If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

I would like to share something . . .

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I Would Like To Share Something

By Kathy Mote



I would like to share something the Lord said to me. As I slept, He spoke to me, causing me to sleep fitfully. I remember every word He said. I also remember not wanting to share what He told me to say. I was afraid people would walk away.


He showed me the flaming chaos that is happening in the world, and He told me what is causing it. He is releasing His voice and His voice is being heard. It shakes the people who don't want to hear. Shakes them right down to their toes. It makes their blood boil. It also shakes the devil up, and no matter what it looks like, he is losing ground. That is what is causing the violence of his angry response.


I must admit, when I post I always hope for a good response. I want people to hear and be blessed. But my page is such a small place, much too small to change the world, as if that is even how it works. So this is what the Lord said to me. Stop looking for approval from anyone but Me. I release My Word and you obey. You say what I say. I move in every heart by My Spirit, not by your flesh. I release My Word into the Earth, and by My Spirit, every heart will hear that is called to hear. But there is more. I change the atmosphere of the world you are in.


So looking for people's response is not what I am called to do. Many have been trained all their life for this moment and are prepared for this. We have always been called to Him. It hasn't been pretty. It was no bed of roses for us as He raised us to obey Him. The Rose is inside us, and we do as He says.


He said, I uphold you by My right hand. That means when we say what He tells us to say, that is what He is doing in the Earth. He will release His Word and in all the world His voice will be heard. We do not look for agreement or even for people to understand until He is through. We agree with HIM as we stand before Him, and He will do what He says He will do.




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The Spirit Is Unseen

By Kathy Mote



The Spirit is unseen, but you can hear Him as He speaks to you. You can feel the comfort He gives you. God is Spirit and we are flesh. Our minds were meant to process the carnal realm, but our hearts were meant to hear His voice and turn to Him. He made us as we are that He might establish our trust in Him. He speaks to our heart and brings us closer to Him. Trust doesn't seem like a leap of faith when you hear His voice. It doesn't take great courage to be loved and pay attention.




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Carnal People With Carnal Minds

By Kathy Mote




Carnal people with carnal minds will always lean toward carnal thought and cling to it. Being carnal, their comfort zone is what they can understand. They understand nothing but their own choice not to hear.


But those who are called to stand before God's throne are being filled with His perfect Word as they hear Him. The power that moves in them will not be denied by anyone. Everyone will see what He has done when He is done.


Though they are few, they will not be moved from Him. What matters to them is the Lord and what He says to them. He is God's Word, sent to heal them.




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We Do No Declare

By Kathy Mote



We do not declare the will and the power of God, He does as we obey His voice. Those of us who have seen His will are humbled in His presence in the face of all He does. He is bringing His will to Earth. The humility He worked in us will keep us safely hidden in our place as things heat up. In His presence humility will become courage as things begin to shake.


But for many, that's not what they want to hear. They want details of what will happen next. But the Lord is establishing His presence in the hearts that stand before Him. Trust in Him is all they need. They are protected by perfect peace. The deeper His presence is established in their heart, the deeper their trust and the farther they are from doubt.




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The Wisest Prayer Your Heart Could Pray

By Kathy Mote



The wisest prayer your heart could pray is to thank Him for doing in you what He has always desired to do. He is filling your imperfect heart with the desires of His heart to make you perfect for Him.


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All Things Will Go His Way

By Kathy Mote



All things will go His way. All things will be made to honor Him, and they will do so in His timing. We who belong to Him are free from the cares of this life and that includes fear of what is happening. We have no war within us as we belong to Him. Our deep commitment to Him as we honor His will exempts us from many things, such as worry over what He does with all of His creation.


And though it grieves and shocks us to watch the devil's ceaseless rebellion as he voices his resentment, in the end, all of God's creation will honor Him. We can count on it. I think I know the core of the devil's problem. The Lord said his name means no one.




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An Elderly Gentleman

By Kathy Mote



An elderly gentleman gave my daughter yellow roses yesterday. They were a beautiful thank you for helping him. She brought them home where we trimmed the stems and put them in vases with fresh water.


But it's winter and we have the heat on in our home. By morning they had aged more than they would have if we were running the air conditioning. I hadn't thought of putting them in the refrigerator.


This morning when I got up, I was disappointed in their appearance. As I wondered at how they had aged, the Lord said, “They were mature roses, and they are declining, as everything is meant to do when their time is done.”


Nothing lasts forever, and that includes our flesh. It wasn't meant to. This is not something we like to think about, and it isn't something we enjoy experiencing, either!


The state of my own body is something the Lord keeps telling me not to worry about. I surrender every detail as I stand before Him, and here I stand, able to talk about it. I think this life was given to us to surrender to Him that we might learn to live in His presence, not to love and hang onto with the fear of losing it.


When we surrender to Him all things physical, the Lord holds us up in the palm of His hand, and we remain in our place as He desires for us to. This is an aspect of life abundant, that in His presence we are always well provided for. He once told me that the stars also obey Him, and that physically, they have little reason to stay in their place beyond being obedient to Him.


There is justice shown to all things that belong to Him, and that justice looks like mercy because of His nature. He is good, and He makes all things right with Him. We are as we are as we trust in Him, and thus will it ever be as we remain with Him.





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Kathy Mote is back on Facebook!

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I am blessed to find you dear sister ✝️💜 ... God moving more beautifully and powerfully than ever through your writings ... thinking of you

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Overflowing with thanks to our Papa to receive a full belly and a glass of cold water from Him through my sister's heart and words.

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Yes beloved . . . of course it is!!!!! Today! Yesterday and Forever!!!!!

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