If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

the Life God Promised Us . . .


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The Life God Promised Us

By Kathy Mote



The Life God promised us in the Bible speaks of Christ bringing us into in God's presence. The knowledge of that won't fit in our head. That's not how we receive and it doesn't belong there. Our heart being welcomed and embraced in the heart of our Father cannot be imagined. To receive and be received, we open our heart to Jesus, and trust Him.




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In A Vision

By Kathy Mote




In a vision I had been given a message that would knock the wind out of the 'say it and claim it' movement, a carnally minded teaching we have all heard to death. We don't bring His Word to pass, He brings His Word to pass. I walked up to a dragon to deliver it, but something about the dragon caught my heart.

I noticed the dragon was beautiful. Each of its scales were made of a perfect pearl perfectly cut in half! The dragon laid on its stomach, its heart broken. It was no longer able to fly as it once did.


Dragons are fire breathers and fire talkers, but not fire walkers. Their hearts do not burn for Him. They have not been cleansed in the fire they speak of. They are not surrendered to Him. They fly over things breathing fire to consume them. They interfere with the Lord's work in people's hearts.


They dishonor what He does in the Earth. They interrupt Him, and disregard His Lordship over all things, especially in their own heart. They do not honor Him in their life. But dragons don't see it like this. They think they are declaring God's Word. That is because they don't see Him. God's Word for us is Jesus Christ, and we are to trust Him with all our heart.


My heart was broken for the dragon as I saw a tear slide from its eye. I heard my Father call me, and as I turned to run to Him to obey Him, He scooped me into His arms to turn me aside. He said, “The dragon's heart is broken, but I will change the dragon's heart and reframe its mind.”


There comes a revelation never seen before. It will not be our carnal version imitating the power of God, ordering the devil about and declaring things we know nothing of. He will be quite the phenomenon as He is present to change us. But one thing we need to remember, HE is the Lord of all He does. It is by His presence that He will change us. He said we cannot imagine it, but we haven't seen it yet.




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The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said, The key to receiving eternal Life is trusting Him. The key to walking in all things eternal is trusting Him. We receive HIM by trusting Him. What unlocks our heart is trusting Him. The way to be brought into our Father's arms is to trust Him. He is perfecting our heart as we trust Him. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He is the Light in our heart. We respond to Him by trusting Him.


We don't carry the burden of our heart alone, He does as we trust Him. To trust Him is to lean into, rely on, fall upon and depend on Him to carry you through. Oh, yes, Lord, we trust You!


Art by Elisabeth Ladwig



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Some Of Us Cry Often

By Kathy Mote



Some of us cry often, and some of us cry a lot. We think it's God's presence we are feeling, and it is. But it is also something else, and the Lord asked me to share. The reason we cry is we are feeling His desire to bring us home to Him. We are homesick for Him.


Feeling His presence teaches us to stay with Him, our minds and hearts stayed on Him. It teaches us to listen to Him. It is His Spirit in us, leading us to Him, making our heart sensitive to Him.




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The Lord Chose

By Kathy Mote



The Lord chose this picture to make a point. He said, The day is coming when people will be shocked at the Truth He will reveal. We haven't been given the power to bring His promises to pass and we don't walk in any promise in our flesh. We have been given the choice to say yes to Him and enter in. Like all of the promises He alone can fulfill, they only happen as He brings all things to Him. This may come as the biggest challenge yet, but you trust Him like a child and let Him do the rest!


Art by Elisabeth Ladwig



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True Honesty

By Kathy Mote



True honesty is very rare these days. You don't see much of it in people's hearts. True honesty is defined as honoring the Lord's heart toward His possessions and not touching them, using them or taking them for your own glory. There is pure and unadulterated freedom in the heart that honors Him. In that heart, He is Lord of all. Everything belongs to Him.


Art by Shawna Erback




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By Kathy Mote



Something He has been saying to me for days.



Beloved, if you are going to be a living epistle of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, you are going to make all the religious people mad. You are going to challenge their tightly controlled definition of the living God they have managed to squeeze into a space the size of a book of matches.


Your very existence frightens them and makes the devil mad. Considering you have spent your entire life on the battlefield, think what dancing across it in the arms of your Beloved will do? This is what you have been prepared for, so I dare say, in His arms you will hardly notice how angry the devil is at you.

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Yes beloved . . . of course it is!!!!! Today! Yesterday and Forever!!!!!

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Amen, I receive it in the Almighty Name of Jesus for family, friends, neighbor's, people in our lives, and myself according to Gods will. Amen

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I see the date on this is May 31, 2016. Does it still apply to today? This is just so beautiful.

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Awesome prayer for supreme court justice . . .

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