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Our Walk with the Lord . . .

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Our Walk With The Lord

By Kathy Mote



Our walk with the Lord is not the sum of what we say, what we do, what we believe, what we receive and what scriptures we read and stand on. These things are what we do, and they have not proven to be powerful, they are striving outside His presence.


Our walk with the Lord is our relationship with Him. He is present as He draws us close to Him, and our hearts are humbled as we enter. What we say and what we do, what we believe and what we receive is our response to Him. In our relationship with Him, our response to Him is in His presence.


The flesh you are in is not naturally aware of Him, because He is Spirit. He is heard and felt in your heart by His Spirit. You open your heart to receive Him as He speaks to you. You actually surrender your carnal thinking when you hear Him. What I am saying is your heart is not ignorant of Him and your flesh does not dictate how you walk with Him. You hear Him in your heart and you respond to Him.


The Lord is teaching us to respond directly to Him instead of trying to initiate what we imagine relationship should be in our carnal thinking out of ignorance. Our carnal thinking doesn't lead us to Him, His Spirit does. So we open our heart to Him.


The Lord said even among the Spirit filled, carnal thinking is rampant and many walk in it instead of surrendering their heart to Him. He is intent on changing that, and He is calling them into His presence. He is pressing their heart to feel the weight of His presence and this is to help their posture as they enter. They will respond to Him as He changes them.


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It Is The Lord Drawing Us Close

By Kathy Mote



It is the Lord drawing us close to Him that causes our heart to yearn for Him. It is His love for us that heals how we see ourself. It is His presence that brings us out of uncertainty and darkness into the comfort of His Light. We are home when we see Him.


We are seated on the palm of His mighty hand. Is it so wild to think this life is merely our turn on the potter's wheel? Is it so 'out there' to realize we are being created in His image? The ceiling on our carnal thinking stops us from seeing the unseen.


If we are still being created in His image and He's not done with us individually or all together as a race, what of all the other trillions of people who have lived before us? Where are they and how do they fit into this? He told me they are seated on the palm of His hand, and they are waiting for us to have our turn to grow and walk with Him.


He said the first of all His creation shall be last to receive the fullness of Him and the last generation before He comes shall be the first to receive. Then all will be raised together when He is done. We will all be raised and gathered to Him. I imagine that's the cloud of witnesses He speaks of.


This revelation will blow carnal thinking out of the water on several counts. He is not a religion we were meant to follow. We were meant to know and be changed by Him. We are not the work of our own hands, we are the work of His hands.


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The Lord Taught Me

By Kathy Mote



The Lord taught me about having an established heart and I would like to share. This is a bond felt deep in your heart as He draws you close to Him. He shows you a measure of His love for you, and that love heals your heart. He teaches you to remain in His presence and choose His love above all things. You rise to it, and it rises in you. You live up to it as it teaches you of Him.


This is how He teaches you to walk with Him as you give your heart to Him. It changes your life to be in His presence. Your response is to honor Him as He reveals your place in Him. This is being established in Him. It is His heart living in you, and your heart living in Him.



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Today I Went Out Into The Deep Snow

By Kathy Mote



Today I went out into the deep snow to get groceries. Something happened when I was out that I would like to share. On my way back out to my truck with a full cart, the Lord yelled at me, COVER YOUR MOUTH AND NOSE, in an urgent tone. I wondered why He would say that (I was too slow to stop and do as He said), but parked next to me was an old car that was running and spewing HORRIBLE fumes!


I walked through them and I immediately remembered that smell. I had gotten very sick from it before. I almost cried. I was so sorry for not paying closer attention to what He said. I unloaded my groceries into the back of my truck, and as I got behind the wheel, I asked Him to heal me as if I had obeyed. Before I was even done pouring out my heart, the heaviness in my lungs and chest left me.


He takes care of us no matter what situation we are in and He knows our heart. What He deals with is our rebellion. Our protection and provision is not contingent upon our performance as much as it is dependent upon His love for us as we depend on Him. He recently taught me that He knows where our heart is and what we need to grow up before Him.


He knows what we need to remain in His presence once He brings us there to hear Him! He also knows what correction we need. Just when I think I have an understanding of His love, He shows me I know almost nothing of the depth of it or how it will affect my heart. All who are finding your way in His heart, be blessed as He holds you in His arms.


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The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said that if everyone waited to hear His voice before they spoke and then said what He said, they would reflect His heart in the Earth. The world would be filled with the beautiful sound of His heart. But that's the point of all He is doing in us. That is how His will comes to Earth that the Earth would bear fruit. He isn't trying to win the Earth, what He wants is us.



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The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said, “I will make rivers flow in the desert.” But what does He mean by that? I see dry and thirsty people hearing His voice. I see that He will prosper the barren of the Earth. I see rivers flowing into them, making the once unfruitful blossom with new Life. He will gather them to Him. He told me living waters would flow, and I saw them flowing from Heaven in mid air without banks.




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To Obey Him In A World

By Kathy Mote



To obey Him in a world that is being shaken is to have a courageous heart. You do not speak to make a safe place for yourself. You speak to obey Him as He shakes the world. The Lord said there will be no martyrs when His mighty works are seen. There will be no arguing the glory that will be revealed.


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