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"When All Feels Lost, the Son Will Rise!"

By Donna Rigney



Note: Below are the most current prophetic words I received from the Lord concerning the election. These are the words I received, while in prayer, before and after Inauguration Day.


Darkness Will Flee!


On January 2, 2021 the Lord spoke this encouraging word to me:


"This is a significant hour for the world, and your foe knows it well. This is why you are seeing so much evil manifest openly! He is pulling out all the stops so that he doesn't lose his hold on the world. But at the same time, because of the prayers of My faithful remnant, I am pulling out all the stops too! I am causing My goodness, My great power and love to be manifested through My faithful ones.


"In the days ahead, much more of Heaven, and what Heaven holds, will be poured out on your land for all to see. My greatness will be in evidence! Those who forsook all to speak My words and to demonstrate My love and goodness will be shining vessels that all will see. My glorious light will pour off them and will light up the darkness about them. Darkness will flee!"


I Will Bring It to Pass!


On January 5, 2021 I had another remarkable encounter while soaking in the glory, and heard:


"No longer will injustice have its way! Now I will arise in your land, and in others, to right every wrong. Watch as I bring justice, suddenly, and wash away all that was birthed by wickedness. There will be a great overturning of those things initiated by the enemy and a birthing of those things I am calling forth.


"Dancers will dance freely in the streets; worshipers will arise and freely glorify their God; marchers will march to the beat of My drums and singers will sing their songs of praise, unhindered by those who have tried to muzzle them into silence. Justice will have its way. No one is powerful enough to stop Me, for I possess all the power of the ages in My hands.


"Do not look at what is happening in the natural, but see what I am doing and listen to what I am saying. To rob you of your faith is the scheme of your enemy in this battle. Stand fast in faith! No one knows what or how I will bring about the change that justice and righteousness demand; but know this, I will bring to pass all I have declared – My way!"


"There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the Lord." (Proverbs 21:30)


A Great Shaking Is Coming!


On January 7, 2021, I heard the Lord say:


"Remember, no one, nothing, can succeed against Me. My will shall be done on Earth as it is in Heaven, because My children have obeyed My Son and prayed for My will to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. I hear all their prayers of faith and will do all according to My will, My way and in My timing! Continue to fuel faith, no matter what you hear or see in the natural, and nothing will stop Me from accomplishing all I have declared through My prophets.


"A great shaking is coming and all that is not rooted in Me will not stand in this hour; but that which is firmly rooted in Me will be pruned by this great shaking! From glory to glory, My precious, faithful children will be transformed into My Son's image – the Firstborn of many brothers!"


Looking into the spirit, I saw a tall mountain and liquid gold was pouring down the side of it. Then I heard the Lord say, "This is the hour that I will be pouring My glory from Heaven to the earth. Like soothing, healing oil it will bring great comfort and healing to My children who have endured the wicked assaults of the enemy. This will happen to individuals and to your nation – even this world. The enemy's attack has been vicious and relentless. Because I love My precious ones who have been victimized for many years, now I will pour out healing oil, the oil of My glory, on them."  


It Is Always Darkest Before the Dawn!


On Friday, January 8, 2021, the Lord came and stood in front of me in my prayer room and declared, "It is always darkest before the dawn!"


The following day the Lord came to me and said, "Let's talk." Then He began to explain: "I laugh... We laugh because We know the beginning from the end. Those who devised wicked schemes will be exposed for all to see, and the innocent ones will walk in glory for all to see, too! Greater even than the parting of the Red Sea will be what We do to correct the evils that have been perpetrated, unabated for many years by those who mocked Us.


"To laugh in the face of God is what satan did before being thrown out of Heaven to the earth. In this hour, those who laughed in Our face will see My hand of retribution raised and My heavenly forces dispatched to bring about My justice for all to see. Yes, this will not be done in secret – as their deeds have been done; but in the open, for all to see, I will bring forth justice. My judgment will not be escaped! Don't be afraid that My power won't be displayed, for what I have declared, I will do; over and above what you think or imagine, I will do to right every wrong.


"You will see Us rescue Our children of all ages. From the hands of the wicked, they will be pulled free, where they can live untouched by the evil influence of the wicked ones who held them fast. Multitudes of angelic hosts have been dispatched and will not return until they fully fulfill My commands for justice and judgment. My mercy will be granted to those who turn from evil and return to Me, because I am gracious and merciful, and I am just!


"I will use Donald Trump in ways he, or you, never ever imagined – to restore righteousness to your land. I will do this swiftly. Quickly, 'right' will be established where many wrongs have infiltrated your land – and many others! Yes, I say 'many others' because what I do in your land will be replicated and spread to other nations. This, too, will happen quickly for the time is short.


"A great harvest is on the horizon, and this is essential for the gathering in of the lost! Deception which has blinded the eyes of the masses is going to be stripped off quickly, and blind eyes will see the truth and accept it!


"Everything the enemy has loosed upon My children will be turned around for great good! You will see this, My friend and confidant. Yes, the decade of greatness will begin soon! And it will bring you and My children great satisfaction when they see My justice and divine retribution displayed!"


Remain in Perfect Peace


On January 20, 2021, Inauguration Day, the Lord said, "Don't allow discouragement to come near. Keep your gaze fixed on Me, My faithfulness and My might. Fuel faith, not discouragement, by what you think about! Many joys are on the horizon, and many sorrows and sufferings as well. What you keep your gaze fixed on will determine your level of joy and hope. Think on those things that are good and lovely, not on those things your enemies threaten to do – or even do bring to pass. Let your mind remain in perfect peace, no matter what!"


When All Appears Lost


The following morning, January 21, 2021, Father explained: "Focus on the greatness of your God, and you will see My greatness manifest on the earth. In this hour, there are many who are focusing on the great deception and great wickedness of the enemy, along with his apparent 'great victory.' He is not great – in any way – and his apparent 'great victory' will be shown for the great sham that it is. Many will leave his camp and come running home to My open arms, as they lose all and find his promises not kept! When I make a promise, I keep it!


"When it appears that all is lost, that is when I arise and bring forth the greatest victory. Look at the death of My Son. It appeared as though all was lost; His mission to save mankind, a total failure, and the scheme of the enemy to destroy Him and His mission, a great success.


"Ha! I do say, you are reliving an apparent 'failure' about to turn into a great victory, by the power of your God, bringing resurrection power to that which appears to be dead. Just as My disciples and followers of My Son were discouraged and filled with great fear, so are those who hoped I would bring justice forth. In this hour, I will turn their sorrows into great joy, just as I did 2,000 years ago.


"Watch with expectant faith and your joy will be made full! When all seems lost, the victory is even sweeter! As was the victory of My Son after His crucifixion, so will be this great victory. During the 'three days' of waiting, hold fast to My promises and encourage My children to look high for their redemption draws near."


The Good Samaritan


After speaking these powerful words, the Lord led me to Luke 10:29-37. This is the story of the good Samaritan. A man was beaten, robbed, stripped of his clothes and left to die. A priest and a Levite saw him bleeding to death but both passed by not wanting to get involved; but a Samaritan saw him, took pity on him, bandaged his wounds, poured oil and wine on them and took care of him. God is calling us to do the same for Donald Trump, and not be like those who walked by ignoring or even scorning him.


Like the man in this parable, Jesus was beaten, robbed of His clothes, and the religious leaders mocked Him, leaving Him to die on the Cross. In this hour Donald Trump has been enduring a similar fate! During this rigged, fraudulent election, Donald Trump was robbed and stripped of his legal mantle as president and beaten by the wicked, false accusations of the corrupt political leaders. It would be a shame if the religious leaders shunned him, and if those he served so faithfully as president did not stand up and defend him in this hour.


"When I Was in the Tomb"


On Saturday, January 23, 2021, the Lord explained: "My children are experiencing some of the emotions My disciples felt when I was in the tomb but three days. Despite their despair, unbelief, fear and terror, I still rose on the third day as I said I would. Unconventional was the victory; glorious and very unconventional was My victory, and in this hour I promise that as I fulfill My promises to My people, the victory will be unconventional and glorious again! That which I promise I will do My way, and in My timing.


"Do not be afraid of anyone circumventing what I declare or undermining My authority. This is My land, and I will not allow anyone to take it from Me. That which your land was created by Us to do will be fulfilled, because I have a faithful remnant who steadfastly believed, prayed and fasted. I heard every prayer and will answer those prayers in ways no one could ever imagine.


"Again I say, 'unconventional and glorious' will My response be to the demonic assault your land has endured at the hands of sinful men. Shame will fall on those who allowed evil to overtake them. Watch and see what your unconventional God does as My glory fills your land.


"No man will get the glory for what I do in this hour. Just as no man got the glory when I rose from the dead, no man will get the glory when I restore life back to that which has been destroyed."




By Donna Rigney

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Yes beloved . . . of course it is!!!!! Today! Yesterday and Forever!!!!!

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Amen, I receive it in the Almighty Name of Jesus for family, friends, neighbor's, people in our lives, and myself according to Gods will. Amen

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I see the date on this is May 31, 2016. Does it still apply to today? This is just so beautiful.

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