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A Word for January 2021 . . .


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What Really This Year Is About

By Chuck Pierce



“I can review, what really this year is about. It’s about reconnecting. It’s about getting back to the parent root.


It’s about coming forth from the very root of what you are about, so you can produce new fruit.


And that is what brings us to this month. This month is really about New Fruit coming!


It is about looking at and seeing the wind blowing in the trees. Just like it says in 2 Samuel 5. Remember David had finally gotten into his place of leadership.


Now remember, that took several years for that to happen. I mean it’s a process a lot of times when God speaks to you. There is a process before you actually get into the place that He has spoken.


And remember, there was a long war between he and Saul. So, the war was very intense, it was a personal war, it was a corporate war, it was a governmental war, and it was a territorial war, as well as a generational war.


So, we are in a similar time situation, and remember, then, once the Philistines heard he was in place, all of a sudden, they rose up against him – he defeated them – and then they backed off and then they rose back up against him again!


So you have to understand that the conflicts we are in are not unusual to The LORD. We are having to war in ways we have never warred before. But, He is The Master of the Breakthrough!


And because He is The Master of the Breakthrough, yesterday He spoke a Word to me, and that Word was, “If you will watch and you will listen, you will always find My Loophole over how to go beyond legalism and into a new platform.”


Now, I am decreeing that like, David after he regrouped, The LORD said, “No, don’t just go up against them!” He said, “Listen for the wind in the mulberry trees. Listen for the movement of Holy Spirit before you go up again.”


I think sometimes we run head on into the enemy. We play our hand before we should play our hand.


And this month, I want you to be very aware of how the wind is blowing. Not only the wind around you, but the wind of Holy Spirit.


And once David heard that wind in the mulberry trees, which was probably angelic activity, that is one of the ways you sense angelic activity, he knew not to just go straight on up against them, but come from behind them and overtake them.


Now God always has a plan for our victories. Do never forget that! And yet sometimes we get so head-strong in the plan of our own victory and triumph that we miss the direction that He is giving us.


This month there is great direction for you.


I love pulling aside, that is what Shabbat is about. You pull aside. You review all you have gone through during the week and then you rest to enter into Faith.


You see Faith, you war to enter into Rest. That means you are coming to a new place of Faith – as it says in Hebrews – but you are going to have – you’ve been going through a great war this week, but now you are pulling aside.


This month is so key, but it is one of those times where – another great example is Daniel, where he, the king wanted him to, and, all of the people wanted him to be just like everyone else that was there – but in Daniel 1, remember says be aware of the king’s delicacies.


We have to know we have a different strategy than what everybody in the world has. And so this becomes very, very important for us as we move forward.


Now I do think we have to check out our right standing this month. So I want to encourage you – Righteousness is the Key.


So find out how you are standing with The LORD, for that is what that really means. It is not legalism, it’s seeing if there is something which is weakening your stance. Something that you are doing – some habits you have, some association you have that is weakening the way you are going to stand in the future.


Now here is another great passage for you this month. It is Isaiah 52, and in that, you have to go back and look and at the whole concept of Isaiah and what is happening – where all of a sudden, there has been this great down-trodden tragedies that have occurred, then there’s this great move that Isaiah’s prophesying, so that the down-trodden will rise up again.


I decree right now that those that have been pushed down, that those that have been defeated, those that have grown discouraged, they will rise up again.


And it says, “Go, depart, depart, go out, go out, go out!” In other words, pull aside of a couple of days. Pull aside and really review what has been weighing you down.


When you do that, it says, “Don’t’ go out in a hurry,” just because haste, it says over in Proverbs, will lead you to poverty. It says, “Go out and wait for the trees to clap their hands.”


See, again, this month is about how you hear movement around you, rejoicing, so you can move correctly.


And then it says, once you start moving, not only will He lead you with His glory, but He will be your rear guard.


Just think about this! The LORD is asking you to be surrounded by His Glory this month!


Now we have several videos for you to watch…”







Chuck D. Pierce

Glory of Zion International Ministries

Website: www.GloryOfZion.org

Email: chuckp@glory-of-zion.org



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I see the date on this is May 31, 2016. Does it still apply to today? This is just so beautiful.

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