If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

Christ's Return . . .

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Christ’s Return

By Kathy Mote



Christ's return isn't just Him coming to gather us and take us with Him, it's Him appearing to us (I want to say in us), and us coming together with Him. It's about us being prepared to receive Him, being filled with all the fullness of Him. We are coming to the moment when He will reveal we were created to be with Him.


*I would like to say that we cannot yet see and we do not yet understand that the point of our being created is to be IN Him. This is something we will not see until He is done.





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The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said, “Now you will see that everything is about the refinement of your heart. That is what your journey is for, to see Me, and nothing more. You will liken it to walking on water, to know there is Me, and nothing more.”




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In The Early Morning Hours

By Kathy Mote



In the early morning hours, the Lord spoke to me about the United States. He said many things, and I have shared most of them today. But there was a vision I have not shared.


In a vision, I saw golden oil flowing through the United States. It literally flowed through the streets. At first I thought it was gold.


The Lord said we will have a period of unprecedented peace and prosperity never seen before. It will literally change the entire world.


The Lord's purpose in this is to refine His Beloved's heart. It will be a final refining that will put the finishing touches on His Bride as she walks the Earth.

It is harder to stand before the Lord in extreme prosperity. It is easier by far to cling to Him for your every need when you have need. It is easier to keep a contrite heart during difficult times than it is in opulence.


During this time, many will not remain before Him. They will fall away, feeling no need to devote their heart to Him. What a temptation it is to be content. The only ones who will stay with Him are those who desire Him more than this life and the pleasures of this life. They are the fruit of the Earth and they are precious to His heart.




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There Is So Much

By Kathy Mote



There is so much we don't know about the times we are in. We know what we see, but whose agenda are we seeing play out. This is what most people don't understand. I asked the Lord about those who don't know what's going on. What will become of them? Will they not stand in their place in Him. He said there's no such thing. Where we are is in His hands. He is working in each of our hearts that we will know and trust Him.





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In A Time When Many Are Gathering

By Kathy Mote



In a time when many are gathering on the battlefield, there stands a remnant, few in number, separated, set apart from those set apart. In a vision I see them, standing together, straight and still. There is no murmuring among them, no complaining, and no tears will be shed for the price they paid to stand where they stand. They hear the battle raging, yet they stand still as they wait on Him, for His powerful presence is the secret weapon within them. In their hearts they know the battle will turn to a game when their Captain appears.



Many delights await them, but for now they stand quite still. The Lord Himself has taught them, there is no powerful force, no purpose and no delight above Him. There is a fog that surrounds them. It is a Heavenly veil. It shields, it covers, it holds them in their place and it protects them, but above all, it keeps them from seeing while their patience and courage are built. This is the Father's will, for if they could see what is set before them, their hearts would fail and melt.



Mighty warrior, child of God, such strength resides in your bosom, not even the devil can tell just what exploits the Lord will do as you are revealed in this world. But the enemy knows who you are, and a target was placed on your back. Living with this has led you to live a life of supernatural trust, and the Lord has given you supernatural wisdom and strength.



It is in this strength and courage that you stand in your place today, knowing without seeing, waiting on Him, you are convinced of only one thing-you wait on Him. You know first hand what your Father meant when He said, For such a time as this. That is your middle name, His is your First and your Last. You are only here for Him.



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