If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

What Jesus is Overcoming . . .


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What Jesus is Overcoming

By Kathy Mote


What Jesus is overcoming in our heart is the aspiration to BE without Him. He is removing all of our striving.





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The Lord Taught Me

By Kathy Mote



The Lord taught me something that I would like to share. Well, no, I wouldn't. It will show you how simple I am. Suddenly and without injury, my tendon pulled away from my ankle. I was in excruciating pain. I could not walk, not even to hobble.


My daughter was very concerned for me, and offering her help, she hovered around me. After she got me situated in a chair, she asked if she could pray for me. I declined her offer. I didn't pray either. I accepted my circumstance from the Lord without question, and I endured it, even though I had not heard Him. (I told you I was simple.)


As I got into bed (oh, what a project it was to get in and out of the shower!) I asked the Lord to help me. He said it would be alright, and I fell asleep fully trusting Him.


Sure enough, I awoke fully able to walk again, but within an hour of being out of bed, BAM, the pain was back again, and I was back to hobbling. Because I had assumed He had purpose in it, I accepted it even though He had said nothing to me. The Lord spoke to me as I wrapped my ankle. He said, You are too complacent.


So I tried to surrender my painful condition to Him, but He had not asked me for it. I tried to do what He had taught me to do before, but I knew in my heart He was not initiating the moment. What He had done before was speak to me. We had a conversation about His will on the subject, I accepted His will and that is when He healed me. As He had spoken to me, we interacted.


Well, I was at a loss at this point. I refused to sit there speaking to my ankle! I turned to Him, and waited. The Lord came and stood before me, and said that my Father did not expect me to be what I am supposed to be or know what to do in any circumstance without Him. He said the Father expected HIM to do that in me, and that I should listen and follow.


So I have learned not to forge ahead, guns blazing as I declare what I think His will is. And I have learned not to be complacent and accept my circumstance without being in conference with Him. I need to hear Him to know what His heart on the matter is. I have also learned that I am as He says I am because He is Lord of me and that requires continually trusting Him, which is interactive.


The greatest lesson I have learned in all of this is not to move on my assumptions, (even if they are His thoughts from yesterday), but to wait on Him because our relationship is interactive. He is Lord, and He is faithful. He said that being given authority is having the right and responsibility to protect and provide, and I will see His will come to pass perfectly as He provides for me.


Now we come to the point of this very important message. Flowing in His presence (instead of failing without Him) in the midst of hardship is a facet of a warrior's strength that depends on surrender. Trusting His voice equips us for what He will do in warfare and we will need to know this as we move into what He will do next.





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All My Life

By Kathy Mote



All my life, I have tried to be my idea of strong and beautiful. I always felt better, more powerful, and more capable when I was fit. My identity and self confidence depended on it.


Not being confident in myself and having no real love in my life, I knew no other way to be me than to push to be better all the time. It was the quandary that defined me, but the Lord told me that I was barren until I lost my health.

Depending on the Lord to survive has deepened and sweetened my life. I have been stripped of my ability to be the person that I was, but now I know this was a great gift that deepened my faith.


The Lord said, You think being fit is the answer to everything, but I tell you, your flesh is the answer to nothing. It's not who you are.


The heart that listens to My voice is beautiful. One who trusts Me is not weak or vulnerable. She has nothing to prove to the world. She doesn't struggle to be My child. She is clothed in the deepest desire of My heart. There is nothing she needs that she will not have. Trusting Me is My definition of strength.





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According to the Lord

By Kathy Mote



According to the Lord, the definition of authority is the right and responsibility to protect and provide.





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The Lord Told Me

By Kathy Mote



The Lord told me He was going to expose evil, and take it down. When I heard this I didn't know what to expect, but evil is a terrifying thing to see exposed. Just looking at it causes extreme grief as my heart cries out against all it says and does.


It is not what I imagined, His plan to expose evil and take it down. I asked the Lord if there would ever be a time when we stand up and cheer and say, Woohoo! as He brings evil to its knees. He said what I imagined is in my flesh, according to my carnal desire to see people brought to justice. I didn't realize what I really meant is punished.


When Jesus walked the earth people misunderstood what He meant. When He spoke of ruling, they thought He was going to rule in their government and make their government honor Him. That's not what he meant. He meant He would rule in every heart.


He said, In your heart of flesh, you have no idea what justice is. Justice is what is Mine being given to Me. Justice is Me ruling as Lord in every heart. Justice is when I am given all I paid for. I will have justice as I am known as Lord in all the Earth.


So this is why our surrender is so important so that we will remain blameless in Him. We do not fully understand His objective. I only know to keep my eyes on Him. Just as authority is His, justice is His. It belongs to Him.





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I Heard the Lord Say

By Kathy Mote



I heard the Lord say, “Have no fear in your heart for what is to come. I knew the beginning in the end.”


I stopped and wondered, Isn't it the other way around, that He knows the end from the beginning? Yes, He does, but that is not what He said. He doesn't just know what is going on and how it will end, He declared what the end will be from the beginning, and He has great purpose in it.


He said, I knew (intimately and by design) the beginning of all things as I created them, and I have established the end (how things will turn out) of all that is to come.


This is what I understand. He declares what is to come from the beginning, and it is set in motion to become as He desires. His Spirit moves in all things making all things confirm His purpose in them. Like Judas Iscariot's political desires, the twelve plagues and Pharaoh’s hardened heart, all serve Him to bring about His desire.


He said, I have established the end in the beginning and I set it in motion. I settled (concluded) all things in the beginning as I knew them. (We might use the word envision, but He creates by the desire of His heart and everything obeys Him as His Spirit moves them.)


Those who rest on the palm of My hand have no fear of evil times or evil men. All who rush to do evil rush headlong to their own death. The time has come for ordered steps, but you will have no fear in any of it. You stand in the upper echelon of faith, which is what I am doing in the Earth.







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