If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

The Curse is Reversed . . .


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The Curse Is Reversed, And Newness of Life

Becomes Your Portion

By Russ Walden



The Father says today, the curse is reversed, and newness of life becomes your portion. The blessings of Abraham are yours, beloved. As I promised Abraham, I will curse those who curse you and bless those who bless you. Those who even trifle with you will be execrated out of your life — emphasis on the word “execrate.” I see the tyranny of the oppressor.


They wrongly think they are in charge of what happens next. I see those who slander and whisper dark thoughts in hidden places. They will hear a sound and be moved out of your life with permanence, never to be seen again. Yes, it has been long in coming but never mistake My long-suffering with a refusal to deal with the situations in your life that are outside the parameters of “life and life more abundantly.”


This is the season of being rooted and grounded like a tree by the living water. Death cannot reach you — the curse of those who curse you will fall inert at your feet to be returned on their own head. I have laid out in your life the boundaries of My promise and My blessings. Now you will rise up and leap over the wall and run through the troop. Others will look on in disbelief at how fast I bring about My good word on your behalf.


They thought nothing would ever change. They imagined they could continue to wipe their mouth and claim they did nothing wrong. They were mistaken. The hour of the curse is nullified, and total recovery of what was lost in your life has arrived, and great will be your rejoicing, says the Father.

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10.11 | 06:23

Yes beloved . . . of course it is!!!!! Today! Yesterday and Forever!!!!!

08.11 | 09:41

Amen, I receive it in the Almighty Name of Jesus for family, friends, neighbor's, people in our lives, and myself according to Gods will. Amen

08.11 | 08:11

I see the date on this is May 31, 2016. Does it still apply to today? This is just so beautiful.

06.10 | 06:30

Awesome prayer for supreme court justice . . .

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