If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

To Truly Receive . . .


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To Truly Receive

By Kathy Mote



To truly receive the Lord's best for you is to accept what that is from His heart into your own, not the other way around.




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This Morning

By Kathy Mote



This morning the Lord said, “You are the victim of a smear campaign.” I can't imagine what He means, but it has brought me to my knees. I surrender what people think of me, but mostly I surrender what He does with me. Let His will come forth and be seen, first in my surrendered heart and then in the world around me. He will have His way in it.


The world persecuted Him and they will persecute those who hear Him. Those who don't hear Him resent those who do. They can't help it, it's like Joseph's coat being waved in their face as He refines their heart. I am not greater than my master as I follow Him. I do not feel like a victim. I am humbled and honored, instead.





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No One Persecutes A Lie

By Kathy Mote



No one persecutes a lie to keep it from taking root in people's hearts, because those same lies deceive them as well. No one rises up in anger to come against what is common to human thinking, even though it leads us away from Him. In the world, no one bothers to denigrate religion.


To act on what we think depends solely upon our opinion. But walking with Him depends on knowing Him and hearing Him, and opening our heart to Him as He speaks to us.


We embrace what He says because it heals our heart and we are changed as we are drawn into His presence. This is His work in us as we are made aware of Him and our hearts continue to follow after Him. Our knowledge of Him is our relationship with Him, and people who don't know Him find it hard to respect.


I am of the firm belief that at the core of every human heart is a struggle to be (or not to be) awakened to Him. I see people struggling with the fear of letting go of the dream they are in as they are being shaken. The root of their anger is a fear of Him and I have purposed in my heart to be more patient with them.


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When You Say What The Lord Is Saying

By Kathy Mote



When you say what the Lord is saying, you are obeying. He is moving and you are moving with Him as you hear Him. When you say what the Lord is saying, you are saying what He is doing. That is when you will see great change, for that is when He is moving.





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The More He Is The Sole Desire

By Kathy Mote



The more He is the sole desire of your heart, the more clearly you will hear Him. The more you prefer His company over what He called you to do for Him, the better you will fulfill your calling.


The more deeply you desire to know His heart, the more devoted you are to hearing Him. The more devoted you are, the closer you will be to becoming all He desires for you.


And here is the difference between sonship and religion. Sonship is your place in His heart, and this is what He teaches you to walk in. Religion is what you do without Him. It is the expression of what you think He thinks when you do not hear Him.





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By Kathy Mote



Today I laid down to take a nap, something I rarely do. As I drifted off, the Lord showed me something. Upon seeing it, I snapped awake again. In a vision, I saw people who were dead inside. They had dead faces, speaking from mouths that were rotten and decaying. The Lord said we would see people speaking with 'hoof in mouth' disease.


Like cattle, they would speak from the place they were walking. This is all they know, a dead teaching, and it leads to destruction. I didn't want to share, but the Lord sent me. Look and see. Man's thinking is not God's thinking.





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There Is Something

By Kathy Mote



There is something that He is about to reveal. Not just the knowledge of His plan for us individually, but the unveiling of the reality of it for all to see. He has shown me so many things that will come to pass. All He said will happen, I just don't know what order they will happen in!


Every time I try to put it in order that it be released, my Father says the words, Spoiler Alert. There are things I have been sent to say, but there is much more that He does not wish to be revealed. The reason? He is preparing our heart by building our trust. To know the future does not prepare your heart for it, Him ruling in your heart does.


One thing I have noticed is that He is Spirit and we tend to misunderstand the point of what He means. For instance, did you know that when He says rule, He doesn't mean the world, He means our heart?


When He shows us a throne with no one seated on it yet, that throne is the seat of our heart, and who is on it is who we adore and follow. He is Lord over us to gather us and He desires to be seated in us.


He doesn't mean for us to know the future, He means for us to know Him. He is knitting our hearts together with His and that is how the future He refers to will come to pass. By Him being in us and us being in Him.


Painting by Lincoln Seligman




There Is A Song

By Kathy Mote



There is a song by Chicago that the Lord has been singing to me. It plays in my mind in the background until I pay attention, and then the meaning of the words dance inside of me as He sings them to me. He is saying He will make it up to me, the life I have had to lead. After all that we've been through, He will make it up to me, He promises to.


Then the tempo changes to a lively beat. The brass section stands, and the music makes my heart race. He says when we get there, we will jump in the air. Hold on. I'm coming, dear!


For days this has been going on. He said there are people who should have loved me, but were used to train me instead. From my birth to my marriage and then beyond, my life has been in His hands, and His will has ruled over all, changing my life to suit Him. My heart is comforted. Having surrendered all to Him, I am healed as I stand in His presence. But His heart is not satisfied yet. He is not finished.


Painting by Vladimir Volegov






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