If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

This Morning . . .

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This Morning

By Kathy Mote



This morning I felt the Lord extending comfort to all who have lost for the sake of honoring Him, following Him and accepting His will. He said all those who have lost friendships, or family, or status, or fellowship that brings the comfort of belonging because of His will in their life will gain HIM, and from a deep well will He repay them.


He said you belong with HIM and as you remain, He will bring great joy to your heart. HE will gather you in His arms and you will abide in His presence. HE will be your portion and your reward and HE will give joy to your heart as you trust Him. HE will be your surround sound of comfort as He fills your heart with delight. HE will gather you and give back to you all that you have lost to Him, for in HIM is the joy of abundant Life and there is nothing after Him.

There have been many who were strategically removed from our lives, and it is for reasons unknown to us. So why would we lament the Lord's will for them or for ourselves? Knowing it was His will for all concerned, why would we take it personally as a slight against us?


As we have seen His strong arm of protection in this, we will see His strong arm of provision. We will turn to Him and trust His will for our lives because we are His children. Many things must be shaken in the days to come, but the heart that abides in Him isn't one of them.




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The Lord Will Be Bringing

By Kathy Mote



The Lord will be bringing great turnaround. The duplicity and lies behind people's public lives will be revealed. Every fraud will be exposed.




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The Lord Is Bringing Great Change

By Kathy Mote



The Lord is bringing great change to the United States. What He planned many years ago He is doing now. What He is actually doing is only known to a few. They're not talking about it, they are waiting on God to bring about His will. They don't relish the great shaking that is to come. They have been on their faces before Him, filled with His heart, interceding for months.


There are twists and turns to the plot that will unfold. No one would expect what He will bring about. It will be loved by those who love justice and hated by those who do unrighteous deeds. Those who rejoice in evil will be taken out of the game as the Lord levels the playing field.


Those who love righteousness will endure the great shaking just like those who do evil deeds, but through it all, the Lord will keep them in perfect peace. All that can be shaken will be shaken before it is done.


The Lord said How the United States goes so goes the world. This is because our country is founded on the freedom to worship Him. The battle for freedom will happen here. He said our country's government won't look anything like it does now by the time He is done with it. People will say, Only the Lord could have done this.





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We Believe What We Receive

By Kathy Mote



We believe what we receive is what we will have because that is our choice. That is what we have been taught by man, but that is not taking into account that He is the Living God, and He is Lord of His Word. We can receive what He is doing in us. We can accept His presence in us as He gives us Life.


He has to be present to give us Life, for by His presence in us do we have what He gives. Or are we saying we are in charge of all that we receive. So I have a question to all who have answered they can receive as they please whatever they read. What, exactly are you receiving that He isn't present to give?


I am saying our teaching is wrong. It doesn't take into account the Living God who is Lord of His Word. There is no Life in the written texts, they are an account of Him, they describe Him and they are a witness of what He promised us, which He has to be present as Lord to give.


We were never meant to make a religion of them to be practiced without Him. The choice we were meant to make is to accept Him. He is the Truth of what is promised and Truth is what we will receive as we receive Him. Those beautiful, wonderful scriptures do not replace Him, they promise Him, and all the comfort we find in them is meant to be a confirmation of Him. He Is the Life spoken of in the scriptures. There is no Life without Him.





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By Kathy Mote



Lately, we are seeing man's efforts to rule the world exposed, and it is borne of disrespecting God's Son, who alone has been given the right to rule. He is God's Way and God's promise of Life comes through Him. Life is how He rules, and by His presence, God Himself will rule in every heart given to Him.


The promise is not man ruling over all the Earth without Him. The promise is coming home to Him to live in Him. We can look to Ishmael for the explanation of what we are seeing today, for it started then.


The battle is between God and man to decide Who will rule in man's heart. For man, the Earth is the prize, but man's heart is what God fights for, to give them Life. Rebellion is man wanting his own way, being dead to Him. Death is what He will conquer by His presence in us as He wins us to Him.


Politics and religion have become one and it is not the first time. God is moving in our time. It is time for His return. As the right to be free is being decided in every heart, the battle is between God and man who wants to rule the world, and we are choosing either to trust Him or be in rebellion to His presence in our heart.










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The Sword of The LORD and Gideon!

By Jo Ellen Stevens



The Sword of The LORD and Gideon! — Coming Before Christmas!


In a dream I was giving my mother a Bible for Christmas and in the dream I asked her if she’d rather have it on Mother’s Day or Christmas.


For some reason I knew in this dream that Mother’s Day meant her birthday, because her birthday (as in Mom’s Day) falls on December 19th.


And then she said, “Yes — because I want something to be excited about on that day!”


And then she asked me a very strange question, she said, “Why does the front of the bible say “THE SWORD OF GIDEON” then she said, “What is Gideon’s Guild?’


Well, I said to her, “I didn’t know it was on there!”


Then I woke up at 5am.


“So now proclaim in the ears of the men, saying, Whoever is fearful and trembling, let him turn back and depart from Mount Gilead.  And 22,000 of the men returned, but 10,000 remained,”   Judges 7:3 (AMPC).


As I woke up The LORD led me to begin to look at the story in Judges 7 about Gideon choosing his army and also to look up the word ‘guild’, because I wasn’t sure of the meaning of the word.


Now I knew this dream had meaning from The LORD, because I hadn’t studied or even looked at the story of Gideon for a while!


So, the meaning of ‘guild‘ was (a medieval association of craftsmen or merchants, often having considerable power. an association of people for mutual aid or the pursuit of a common goal.)


In other words, God was pointing out what Gideon’s Guild was and it of course is His remnant army!


“And The LORD said to Gideon, The men are still too many; bring them down to the water, and I will test them for you there.  And he of whom I say to you, This man shall go with you, shall go with you; and he of whom I say to you, This man shall not go with you, shall not go.  So he brought the men down to the water, and The LORD said to Gideon, Everyone who laps up the water with his tongue as a dog laps it, you shall set by himself, likewise everyone who bows down on his knees to drink.  And the number of those who lapped, putting their hand to their mouth, was 300 men, but all the rest of the people bowed down upon their knees to drink water.  And The LORD said to Gideon, With the 300 men who lapped I will deliver you, and give the Midianites into your hand.  Let all the others return every man to his home. So the people took provisions and their trumpets in their hands, and he sent all the rest of Israel every man to his home and retained those 300 men.  And the host of Midian was below him in the valley,”   Judges 7:4-8 (AMPC).


What Does Mother’s Day and Men Lapping Have to Do With It?

As soon as I began to ask The LORD about this, He said, “This Guild of Mothers and Fathers with The Sword of Gideon and of The LORD will be a Remnant, that will change the world when I show them — before Christmas — the Power that has been in their decrees!


You will see Me strike the earth with the lightnings of My righteous Anger and many will turn back to Me because of it!


I had to get My People to a place of being a Remnant and of those who are not fearful, for them to understand how powerful their intercession truly is!


These men and women can drink My Word with their heads up in order to watch for the enemy!


They are not fearful, nor are they intimidated by the enemy!


Now watch what I AM about to do!”


I AM Striking the Mark of Your Intercession

I have to tell you of another dream that I had earlier for you to understand.


In the dream, I was driving down what seemed like a country road, but a paved one that had two lanes.


In the dream, I could see far away and ahead I was about to come to a crossroads, (much like America is right now,) when all at once, out of the corner of my right eye the sky lit up with this lightning bolt brighter and more powerful than I’d ever seen.


In this particular dream I knew it was God speaking very powerfully!


God then reminded me that there is a Hebrew word for intercession in the Old Testament and it is “paga” and one of it ‘s meanings is “to strike the mark” as in this passage in Job 37:3


“He sends it forth under the whole heaven, His lightning to the ends of the earth.”


I am telling you that God is about to strike the Earth and clean up this mess and He is going to strike because of your intercession!


Secrets Being Revealed to the Intercessors

“When Gideon arrived, behold, a man was telling a dream to his comrade.  And he said, Behold, I dreamed a dream, and behold, a cake of barley bread tumbled into the camp of Midian and came to the tent and struck it so that it fell, and turned it upside down so that the tent lay flat.  And his comrade replied, This is nothing else but the sword of Gideon son of Joash, a man of Israel. Into his hand God has given Midian and all the host.  When Gideon heard the telling of the dream and its interpretation, he worshiped and returned to the camp of Israel and said, Arise, for The LORD has given into your hand the host of Midian,”   Judges 7:13-15 (AMPC).


God is about to reveal many and evils that the enemy has committed to the remnant of His people, so that they will understand that they have the victory already!


I see them beginning to encourage themselves in The LORD and I see their courage coming back because of what God is about to reveal!


I see them shouting ahead of time now!


I hear The LORD saying; “I AM about to Strike Down what men think that they have gotten away with.


I AM using those who are not afraid to speak My Word in intercession and speak My Word to those who oppose what I AM doing in the earth.


So there is a time before Christmas when I shall STRIKE THE MARK in the earth because of the mothers and fathers who have day after day kept the faith and stood their ground with the enemy!


Your warfare has come up before Me!


They are to Me as ‘Gideon’s Guild’ and they have had The Sword of God and of Gideon in their hand and in their mouths!


I will not allow their words to go down in nor will I not honor the prayers of their forefathers and mothers in the days ahead!


You shall see with your eyes, the culmination of the prayers of the saints that have gone on before you and of your intercession as you watch and see the turn around for your country in the next few days ahead!


It is time to begin to shout the victory for you will see it with your eyes!  And like Mom… You will be excited to see what is coming!


Shake off the dust of the battle, because the enemy will not see what hit them in the days ahead as you rest in My Word and in My Faithfulness!


Surely you will see the battle turn as you celebrate the victory ahead!”




By Jo Ellen Stevens









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The Awakening Train Is Roaring

By Clay Sikes




A Last Minute Red Sea Experience


On November 4th The LORD said it would be “… a last minute, Red Sea experience.”


From this I gathered, when man’s ways were exhausted, when man’s courts could do no more, the issue would then be moved to God’s Court.


In this court, all done in darkness, every secret maneuver and cheating tactic will be reviewed; the prosecutor of injustice will ‘expose all’ and ask the judge of judges to render a verdict.


The verdict will be massive exposure of all done in darkness; the verdict requires justice, a term that has seemed lost on the ears of Christians, but a term that will come alive in this new era of ‘The Kingdom.’


The evil that has seemed to triumph for years will soon see ‘My Great Wall,’ a wall so high and thick that no guilty party will get over or through it.


When this is done, no human can claim credit; all will know the hand of God acted.


Clarion Call


To the outside world there exists a perceived reality of how things are.


With those who see beyond, there often exists a reality far different.  Those who see, and to some extent live, in another realm while existing in the outside, perception is much greater.


Two types of deep perception exists — one from darkness (satanic), one from light (Jesus).  Darkness has ruled this country and its systems for many years, creating bondage and slavery with those who’ve never suspected they are victims.


The enemy of our soul knows that those who make the best slaves are those that don’t know they are.


Most of us are victims of systems designed to make us serve — The Fed, Big Pharma, Big Government, Media, Religion, Financial Systems to mention a few.


There is a day ahead in which Daniel 7 and Revelation 12 times will appear, where all we’ve known will change — a day The LORD will make His presence and rule on the earth known.


Even now men, women, and children are being prepared for just such a day.


Much will begin on the heels of this Election, and many who’ve been years in preparation will appear.  As a well-trained Army, they will move about this earth on the ancient paths, adhering to the ancient ways of the Ancient of Days.


They will move and function as one; a powerful Army never seen before, nor to be seen again.


The Head (Jesus) will connect to The Body (Remnant), as Kingdom Government will rule all seven mountains of culture creating the greatest revival known to earth.


Even now those ‘called out’ ones know; they know something massive is happening, building, they sense it, feel it, pray for it; know in the depths of their being they are part of the greatest move of God upon His earth.


The Army of God is forming and those with ‘inside’ knowledge are not affected by what they see and hear on the outside.


They are connecting from inside knowledge for the biggest outdoor show on earth — Our God making his presence known to earth!


The Awakening Train Is Roaring


Listen closely, do you hear that sound?


The train of ‘awakening’ is roaring down the tracks.  God is electing to use an Election to ‘awaken’ His people, as the Trump train blows its whistle (trumpet) in city after city.


Many who accepted defeat are being ‘awakened’ in their spirit that something mighty is happening — saying to themselves, “Maybe this thing is not over yet; just maybe God is truly in this as the prophets have said all along.”


This feels like a new season, but much beyond; a new era — The Church Age has made its last gasp, as now we breath spiritual air of the Kingdom Age — new government, new light, new energy, new purpose, and many new faces.


Many hidden, those trained through years of difficulties, trial, and discouragement, are coming out of their dark place, as God reveals new leaders who carry Kingdom Age anointings.


They are passengers on this train of awakening, now traveling all over this nation at the same time.


We are birthing, and birth is a painful, bloody process.  Much uncertainty and opportunity for fear fills the air; but let us reveal to The LORD (who watches) the heart of Joshua and Caleb.


Let us not “see ourselves as grasshoppers” and fail in the most important moment in spiritual and natural history.


Multiple times in the first Chapter of Joshua we’re told “to be of good courage;” this, the key to crossing over, and yes, to cross over we too must show our trust in God and to be of good courage.




By Clay Sikes


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