If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

Only in the deepest humility . . .


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Only In The Deepest Humility

By Kathy Mote



Only in the deepest humility before the Lord do you realize your life was never about you. It has always been about Him. Your life's journey has been about finding, embracing, walking in and becoming the Truth of His purpose in you.

Because we are called to walk in the last days, this humility is what He is bringing us to as we stand before Him. As the world spins a kilter all around us, His presence is the only safe place there is. Remaining in His presence is the only way to endure the days we are in.


As current events unfold at an accelerated rate, the evil in the world is being revealed and it is astoundingly obvious. Nothing will remain hiden. The devil is frantically fighting the coming move of God and God is exposing him.

It costs you your peace to take your eyes and your heart away from the Lord, because without seeing Him, you won't understand what He is doing. God is moving in the world today to expose the evil in every heart. Well, He said He would.


Did we think that He would bring great change to the world without shaking the stronghold the devil had in it? Look around you, the shaking is everywhere.


We are seeing His mighty hand move and our response should be to remain in Him. So many have expressed the desire for the Prophets to speak, but when they do, no one wants to hear them. A prophet that is sent by God will correct your heart and point you back to Him. The most important current event is what the Lord is doing in your heart to keep you safe with Him.


So we must stay tucked safely under His right arm as He shakes the devil's stronghold in the world and in the men who rule in government. The world could collapse all around us (and it just might!) but in His presence we do not fear.


The effort it takes to surrender your heart deeply enough to remain in Him as He shakes all that can be shaken is all consuming, and continual. He meant for it to be, for we lose our self and embrace His purpose in us as we do so. That is how we will be who we are called to be as we see His Truth rise up in us in the end days.



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If You Knew The Extent

By Kathy Mote

If you knew the extent of what the Lord is going to do, you would rush to cling to the hem of His garment. He is going to bring down all things that have risen against His Lordship and make all things right with Him. He is going to shake every man made institution that has aspired to rule over us in His place, for the desire to rule that is in the world is evil and not of Him.


Government, medical, financial and food systems are going to be shaken as the evil intent in them is revealed. That is why those He has sent have revealed His great love for you, that you would turn to Him, know Him intimately as Lord of your heart and abide in Him. He will provide for you and protect you.



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Not So Long Ago

By Kathy Mote



Not so long ago the Lord called me to Him, saying, Look, I hold your heart in My hand. I saw what He held in His hand was small, soft, warm, and looked like a heart made of clay.


As He gently pressed it between His finger and thumb, He left His thumbprint on the soft and pliant heart. Ever since, all that entered the heart followed the pattern of His thumbprint and flowed back out to Him. This was the pattern that made all things in the heart relate to Him, only being made right by Him.

He reminded me of this tonight and asked me to share. He has left an impression on His children's hearts, so that they are aware of Him, and all that is in their heart follows His thumbprint and flows back to Him to be made relevant to Him.


For some it is a feeling of heaviness in their heart, a deep hunger to be with Him. For others it is the feeling of quiet peace that keeps them in His presence, calm before Him. All that is in them will follow the DNA print of His thumb as it carries them back to Him to be made right with Him, and to be aligned with Him.





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So, I Bought A Turkey

By Kathy Mote



So, I bought a Turkey, just the right size. Just a little over nine pounds, and it was fresh, not frozen. I was so excited. I got my little prize home, and began preparing it to go in the oven only to find that it was breast meat only. Oh, my. Oh, dear. I made a mistake! The Lord spoke to me and said, Isn't that all you wanted, dear? Isn't white meat all you like?


I almost didn't buy a turkey because I didn't think I was up to the chore of cooking it. It's such a big deal when I'm the only one who is eating it. But He had made sure I got the perfect turkey for me. I'm so touched by His gentle care, after so many years that were difficult for me.


He spoke to me about those difficult years on my way home from the store. In them I learned how to persevere, but all I can remember is disappointment and hard work. He said those years made me what I am, or rather, He made me what I am in them. He said, “I know to stay in my place in His presence because of them.”


He said, “Those who have known hardship will know His gentle care. Those who know to remain in His presence will know how tender His heart is for them.” I marvel at the seasons of our lives, but I am in awe of His purpose in all of them, and how He sees us through each one.



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God’s Hand

By Kathy Mote



God's hand is heavy on our hearts as He is imprinting His image in us. His presence is what we are responding to when we turn to Him and open our heart. He is not making us a better human being, He is making us a Spirit being. We will last an eternity with Him.




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The Lord Is Calling His Beloved To Him

By Kathy Mote



The Lord is calling His Beloved to Him as He removes all in their hearts that keep them from coming to Him. They have always felt His hand weighing heavily on their life, moving things and people to suit His purpose, which was never known to them. So much of this has humbled them, but now it is time to show them His purpose in all of it. These are not normal times, and we have not led normal lives.


If you are one who knows, truly knows, Him as LORD, then you are one up on the rest of the human race. In His presence you come to realize this life is not all there is, there is not only something after this life, there is something unseen going on in it.


This life was given to us to come to know Him, and where there are so many good things about this life, it is not His best for us. This life is not all He has planned for us. This life is where we are prepared for what He planned. There is more, much more, coming our way, and those who 'lose their life' now will find out what that is!


I suppose He doesn't tell us this life isn't all and that there is more because we aren't supposed to trust Him for reward. There is too much missing in the heart that loves to get. Being made one with Him is first on the list. Being able to stand in His presence is what He gives, so He is intent on making our heart right with Him.


We trust Him as LORD because He has revealed Himself powerfully to our heart, and He has done this in a way that healed our heart. As we are brought into His presence to know Him as our Lord, it is a matter of relationship built on respect for Him that is known deeply in our heart. That has always been what He is doing in us.



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Calling Him Lord

By Kathy Mote



Calling Him Lord is not giving Him control, it is acknowledging that He is God and He has control. That is what 'Lord' means.


We have the sad tendency to dispute that God is in control when we are afraid, or angry, when we don't understand or when we are in trouble. But that is precisely the time to trust Him. When we trust Him, calling Him Lord in our heart, that is when WE show up in the throne room. He was always there.

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Yes beloved . . . of course it is!!!!! Today! Yesterday and Forever!!!!!

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Amen, I receive it in the Almighty Name of Jesus for family, friends, neighbor's, people in our lives, and myself according to Gods will. Amen

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I see the date on this is May 31, 2016. Does it still apply to today? This is just so beautiful.

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