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It’s Time to Issue Restraining Orders

By Junu Thomas



The LORD showed me there is now a great army of prayer warriors who have been forged in the crucible of recent election battles.


A new breed of intercessors, tested and tried have entered into higher dimensions of prayer like never before.


As the leftist government has now begun to openly show their true colors by reversing many godly policies within the first few days of their administration, it’s time for the prayer warriors to rise and issue restraining orders.


It’s time to use our spiritual authority to cancel the devil’s plans. God said governments and administrations are not really controlled by the earthly rulers, but instead controlled by The Praying Church as their petitions and declarations are enforced by the courts of heaven.


God assured me that although Ahab and Jezebel ruled Israel for a period, the regime was bridled by Elijah and the prophets. Elijah was able to control the spiritual climate of Israel through his fervent prayers and engagement.


As we read in 1 Kings 17:1 CEV,


“One day Elijah the prophet went to King Ahab and said, “I’m a servant of the living Lord, the God of Israel. And I swear in his name that it won’t rain until I say so. There won’t even be any dew on the ground.”


Elijah sent a clear warning and sign to Ahab that the Ekklesia is going to make it very tough for the opposing government.


It’s critical that the Church engage in this hour and regulate the spiritual climate of the nation.


God is waiting on his delegates to issue the restraining orders on the satanic government.


For The Keys of The Kingdom has been given to the Ekklesia, such that whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. (Matthew 16:19)


What are you waiting for?






By Junu Thomas








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