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By Ron McGatlin





If you are like most of the created human beings alive in this world today, deep within your heart there is an underlying need or desire to connect with the reality of God and His intentions, design, and purpose for all creation, including this world, your personal life, and how you fit into the universal and personal work on earth of Almighty God the Father of all.


Personally, I can remember as a young teen seriously wondering what this life was about.


There seemed no worthwhile purpose or reason for it that I could see. I saw all of the work, work, work to have the things of life.


There was also great concern and fear regarding the reality of World War II at that time. Dads and uncles were volunteering or drafted into the Armed Services to fight, and many to die or come back home a changed person, crippled physically or emotionally and unable to be as they were before.


Most everything was in short supply. Women left the home and went to work in factories making war equipment, supplies, and other goods needed for life. Mothers, wives, and grown daughters went to work filling the vacancy caused by lack of men to do the work. Lives changed on many fronts and never went back to the way it was.


Even my thoughts of getting my own car, and getting out of school to get married and have a family became somewhat empty and meaningless. Why grow up and work so hard and endure the fears and hardships of life and war? All of that just to grow old and die or become too broken or too tired to work anymore? All of this so that your kids could grow up and do all the same meaningless hard things over and over again through the generations.


In my mind, selfish pleasure seeking became the only reasonable thing for which to live. Wild driving, taking chances at dangerous things, and satisfying my physical appetites felt good for a moment and just might end my life is such a way that I would not have to commit suicide and upset my mom. This seemed like it was probably the best way to break the meaningless cycle of life.




It was a life-changing, heart-breaking shock when suddenly the love of God for me broke down all my old thoughts about life. To hear that someone LOVED ME so much that He willingly died for me changed me. In a moment of time, light entered my world and everything became new in the light of His love.


Oh, yes, I was far from being cleaned up and far from having a renewed mind or a healed heart, but I had met love and everything was changed or changing in the light of God’s love.


There was life and a reason for living!


The burning desire of my life quickly became to see everyone find this wonderful light and understand that life was all about this being born again.


It was many years and many up and down experiences before the next big question appeared and called for an answer.




If life was all about getting born again or saved to go to heaven when we died, then why remain on earth? Oh, my, here is the old question again. What is life all about now when I am ready for heaven? The answer that was given to me from religion made no real sense. It was to get everybody else saved.


Well, if our purpose was to get others saved, then what was their purpose on earth. There had to be more!


Many troubling up and down successes and disasters later, I was again desperate for the “more” in this life.




My eyes and ears began to see and hear in the Spirit realm. I became changed again as Holy Spirit saturated my inner being with Spirit life in a whole new way and opened a whole new realm. Immersed and saturated with the Holy Spirit of God brought even more pure holy love and power and wisdom for this life now.


This was another life-changing, heart-breaking shock as the supernatural begin to be open to me. Demonic work by spirits of evil became visible to me that were affecting my own life and the world. Even the church was infected by the work of deceiving demonic forces.


I was awakened to the power of the love of God to stop the works of darkness and to assist people to find the power of Spirit God within them to destroy the works of darkness with the power of His light and love. Deliverance from the evil destructive and deceptive works of Satan and his demons became a reality in my life purpose.


The next part of this revelation involved appropriating the work of Jesus to heal the wounds that the enemy had inflicted on my heart and life, and then assisting others in appropriating the healing of Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit for their wounded hearts, minds, and bodies. So, this became for a season the purpose for my life. But beyond this there was more to come.


Beyond this salvation of deliverance and healing of spirit, soul, and body is the greater real purpose for this life now on earth.




Each of these different parts may have seemed at the time to be the primary purpose for our lives. And, indeed, these along with all other works of meeting the needs of mankind are a part of the work of God on earth. However, these are all only preparatory or supportive works for our becoming fit to accomplish the true purpose of God for all mankind on Planet Earth. We are to be saved, delivered, healed, filled with Holy Spirit, and made whole for a purpose: the universal purpose of God for all humanity.




Dear friends, from the beginning to the end, life is all about the kingdom of God from heaven on earth bringing God’s perfect order in this world through our intimate communing in pure holy love with God. Thus producing the GLORY of God on earth.


We each have a part in bringing forth God’s perfect order on earth. All of the many parts fit together to provide the needs of all creation on Planet Earth.


Every breath of life, every word spoken, and every work of our lives fits together in bringing forth the reality of the rule and reign of the King and His kingdom from heaven into this world to the GLORY OF GOD!




God’s perfect order is perfect alignment with His universal creational law. Perfect alignment with God’s creational law provides and assures perfect provision, peace, righteousness, and joy to mankind and all creation on earth.


The term “creational law” of God does not refer to “do and don’t do” rules. It is the universal laws of all that exists in all creation, such as the law of gravity for example.


Creational or universal law is the same for everyone and everything in creation. They are fixed by God from creation and only God can change them.


Men may refer to God’s creational law as laws of nature or science. Scientists study the effects of these laws in an effort to align with them to bring better or more successful life. The big problem with that is that natural unredeemed man does not have all understanding of all that is involved in the creational law. Therefore, he often comes up short and sometimes creates damaging imbalances in creation.


Natural intelligent human beings have an increasing but always limited understanding of how to work with creational law. In addition, there are other laws of God’s creation of which natural fallen human beings have no understanding at all. These may be called mysteries or mystery laws.




There are spirit laws that are unseen to natural man and only spiritually discerned. They are spiritually discerned and do not appear to exist to the natural person who is without the Spirit of God abiding within. (1 Corinthians Chapter 2).


God, who created all of the universal creational laws, is the only one who can bring perfect alignment with all creational laws including the spirit mystery laws.




God created mankind in Adam in perfect order as His created son to commune with Him and have dominion rule in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve were to be fruitful and multiply to fill the whole earth with the Garden of Eden, the perfect alignment with God’s creational law. God was daily available to guide and instruct them in His way of heavenly life on earth.


Jesus, the second and last Adam, came to redeem, restore, and produce the perfect order by love and intimacy of abiding within mankind instead of just daily as He was with Adam.


God in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit now indwells His mature sons and daughters to regain the dominion rule of love on earth. The better arrangement or covenant is Christ in us filling mankind with all that is needed to walk in perfect order of alignment with the laws of creation. Walking in perfect alignment we enjoy perfect success in this life bringing forth the kingdom of God to the GLORY OF GOD!


Spirit God creator of all in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit is the grace empowerment of perfect love in us producing perfect alignment with the love and law of creation from heaven on earth.


The kingdoms of this world are becoming the kingdoms of our God. The kingdom of God is established by the work of King Jesus the Savior and Lord now alive in His Body the true “Ekklesia” church of the first born. (Hebrews 12:22-28) (Romans 8: 9-11, 14, 19)


Christ Jesus is manifesting in many sons and daughters on earth to transform the world to “as it is in heaven.” (Hebrews 2:10) (Matthew 6:10).


Life is all about God, His kingdom, and His GLORY!


By Ron McGatlin



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10.11 | 06:23

Yes beloved . . . of course it is!!!!! Today! Yesterday and Forever!!!!!

08.11 | 09:41

Amen, I receive it in the Almighty Name of Jesus for family, friends, neighbor's, people in our lives, and myself according to Gods will. Amen

08.11 | 08:11

I see the date on this is May 31, 2016. Does it still apply to today? This is just so beautiful.

06.10 | 06:30

Awesome prayer for supreme court justice . . .

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