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"A Word for New Zealand:

Rise Up Warriors and Peacemakers!"

By Nathan Shaw



New Zealand has two foundational callings...both that of a warrior and a peacemaker. These two foundational callings complement and enhance each other. In fact, one without the other causes the nation to drift from God's purposes—something satan works overtime to accomplish.


It might seem like a contradiction, but true warriors are peacemakers. There is a huge difference between being contentious or rebellious and being a warrior. Warriors are motivated by larger causes that keep them from engaging in contentions that go no where.


There is also a huge difference between being a peacemaker and keeping the peace. Jesus said, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God" (Matthew 5:9). But let's not forget the statement that follows: "Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven" (Matthew 5:10). Peacemakers represent a righteous Kingdom and because of this, they frequently endure persecution (Matthew 5:10-12).  


But Jesus still wasn't finished. Almost without taking a breath, He went on to say: Be salt and light on the earth (see Matthew 5:13-16)! We are to engage the world around us in ways that bring transformation and change. Peacemakers are warriors and warriors are peacemakers!


God Is Raising Up Voices to Penetrate the Fog


An effective warrior must know what the battle is about, why it is important and where the battle lines are. The spirit of political correctness blurs lines and boundaries until it is no longer clear that there even is a battle. Perception becomes dulled. Discernment becomes confused, vague and even non-existent. Like John the Baptist crying out in the wilderness, God is raising up voices that will penetrate through this fog. Many will resist these voices, but as they continue to speak, ears will be opened and hearts will respond.


The Church of Aotearoa is called to awaken the nation to be everything she is called to be and do everything she is called to do. Once the Church is awakened and energized, she will become a prophetic model and an unapologetic voice.


A New Mandate Is Coming from the East


Throughout New Zealand's history, specific mandates have come forth from the Church. They have come from the north, the south, the east and the west. A new mandate is coming from the east. It will carry God's glory and God's heart. It will resound with the war cry of our warrior King. It will bring healing, reconciliation, restoration and transformation.


Every previous mandate has been but a precursor and brought only a limited measure. This mandate will bring fruition to multitudes of seeds sown throughout our history. Other nations will cry out for what we have. Warriors and peacemakers will be seeded into nations ravaged by the destructive forces of satan's hordes. New Zealand's geographic isolation was God's doing. He set the land apart for His purposes. It's time to recognize our uniqueness and our unique position among the nations.  


Tuning in to the Sound of Prophetic Destiny


A sound resonates within and over the physical land of Aotearoa. The sound also resonates within and over the people of Aotearoa. It is the sound of prophetic destiny. Are our ears tuned to its frequency, or have we been dulled by the spirit of political correctness until we no longer have a contrary voice?


Warriors, arise! Peacemakers, release the cry of Heaven! The Lord of Hosts stands ready and at attention. We must not back off from our call. It is both strategic and radical. As one prophet has already said about New Zealand, "Her greatest enemy is apathy. Her greatest strength is zeal." As we enlist in this ultimate cause we can be assured that the God of peace will soon crush satan under our feet (Romans 16:20).




By Nathan Shaw

Heart of David Ministries

Email: fireanddestiny@slingshot.co.nz

Website: www.heartofdavidministries.org






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