If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

There is Only One Way . . .


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There’s Only One Way

Kathy Mote



There's only one way to walk by His Spirit, and not by your flesh, and that is to give your heart to Him, every moment communing with Him. That is how we Live. He is Lord of what is given to Him. If HE is the desire of your heart, you will walk by His Spirit as you follow Him. Every heart that is emptied as an offering to Him will be filled. He answers every heart that calls Him Lord.


This is a tough time for many who are clinging to their understanding and walking by their flesh. He said this day would come. Religion no longer works. Carnal thinking never did. Living by your understanding isn't enough. You won't walk in what the scriptures promise by knowing them in your head, they are only a description of the promise of walking with Him. It's His presence that you need. He is the Living God and He is where Life is.





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When You Speak the Truth

By Kathy Mote



When you speak the truth that the Lord put in your heart, and you speak to honor what He has shared of His heart, then you are a light shining in the Earth, and what you say is Truth to be shared. But when you yourself decide what you approve of, and you govern the Truth as you see fit, the Light is not in you and you are not in it. Woe to the heart that does not honor Him. Woe to those who in their heart judge Him.


The desire to rule is running rampant in the Earth. It weaponizes every heart He is not Lord of and Lord in. But He will guide and protect every heart given to Him. He will abide with them and hide them under His wings. His angels will care for them and He Himself will gather them to Him.


So this is the gist of what I am saying. This is what I hear Him saying. What I also hear is that He knows every heart, and those who desire to rule are desiring to rule over Him, though they don't see it that way.


They desire to change His voice in the Earth, but His voice is not what they hear. They are carnal and they judge His heart. They stop the flow of His heart being released. They put themselves on His throne to take His place and when He appears, they will be ashamed and they will flee.


So when you read or hear a 'prophetic' word, judge your own heart and listen to Him. Take into your heart what He says to you. Not every 'word' you will hear is from Him. Not every voice that speaks is sent by Him. The bottom line is you have to hear Him in your own heart, and what you hear is between you and Him. He is raising His children to know and respect Him. You don't judge His Word to do that, you hear and honor Him.





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Surrender And Trust

By Kathy Mote




Surrender and trust go hand in hand. You don't trust Him to bring about your will, you trust Him to bring about His.





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The Lord Told Me

By Kathy Mote



The Lord told me that I have never been happy with my flesh, never was satisfied with what it looked like, and never found it strong enough to accomplish what I took it in my heart to accomplish. It's why I constantly pushed myself.


He said it is because I want to fly again. He told me I could fly before I came here. I don't remember any such thing and He knows it. Can you even imagine being free and not weighed down like that? I do remember being devastated by the flesh I am in even at an early age. I assumed it was because of vanity, and something I should get over.


The Lord taught me something today and I would like to share. He said His love moved His heart, constraining Him to create us. We were created by His love because of His desire to love and we are meant to receive His love and reflect His love. He thought of each of His children individually. Flesh is just what we are 'put' in. Sort of like temporary housing.


So why is our life on this planet so difficult, so full of struggles and often so ugly and hard to bear that it hardly seems worth it? Because in our flesh we are limited by and susceptible to our own awareness of ourselves. We are deeply influenced by our sense of personal dignity.


In short, our flesh is like a small child. It doesn't understand, has no control, is short sighted and demanding of its own goals, and famous for operating by its own thinking outside the throne room.


Our only true strength comes from being in His presence. He is Life and Life is given to us as we are 'in' Him. Being 'in Him' is being intentionally dependent on Him as we trust Him. As we are brought into His presence we are also taught to remain there by way of one of our greatest gifts, our heart that can feel His love for us.


So let me share, in the simplest of terms I can think of, unless our flesh is wrecked, we have no way of letting go of it to take hold of Him. So, 'wrecking us' is often what He does to bring us to Him. That is the beauty of our trials, and as crass as I have made it all sound, it is the Truth. You cannot walk by His Spirit in your flesh, you have to walk by His Spirit period. Your flesh has no idea how to accomplish what only His presence does.


He once told me that what burns us to the ground would take us where we would not otherwise be able to go, which is Spiritual maturity in Him. That deeply challenging loss of human 'life' brings us to our need of His love and comfort, and He more than sustains us, He creates His image in us.


This means He leaves His breath in us as He brings us into His presence and that is how we live by Him, for Him and most importantly, in Him. Be blessed.🔥





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The Angels Are Celebrating

By Kathy Mote



The angels are celebrating. I can hear them singing songs for the Lord as He takes His Beloved into His arms. It is time, but how we are is not something we have done. We have not made ourselves ready, He has. He has done some things in us that has made us ready for the time we are in, wonderful things that have brought us into His presence, and into His arms.


In a vision, the Lord asked me if I wanted to dance. He offered me His hand. When last He did this, I was unprepared, I didn't know how to be where I was, and my dress was far too big for me. It didn't fit. Neither did my shoes, and instead of being aware of Him, I was aware of myself.


Dancing is something I have never done. Being respected enough or held dear enough by anyone who would take me in their arms and dance with me has never been allowed in my life. The Lord told me this is something that He had done in my life to bring me to the place I am today.


He said now is my time to dance. He held out His hand and asked if I wanted to dance. My heart leapt. He is gorgeously handsome, and exudes a kind and loving caring that enables you to be who He called you to be and made you to be in His arms.


I heard the angels singing. They sounded like a band. The music was modern, and I loved it. As He danced with me and held me in His arms, the Lord told me to keep my eyes (heart, mind, focus, hope and desire) on Him. It was easy. He was wooing my heart, and He was leading.


In that moment I realized anew that all I am is my response to Him. It is all I will ever be, and all I will ever hope to want to be because His desire for us is the fullness of all there is to be.


His love, what we are able to perceive of it, is found in His presence and we are transformed by it. Or is it that He transforms us by loving us as we are brought into His presence. However He does this in us, it is a precious gift of Life and love. He is beautiful beyond compare and as for myself, my heart will never desire another. Thank you for letting me share.








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Yes beloved . . . of course it is!!!!! Today! Yesterday and Forever!!!!!

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I see the date on this is May 31, 2016. Does it still apply to today? This is just so beautiful.

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