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"God Is Breaking Yokes, Silencing the Accuser

& Restoring Radical Faith!"

By Nate Johnston



Earlier in the week, I woke up in the night sensing an extreme onslaught of heaviness in the spirit, and knew I had to pray and intercede. As I began praying I suddenly heard the Lord say, "I am raising up a standard!" and I was reminded of the Scripture in Isaiah 59:19:


"...When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him."


I couldn't deny it, the warfare felt thick, but there was also such a sense of divine protection and God's fiery intervention from delayed justice and retribution. As I continued to pray, the Lord showed me a few things He was doing that I will share in a shorter, bullet-point format. I pray these encourage you, break heaviness, shackles, and lift you into radical faith with your feet planted in the promise.


I Am Breaking the Heavy Yokes!


• The next thing I saw was a vision of a heavy yoke that was being wrapped around the Church like a rope or "bind," and it was being squeezed over and over like a boa constrictor.


• It was both heavy, weighing people down, and also restrictive, preventing the Church from "moving" freely and having the accessibility it once had.


• The Lord said, "I am using the enemy's pressure and warfare to reveal the hidden yokes that have been on My people because they have been yoked for too long!


• "No more will My people be weighed down and defeated. No more will My people be bound and the mentally broken!"


• "No more will My people be yoked with slave masters, the world, and the spirits of darkness parading as light! No more will they be as sheep to the slaughter!"


• Right now the Holy Spirit is targeting the heaviness that has been on the Church.


• He is after all areas of constriction and restriction, limitations and afflictions.


• We are going to see an unusual grace this year to remove yokes of addiction, sickness, mental illness, depression, anxiety, and long-term generational issues.


• Right now, God is unapologetically after the yokes you have accepted as normal and He is destroying them.


• Like Elisha, you are in a "burning of yokes and oxen" season because there is a new mantle on its way.


• All man-made yokes, agreements, and alignments are being severed because God wants you free.


• To walk in the fullness of your anointing you need to be un-yoked...and you will go from this place as an "un-yoker" and deliverer to others.


I Am Confronting the Spirit of Assassination & Accusation


• As I was praying, I saw a spirit of assassination that was coming after those who have been wrestling and contending for the promise, and who are standing in faith.


• I saw that this same spirit was coming like a flood against the prophets and prophetic Church who have been pressing into what God is saying on the earth.  


• This was Jezebel's order released to silence and censor those who were called to break new ground in this season and also build and establish.


• I could sense their exhaustion and how extremely their hope had been deferred; but nonetheless, they continued to stand even in the middle of accusation and slander.


• I could sense how close the promise was, and what looked impossible being made manifest, which was why the enemy was throwing all he could at them.


• I could sense chatter to the level that would make people mad and break them, and that was exactly the enemy's goal. They were so close... It's like running your last lap of a marathon and having people on the sidelines throwing things across your path to trip you up.


• I felt people wanting to turn around, give up, and look for a "Plan B." I saw a dark depression trying to settle on those who felt past hope and past seeing God move for them. The screams of intimidation and shame were so loud, making them feel foolish for trusting in God's Word and holding on to the hem of Jesus' garment for healing and breakthrough.


• As I was praying, the Holy Spirit began to speak: "I am shutting the mouths of the lions."


• "I am coming to their defense! Watch Me now vindicate them and lift them up to dry ground! Watch Me send back the arrows and reroute them! Watch Me honor My faithful ones!"


• "For they will soon say to them, 'Where are your accusers?' For they will run like foxes and like prey."


I Am Shattering Word Curses, Removing Daggers & Extracting the Poison


• I then saw the word curses that had been shutting people down and causing people to start retreating.


• I saw the mental assault that had been taking place on many, including key leaders and those who had chosen to be on the front lines, despite the high cost.


• They were starting to feel like they were crumbling and needing armor-bearers and support. It reminded me of a dream I had in October (published by the Elijah List on November 19, 2020) where I was holding up Lou Engles' arms as he prayed.


• I saw that some people I knew, who had been major players and contenders, were feeling the effects of the poison from these words. Slowly, over time, it had infected their hope and caused them to feel a rising bitterness and hurt; but as I saw this the Lord spoke...


• "I am, right now, shattering these lies, these words that are empty and vapid, and I am reversing them. I am removing the daggers that have been thrown at the hearts of the faithful and I am extracting the poison that would seek to divert and derail their message and destiny."


• I saw the spirit of torment and suicide lift off people who had felt tormented and been brought to the place of wanting to give up and die.


• In Isaiah 54 it says that God has created a "destroyer" to destroy the weapon the enemy uses against you, and even right now God is smashing, in pieces, every assignment that has been warring against you and every word pitted against you.


• I believe that God is extending mercy to those who have partnered with the enemy in speaking against other Believers in accusation, but it will be a wake-up call to step out of operating in a critical or self-righteous spirit.


I Am Shifting You Out of Hope Deferred & Back Into Outrageous Hope & Radical Faith!


"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life." (Proverbs 13:12) 


• I heard the Lord say, "Am I a man that should lie? Do I tease you with promises and then not hold to My word?" It reminded me of the Scripture in Isaiah 66:9 that says, "'Do I bring to the moment of birth and not give delivery?' says the LORD. 'Do I close up the womb when I bring to delivery?' says your God."


• Then I heard Him say, "For this will be the season that you will know Me as PROMISE KEEPER, and I am going to shatter the cloud of hope deferred that has been cast over My people. They will see My power and My majesty. They will see that I do things My way and in My timing, but I DO NOT LIE!"


• Then He said to me, "Nate, read Hebrews 11 and PROPHESY IT!" So I did, reading the account of the faith of mighty men and women through history and God's faithfulness that didn't lie.


• He then said, "I am restoring radical faith to My people where FEAR has been stealing their fire and gaze."


• "This is a Red Sea moment for the Church...will they run back to Egypt or will they trust Me? Will they trust in the strength of horses and chariots or in the name of the Lord? Will they operate in their own might and abilities or rest in My power?"


• "For I am pouring out miracle-working power on those who dare to trust Me in the unknown. I am going to make them a signpost to the nations."


• "Today I shatter the rod of the oppressor and give the opportunity for sons and daughters to leave slavery and be truly led by the Spirit of God."


• "I am shattering deceptive veils cast over them, created by the enemy, that are causing them to water down My Word and power."


• "Today there comes a flood of My Spirit to shift the tide and shift the battle they have been slowly faltering in."


• "Today I lift up a standard and I raise a banner over My people, and I say, 'They are Mine! Do not touch them!'"


Pray With Me:


Lord, I come into agreement with Your Word and what You are doing in my life right now, to raise up a standard against the enemy's plans where he has been trying to take me out. I rebuke the devourer, the accuser, and render every assignment of assassination void and useless in Jesus' name. Every word against me cannot prosper, and I refuse them any landing place or open door in my life to take root. I am who YOU say I am, and I will not be moved.


Where I have begun to doubt You and Your promise, Lord, I ask right now that You would baptize me afresh in Your fire. Give me back my boldness and courage to roar in the face of the storm. I shake off the hope deferred, grief, and disappointment and I plant my feet back into faith. I command all yokes, demonic yokes, weights, false mantles, expectations, and heaviness to GET OFF MY SHOULDERS, and every tormenting voice to get off my mind, because I am child of God and I will not be bullied or harassed another day longer.


This is my year and that's all there is to it. God promised so He will deliver. He is faithful so I will see the promise. This is my moment to dig my heels in and join the radical remnant that doesn't live by what they see, read in the news, or feel, but who are moved by the Spirit of God alone – in Jesus' name!


You will overcome by the BLOOD of the Lamb and the WORD of His testimony. I encourage you to take communion as a family...worship, praise, bless those that persecute you, shut down the lies that scream at you, and rest in the promise! Oh, won't He do it!


"'If anyone dares to stir up strife against you, it is not from Me! Those who challenge you will go down in defeat. See, I am the one who created the craftsman who fans the coals into a fire and forges a weapon fit for its purpose, and I am the one who created the destroyer to destroy. But I promise you, no weapon meant to hurt you will succeed, and you will refute every accusing word spoken against you. This promise is the inheritance of Yahweh's servants, and their vindication is from Me,' says Yahweh." (Isaiah 54:15-17)




By Nate Johnston

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