothing that has been hidden from you! I am the Spirit of Truth! I show you all things, but the liar and the deceiver tries to hide it from you! And tries to tell you that I don’t speak to you! And tries to tell you that I’m not with you, and that you’ve lost Me! You must wake up! I am the Truth, and My angels of truth are with you in this hour! My angels of truth do not come here to play. They come to those who will obey and who will do the things I say! You must be a Lover of the Truth! For why would I come to those that would not go all the way? Why would I not lay down My Life for those? I don’t call those that will fail. I call those that I know will prevail because their faith will not fail!”




“I caused you to be born in this hour, because I knew you would not give up! Because I knew you would not quit! Because I knew, because I put it in you! I am not far away from you. I am in you! I am with you! I am for you, and I have given you all power and all authority! Because it’s Me! I have destined you to have victory, and the enemy wants to steal the truth. He wants you to doubt that I am with you. He wants you to doubt that everything will work out. He wants you to see defeat and he wants you to lay down and quit, and give up and say, this is it! I did not die so you would quit! I died so you would live! I died so you would bear fruit. I died so you would be the light that people around you could see!”




“Get up on My White Horse, and ride into your victory! I gave you this city! I gave you authority to prophesy! I sent My Horse to this city! And why would you doubt? Why would you struggle when you have the keys? Why would you let the enemy steal what I want to reveal? I have been waiting for My Army to rise! I have been waiting for this city to rise! I have been waiting for My People to rise so I could bring these things! Because when I bring them you will keep it. I’m not going to allow the enemy to steal it again! No! You are My Mighty Men! It’s time to begin! It’s time to usher it in! When can I usher it in? When? When can I begin? - Get ready!”




By Susan G O’Marra





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Yes beloved . . . of course it is!!!!! Today! Yesterday and Forever!!!!!

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Amen, I receive it in the Almighty Name of Jesus for family, friends, neighbor's, people in our lives, and myself according to Gods will. Amen

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I see the date on this is May 31, 2016. Does it still apply to today? This is just so beautiful.

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Awesome prayer for supreme court justice . . .

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