If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

When you read the Bible . . .

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When You Read The Bible

By Kathy Mote



When you read the Bible, you're not reading about people who read about Him, or studied Him. You are reading about people who heard His voice. They heard Him and they answered Him, and interacting with Him, they obeyed Him and gave Him their lives. This is what He wants for you and more.


The point of all He has said and done is to bring you to Him that you would know Him, hear His voice, give Him your heart in response and know His love, which heals you and transforms your life. He is the living God and He calls you to Him. By His powerful, healing presence, He is removing every shred of religion from your mind. He said, I am freeing My Bride.


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God Never Intended

By Kathy Mote



God never intended us to walk with the scriptures, He intended us to walk with Him. When you read the Bible, don't stop there, look to Him. Look to Him to fulfill His promises written in it. Every promise speaks of the Life in Him. All that is written is supposed to lead you to Him. He fulfills His promises in you.


The scriptures are fulfilled as He brings you to Him. He does this by His presence, and by you knowing Him. So don't stop at reading about Him. The Life you read about is the Life He is giving you. That Life is in Him.



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So Jesus Crushed The Serpents Head

By Kathy Mote



So Jesus crushed the serpents head, which is a way to say Jesus took all authority over you away from him. That sly one, the one who lies and deceives, has no power over you. He can no longer trick you, or deceive you because of what Jesus did.


But how we walk in our freedom from the devil's grip is to walk with the Lord instead. It's not a matter of knowing we are free, it's a matter of being free, walking in the Lord's presence, your heart open to hear His voice. This is not a matter of religion, or opinion, or outward appearance. This is not the letter of the law, it is the way of God's heart! This is His Life, and He has brought it into you as He brought you to Him!


This morning the Lord said we would have a much richer and more abundant life if we would interact with HIM, instead of everyone else. I saw what He meant. He is not somewhere else as we pray to Him. He is in our heart, hearing the echo of every breath we breathe. As we turn to Him, we are in His embrace, and we will hear the echo of every word He speaks to us. His love heals!


His love for us is why He gave up His life to take our place. There will never be a more personal invitation to be in His arms to know His love, or a more obvious expression of how He feels. He calls you to know His heart and that is obvious, because He poured it out! Turning your heart to Him in every moment is how to live an abundant Life.


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Reading That Jesus Saved

By Kathy Mote




Reading that Jesus saved your life is not the same as living in His presence, which is how.





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Now Is The Time To Fall In Love

By Kathy Mote



Now is the time to fall in love with your Savior. It will end all warfare to be in His embrace. In His arms you will be the safest, hidden from all else. It is where you will hear His voice, and know His will. It is where you will see His face. Knowing His love for you fills you with fearless courage. In His arms you will be confident in Him. His love overcomes all.


In His arms arms nothing will take you from Him. His love settles every argument. His love settles your heart. It shuts the mouths of your accusers, dismantling what takes you out of His will. It is time to fall in love with your Savior, and know His endless love for you.


Painting by Mark Spain



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The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote


The Lord said our thinking isn't big enough to see all of Him. We know nothing that is not revealed. Then He shared something with me that totally convinced me of what He meant.


He said everyone that was ever born, all those who lived and died in the Earth, are resting on the palm of His hand, waiting for Him to finish what He started when He said, Let there be light. From the beginning, He had it all planned.

He said we each have our time on the Earth to learn to walk with Him. He said that the last generation will see His face, and as He finishes creating His image in them, the first generation will be raised to receive the fullness of Him as well. He said that is what He meant when He said the first shall be last and the last shall be first...to receive the fullness of Him. That is what all of creation is groaning for.


He said we would see the Truth when we saw Him. Many of the things we think we understand will be revealed. We don't understand because the Truth of all that He is doing has been hidden in plain sight.


The reason is the whole point of our time on the Earth isn't to know WHY He created us, but to know HIM. We are His Beloved, and we are called to return to His heart. We cannot imagine the depths of His love for us, but today we can know we are the workmanship of His hands.


That scripture is one example. We have been quoting it not knowing what it meant. Every scripture is relevant to HIM and what He is doing to establish His image in our hearts as we learn to trust Him in our time on the Earth.


Art by Shawna Erback





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I’d Like To Share

By Kathy Mote



I'd like to share what the Lord showed me about our ordered steps, those situations we think we bring upon ourself by poor choice. He made us as we are, knowing our limitations, and then He ordered our steps to make us as He desires. As we take those ordered steps, we learn important lessons, but more importantly, we become who He would like for us to be.


It is the combination of who we are when we are taking those ordered steps and what those steps lead to in our heart that brings His desire to bear in us. We often look back on our ordered steps not recognizing them for what they are. They are an important part of Him perfecting us, including the humility and repentance that is our response to what we thought was us 'messing up'.


The Lord has taken me back to many of my own 'ordered steps' and relieved my conscience of the poor image I had of myself. I wasn't messing up, I was being refined and sharpened into the person I now am as I lived the best I knew at the time. I could never have chosen the qualities He gave me as I took those ordered steps, but boy did I need the strength I gained as I did. That was the whole point.


We take so much on our own shoulders, not seeing Him or what He is doing in us. He told me that He is not finished with what He started when He said, Let there be light. He is creating His image in His beloved Bride as she comes to Him. All of us are a part of His Bride being raised in the Earth.





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