If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

I would like to share something . . .

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I Would Like To Share Something

By Kathy Mote



I would like to share something I have learned in my life. It is the wisdom I have gained as I saw all that happened to me through His eyes, and I was told this as I surrendered my broken heart to Him.


With no exception, the Lord has taken all the devil tried to do against me and turned it for my good. As the enemy raged, trying to destroy my life, he sent me to God's throne to surrender my heart.


His presence became the most precious to me. In His presence, He told me all things answer to Him. Even my enemy.


So as I stand before Him now, I answer to only Him. As I surrender my life I surrender my heart, knowing HE is who governs it. All of it.


What the enemy could not do is take my heart from Him, for that is His will for me. What the enemy was created to do was press me toward Him. This is something my heart learned to accept, for the deeper my surrender, the deeper my trust in Him.

Most people today judge God by the Word they read, not knowing the Christ He sent. As they do this, they are limited to what their own heart can invent. That is not His Lordship over them.


To surrender my heart to Him in every circumstance declares He is LORD of my heart in every circumstance. He is present as Lord over my life because I surrendered to Him what He asked me for, which was my life.


This means my life is between me and Him. Knowing Him has become my greatest comfort and my infallible defense. No enemy overtakes me, no matter what he does. It is the Lord's will I see in my life as He rules as Lord.


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As a Painter Paints

By Kathy Mote



As a painter paints, and a sculptor sculpts, they will tell you that what they are doing now is what they are pouring their heart into, and what they are pouring their heart into is their 'favorite'.


The Lord told me this is how He moves to bring about His will. What He desires, He pours His love into and His presence makes it as He desires. So as He moves, we are seeing His heart poured out, bringing His presence to bear in the world we live in. He is causing a great shaking as He resists them.


I have learned in His presence to trust Him in all things, and to praise Him for His will, for it is the love in His heart being poured out to make all things right with Him. As I cling to Him in the midst of great shaking, I am not shaken. As my heart is given to Him, it is made right with Him, and my heart is what He pours His love into. This is how to agree with Him.


Art by Amanda Cass





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In A Dream

By Kathy Mote



In a dream that took great effort not to interpret through my own thoughts, I was given a message that I would like to share.


In the midst of what will be the most adverse circumstance and shaking in the world, the Lord will prosper His children in a way that defies all the logic that the world holds dear.


I would like to share what the Lord taught me about what prosperity truly is. It is not counted in money hoarded in piles in the bank that one depends on and is afraid to lose, it is defined as abundant provision flowing through your hand as you always have far more than you need. It is having enough and more than enough as you are lavishly cared for by Him


It is giving Him your life and trusting Him with it, not telling Him your need. It is having a heart so given to Him, that surrender is an expression of deep trust in Him. It is being loved by Him in the midst of true surrender to the point that you cannot contain all of it. There is no fear in the life given to Him. There is order in the life given to Him. The only thing you cling to is Him, and He is gentle, caring and generous!


But getting back to my dream, I saw an oil pipeline that was supposed to mean unending provision of the things that we need, but it was sealed and we couldn't tap into the world's provision because of an agreement between two queens. (I assumed this referred to the government of two countries that had just 'sealed a deal'...)


Then I saw in my own backyard oil bubbling up without any help from me. The oil was so abundant, I had to move to a better place! It was too much for the place I was in! The music from the Beverly Hillbillies TV show was playing in this part of my dream. For all you younger folks, this meant wealth in such abundance that it was beyond counting and put you in a place of influencing rather than being influenced by carnal means.


Perhaps I should not have told the details of the dream. As I pondered it, the Lord showed me something that changed how I saw the message He gave me in the dream. It was an interpreter's key.


He said He would prosper those who are called to Him who trust Him with everything. Those with a carnal mind seek carnal things and are mindful of carnal things, but those who are surrendered to Him do not need to seek anything. In their surrender He is present to lavish His love and His provision on everything that is given to Him as He brings about His will.


This is what the Lord will do. He will teach His Beloved ones to walk in the prosperity that He gives. He reminded me of the widow who had the jar of oil that never ran dry, and the jar of grain that was never empty, day after day after day after day until the famine burned itself out.


He also reminded me that in the years when I couldn't work, I had more than enough. This was a miracle of inexplicable proportions. We didn't 'make do', we had too much! Each day as I put my daughter's portion into a pan for her lunch, it multiplied before my eyes into two and a half times what she could eat!


Even so, He is not limited to these things, and I perceive He will exceed even what He has already done, but that is not what my heart desires. My heart is filled with desire for Him. There is great prosperity coming to those who are surrendered to Him, who trust Him with their life and accept His will for everything in it. He will teach us to walk in the prosperity of His Lordship and we will astound the entire world.


Art by Amanda Cass





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By Kathy Mote



Forgiveness means your own freedom.






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I Love Nothing More

By Kathy Mote



I love nothing more than His presence, and I refuse to be nudged out of it. In the world today are many distractions, but I refuse to look away from Him to notice them. I will guard my heart with all diligence, respecting the devotion He protects me with. The Lord said it's time to get serious about the peace that He leads us in and fills us with.






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The Lord Told Me

By Kathy Mote



The Lord told me that our thinking is carnal because we don't see how powerfully He moves in and around and through us. We assume that to be a Light and a witness of God's presence in the Earth, we always have to speak to people about Him. All that seems to do is start an argument because of the day we are in.


In our thinking, faith comes by hearing, so they must hear us. But that is not what that scripture means. It means we believed Him as we heard His voice in our own heart. What happened was we heard Him and we answered Him.

The Lord showed me something that I would like to share. It is His Spirit that touches those around us as we walk in His presence. That is why their hostile response to us is often unwarranted. They struggle against Him.


We will see hostility and resentment, rebellion and gloating the likes of which we have never seen from a world who does not know Him. We are few as we move among them and we are surrounded. We won't convince them of Him, HE will convince them as He draws them to Him. That is wisdom for the day we are in.


It is time to walk in His Spirit by His Spirit, and realize that as His Spirit moved in us to draw us to Him, He will move them and they will respond to Him. It is HE who is moving mightily in the Earth, and as we walk with Him, it is HE who has us surrounded and His presence is what they will notice about us!


This is not to say we should not speak of Him. What we should do in every situation we are in is obey Him. All I am trying to say is we are in the day of intense spiritual warfare. Wisdom is the courage He will lead us in.


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