If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

I would like to share something . . .


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I Would Like To Share Something

By Kathy Mote



I would like to share something that has been happening to me for about a month. I will share now because the Lord spoke to me about it.


As I move through my environment, everything in my environment seems to have an exaggerated response. As I touch the handle of a pan on the stove, the contents of the pan leap and jump out no matter how careful I am!


There are constant splatters and things being knocked over even when they are not being touched. Even my coffee maker sprayed itself as I stood next to it! My truck roars to life when I start it. Something it never did before, even in summer months.


The Lord said it is the power of His presence causing a physical response. He said it is a foretaste of what is to come. Healing will flow through us like a phenomenon as His presence brings about His will.


This is also what has been causing the continual cleansing of mercury from my body. It is an uncomfortable and humbling phenomenon in my daily life.

Through it all, He has been training my heart to be set on only one thing, to see Him have His way in all things. After all the continual surrender, there's nothing else left in me.





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All The World Around Me

By Kathy Mote



All the world around me belongs to the Lord with all the people in it, whether they realize it or not. His presence surrounds me, prompting their response, which is not to me, but to Him. Everything belongs to Him and this is as He wills. He continually teaches me to stand before Him as if it were just me and Him. He has taught me to trust Him with all of my heart, for above all, my heart belongs to Him.





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Don’t Allow Anyone

By Kathy Mote



Don't allow anyone to interfere with what God is doing in your life. His presence will guard your heart.






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The Lord Has Been Reminding Me

By Kathy Mote



The Lord has been reminding me of an incident from when I was a small child. Something happened that disappointed me and broke my heart.


He pointed to it like it was a scene in a play and He said, Go back and heal your heart. I said, Lord I can't heal my own heart. He told me, Go back and change your mind and settle your heart.


So I looked at it again and I saw it through different eyes, not the eyes of a child. I saw it through mature eyes and I wasn't disappointed anymore.


I noticed in the several days since this happened that I see things differently now. I don't relive old hurts anymore. I'm not disappointed about anything in my past, and my happiness is not a dependent. I believe the Lord has given me a warrior's heart. He asked me to share so that it might encourage others with scars.





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When They Asked Jesus

By Kathy Mote



When they asked Jesus to say the prayer at the Passover feast, He stood up and said, I am the Passover Lamb. Eat my flesh, drink my blood. Every single person there got up and left. The only ones who stayed were those He had personally called to walk intimately with Him.


The Lord said that it will be the same today as He strips religion away and things get real. For now, all those who do not know Him intimately are feeling repelled and walking away. He will gather them all by the time He is done.






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You Know

By Kathy Mote



You know what just kills? We ask each other for prayer before we stand before the One that saves us and loves us and fills us and heals us... ...wonder what HE thinks of that.





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Most People Limit Their Understanding

By Kathy Mote



Most people limit their understanding of God by what can fit in their own heart. They decide what He will say or do based on what they can understand, what they choose and what they allow. That's why they don't see Him. They refuse to call Him Lord and bow before Him as LORD. I'll give you one example, so I will not be misunderstood.


Most people think the devil is a mess the Lord is frantically battling to clean up. he's not. When Lucifer rebelled against God, God threw him at Eve's feet, right there in the garden He had put her in. This is hard to accept without knowing God's purpose in it.


There were other places God could have thrown the fallen one who rose up against Him, but this was God's plan for him and that's what He told him. He said, You will bring all of creation to its knees to worship Me. Satan is doing a bang up job.


God's will for His creation is that we would come to know our need of Him, accept Him and be cleansed of all unrighteousness which is being without Him. He is filling us with all the desires of His heart, brought into a relationship that befitted one who is the expression of His love. He is creating His heart in us.


He created us, then gave us the promise of being filled. Did we trust Him and leave His promise to Him to fulfill? Nope. We wrote all of His promises down and kept a record of them. Then we tried to fulfill our understanding of what we thought He meant, making a religion out of it.


Being filled with the Holy Spirit is not the end of the promise, it is the beginning of it. His Spirit, the wind of His breath breathed into us, was given to us to lead us to Him. Most don't wait for Him to speak to them. But how will we commune with Him if we haven't heard Him, and isn't communion giving our heart to Him? This is what He is doing in us.


It is by His Spirit in us that we learn to listen to Him. It is in His communion with us that He reveals His heart and we are healed in His presence. This is Life, and it is His to give. It is anti Christ (not trusting Him) to think we can be what only He can impart without bowing to Him.


Let me say that again. We do not fulfill His promise of Life by repeating what we know of it. His promise is His to fulfill as He brings us to our Father's heart and our Father's heart to us. We are not leading Him. It is time to realize His desire for us and depend on Him.





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Whether You Can See How This Works

By Kathy Mote



Whether you can see how this works or not, all authority belongs to the Lord, and He is exposing all the evil in the world. He is exposing the resident evil's desire to rule, and He is exposing what that resident evil has pressed on every heart that is without Him.


Do not mistake what you are seeing today. Do not allow your heart to be dismayed. The Lord isn't following the devil around in a great battle for authority in the Earth, the devil is fighting to hold onto authority he doesn't have!


In the Lord's presence you will know everything answers to Him. Everything works according to His will. This is upper echelon stuff, to know God's heart and agenda to clarify every heart in the Earth.


Would you be surprised to know that every evil is made to serve His will? His agenda is to perfect every heart that is in all of His creation and bring it to Him. As you stand in His presence, your heart will not be shaken as He does His thing! Be blessed as you remain hidden under His wing.





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The Lord Has Been Impressing

By Kathy Mote



The Lord has been impressing something on my heart, and I need to say this with love. It needs to be heard responsibly and considered with respect, not taken as a rebuke, but as a thought provoking reality check.


Social media is not your life. It was not intended to replace hearing God's voice in your own heart. So many search for what God said to someone else. Easier to read than spend time listening to Him in the quiet of your own heart.

This is not to rebuke, but to remind so many that He is our life and our life is lived in Him. The Lord showed me that we are surrounded by what is so easily changed by Him!


In a vision, I looked down at my own feet. The world had shattered to bits of dirt and scattered in the wind, blowing all around me. I looked again and realized that under my feet was the only solid ground to stand on.


For days I saw this vision, not fully understanding the message that I was to share. Of course the whole world has gone nuts! It's hard not to be distracted by it! But to take our place in this important time in history is to stand in the presence of the Lord and flow in what He says. Life is not a spectator sport. Life is to be lived!


So I would like to encourage all who read this to stand before the Lord, to be safe and secure in their own guarded heart as they look to Him to hear His voice. He, not social media with its thousands of voices, is our Life.




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You Don’t Know

By Kathy Mote


You don't know what something is like until you experience it for yourself.


 Childbirth, for instance, is something you know nothing about until you are on the table yourself. Earthquakes are another unimaginable phenomenon impossible to describe. Until you experience one, what you read about them is useless information. Fresh air and good health isn't something you can describe adequately enough to someone else. They have to experience it to know what it's like.


It is the same with the promises of God as Christ moves in you to fulfill them. You can't imagine what it will be like until He is done. It is hard to describe Life. When He said I will shake everything that can be shaken, you didn't realize that He took decades to prepare His own children to not be shaken.


That is what all the surrender has been for, to bring us into His presence to bow before Him and to know His love. Now we can begin to look back at what He has done and see just how His love works. He's tough. He doesn't relent. And He leaves no promise unfulfilled. He absolutely brings God's will to pass in us.


The humble heart that He taught you to have in your intimacy with Him is how you will remain in His presence unshaken as He shakes all things. This is also what will keep you humble as He lavishly provides in abundance for you. He said the world will see what He has given you and hate you for it. That is how completely He will provide for you as He lavishes His care upon you.


He told me that many right now are out there, shaking their fist, caught up in what is happening instead of seeking Him. This is not so of the humble who stand before Him. There is so much more to come, we cannot imagine it. He tells us so little because it is useless information compared to the trust in our heart that keeps us in His presence.

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