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"The Promised Revival"

By Cheryl Amabile with Charlie Shamp, Dutch Sheets and More



Shortly after the elections, while we were focused intently in prayer for the nation, Chris Berglund had a remarkable dream. In his dream, we were shooting arrows throughout the land and people were catching them. Wherever they were caught, the arrows became pencils. Each person who caught a pencil would then write out a statement. The statements all said something to the effect of: "Seymour's 100-year prophecy is about to come to pass!"


William Seymour, known as the leader of the Azusa Street Revival, released a prophecy in 1909 as the revival was starting to wane. He declared that in about 100 years there would come another move of God that would make the Azusa Revival pale in comparison. This was quite a declaration from a man who had experienced the Shekinah glory of God, saw limbs grow back, tumors fall off, and countless people sent to the nations as carriers of the glory that God manifested there in Los Angeles at the turn of the century.


Not long after Chris' encouraging dream, we received word that Charlie Shamp of Destiny Encounters International had somewhat of a similar and profound encounter. Below is a transcript of Charlie sharing his dream in Wilkesboro, North Carolina.


Charlie Shamp's Dream


1/22/21 – Last night I had a vivid dream in which I was brought to a door of a church. It seemed like a very important place where revival had happened in the past. The door was closed tightly with a padlock keeping the door locked. It seemed that the door had not been opened for a very long time. Interestingly enough, the door was crystal clear. It was clear, like glass, but it couldn't be broken. You could see clearly inside that the glory of God was there. It was thick in this church.


I looked to my right and there was a man wildly rocking back and forth and weeping uncontrollably. I immediately recognized it was Lou Engle. When he saw me, he came over and hugged me and said, "You made it!" I looked at him and asked, "Where are we, Lou? What is this place?" Suddenly I knew we were standing in front of the door that Duncan Campbell had spoken of in his sermon "When God Stepped Down from Heaven."  


Lou looked at me and smiled and said, "You see it? You can hear it. This is the door of hope and it's about to open." Then he started crying again and he said, "Charlie, you didn't lose hope for America. We're going to live in the days of Awe of God in this country. We've been chosen by God to be door-keepers of awakening!"


He then handed me a nail and a hammer and said, "Stand here and continue to pray with me. When the door opens they will come and we must pierce every ear before they go through the door. Only those who are marked at the doorpost will enter in. This is the revival of the Bride."


I then woke up crying from the encounter and could still feel as though I was holding the hammer and the nail.


The Hebrides Revival


Our team was gripped by the exhilarating statement in Charlie's dream that "the door of hope" connected with Duncan Campbell and the Hebrides Revival "is about to open!"


This powerful move of God off the coast of Scotland in 1949-1952 was characterized by the fear of the Lord resting spontaneously upon entire regions, bringing conviction of sin and dramatic conversions. Men and women would fall into trances and be radically transformed by the depth of their revelation of God.


According to Campbell, the revival that swept through the Isle of Lewis and the surrounding islands was birthed through the prayers of two elderly sisters, Peggy and Christine Smith. These two women happen to be the great aunts of President Donald J. Trump. They were given a promise of Isaiah 44:3, which kept them praying until their faith became sight.


"For I will pour water on the thirsty land,

And streams on the dry ground;

I will pour out My Spirit on your offspring,

And My blessing on your descendants."

(Isaiah 44:3)


Gina Gholston's Dream – Shared by Dutch Sheets


On the heels of Charlie Shamp's dream, we were stunned to hear of another confirming encounter through Dutch Sheets' Give Him 15 prayer devotional on February 10, 2021. Dutch shared a detailed account of a dream by Gina Gholston which is summarized below:


On 2/2/21 Gina dreamed she was standing with a man she did not recognize and together they were observing the United States of America. She could feel a strong anointing emanating from this man, which caused her to have an indescribable hope for the nation. They watched together as eagles, like warplanes, were flying across the country and releasing arrows into the land. The eagles were dripping wet from wells of revival that had suddenly been uncapped and were gushing water once again. The water was flammable, so everywhere the eagles flew they caused fires of revival to burst forth. Before long, it seemed as though all of America was burning with these holy fires.  


As the dream continued, the man, whom she noticed was speaking with a heavy accent, said to Gina, "This is how America will be saved! Do not doubt it! There is coming a sweeping move of the Spirit of God that will ignite America with the fire of His presence. This will bring a swift, undeniable awareness of God and an awakening."


At this point, the anointing and the presence of God was so overwhelming that Gina fell to her knees and wept uncontrollably. Then, just before waking, she looked up at the man who had been speaking to her and suddenly realized he was Duncan Campbell of the Hebrides Revival.


America, It's Time for the Fulfillment of Long-Standing Promises


When the Lord brings repetitive dreams like this it certainly gets our attention. We believe the message is clear: there is certainly hope for America and it's tied to the long-standing promises of a coming revival. The dreams suggest it is time for the fulfillment of those promises. We also believe it's time for prayer.


In Zechariah 10:1 the prophet wrote, "Ask the Lord for rain in the time of the latter rain..." Lou also said it to Charlie in his dream, "Stand here and continue to pray with me."


Let's Pray


• Let's pray that the glorious manifestation of the Holy Spirit that was experienced at Azusa Street, the Hebrides, and other great revivals would be poured out upon this generation (Joel 2:18, Isaiah 44:3-4).


• Pray for laborers, like Duncan Campbell and William Seymour, to be "ekballoed" (sent out) into our cities and towns (Matthew 9:38).


• Pray that the Lord would awaken His people and cause us to be wholly given to Him as bondslaves (Exodus 21:1-6, Romans 1:1).


• Pray that the Church would come into such an experiential knowledge of His presence that we will carry the Gospel of the Kingdom to the ends of the earth with healings, signs and wonders following (1 John 1:1-2, Mark 6:20).




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