If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

I can no longer . . .

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I Can No Longer

By Kathy Mote



I can no longer tell my thoughts from His. I can only feel my heart racing toward Him. His breath flows through my veins, lifting me to Him. He said this is fellowship to Him.




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There Is A Bigger Part Of Me

By Kathy Mote



There is a bigger part of me that is no longer concerned with the world I am in. In His powerful presence is where I stand. My heart is better spent trusting in Him. I surrender this world as I stand before Him. He said that is the same as giving it to Him.




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What The Lord Is Teaching

By Kathy Mote



What the Lord is teaching you now gives you a devoted heart dedicated to Him. You will walk in peace when there are so many reasons to fear. You will rise on the battlefield where many will fall. You will stand and not falter at all. He is in the midst of your heart as you call Him Lord. He is all you see and all you will hear. Your dedication to Him is borne of His devotion to you. Look up. He comes for you.




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Our Father

By Kathy Mote



Our Father is against us treating the Bible as a religion. The Bible is a testament of His promise to send Christ to us. He promised that Christ would bring us to Him, perfectly filled with the fullness of Him, and Jesus alone fulfills that promise. By thinking we bring any promise of Life, protection or provision to pass by our own practice, we misunderstand the promise of Life in Him. By not trusting Him, we deny Him.


The way we receive the Life God promised is to trust Jesus to bring us to Him. You are brought into God's presence as you give your heart to Him, and you abide in Him as you trust Him.



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Our Hearts

By Kathy Mote



Our hearts were meant to know Him. That is why reading about Him isn't the same as knowing Him. That would be true of anyone, but it's especially true of Him. Hearing His voice heals us. Love that heals is only experienced face to face. That's why we call His gift relationship.







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Trust Past the Natural

By Yolanda Ballard



Don’t allow your heart to be troubled and be not dismayed, for The LORD knows every hair on your head and everything that you feel and experience in your life and He is there with you carrying it all so you don’t have to.


Cast all of your cares upon Him for He cares for you. He doesn’t want you to carry the load alone. Let go and allow God to take over your life. Allow Him to live His life through you.


Do not worry because He doesn’t worry for you have the mind of Christ. Don’t try to understand His Ways for they are so much higher than yours… too lofty for you to comprehend.


Just trust in what He allows and know that only good will follow you all the days of your life.


This is the day of the beginning of woes. Many will fall away because they don’t trust Him. Many will think that The LORD has left them because of what He allowed them to go through.


Out of desperation they cried out and it looked like He didn’t answer them. When you don’t understand His hand, know His heart is full of love and goodness for you.


Reach out and touch the hem of His garment and He will heal you and make wholeness out of your broken dreams and heart. Touch Him and He will bring peace where there is pain, joy where there is sorrow.


Trust Him to bring an abundance of life. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Follow Him and trust and He will never let you down.


Examine your heart to see what stands in your way to having perfect peace, trust, and joy for all of His promises are yours if you will only believe and receive them.




By Yolanda Ballard







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Trust The LORD’s Plan!

By Priscilla Van Sutphin



“Beloveds, over and over I have shown you that My Grace is sufficient and that I AM launching you as I come and transform My People in the Nations.


I AM is a rising in the earth, as many have prayed. Shove all doubt aside because I am not a man that I should lie, nor a son of man, that I should change My Mind.


I AM with you!


I AM in you!


I AM at hand and you WILL see The Glory of My Son arising with healing in His Wings. There is nothing whocan stop Me from My Plan, written about in all the ages.


My Spirit has shown you the way. He gives grace to walk in it IF You lean on Him and not your own understanding.


But without Faith, I’ve said it is impossible to please God, and unbelief has become strong, but KNOW that I will obliterate its roots in My People and the elect.


Many are called I said, but few are chosen. Listen for the sound of My still small Voice arising in your hearts.


What I tell you to say or do, do it. Do not hesitate. Just obey, for I intend to startle the unbelieving even more than you can imagine.


You will even be startled at what I do, so hold fast to the hem of My Garments beloveds! Many surprises are coming in the winds, rains, and shakings.


Men have built giant nests, caves, caverns, and fortresses in the earth, thinking to hide from my wrath when it comes upon the wicked. But nothing and no one can hide from Me, even as David said..


Wickedness will be uprooted and many who you thought would never change will be changed in a flash ! Be patient, even as the farmer has to be patient in growing his fruit and vegetables, awaiting maturation, so have I had to wait for much to change and for Father’s orders for when to intervene.


Do not lose heart beloveds, even though there have been many martyrs already. I AM arising with healing in My Wings.


Speak forth My Words and prophesy to the demons their end! Preach the good news, TESTIFY! For how will they know without a preacher?


Many are dying daily. You never know when that stranger or neighbor will depart without knowing Me.


Ask Me for the hows and ways to be a voice, if you are unsure how and what to do.


Trust Me to give you voice when you need it! Do not live in presumption either. Ask before you commit yourself to go somewhere.


Trust Me to lead you when I give you an urging to do something you are not used to! Let your heart rest in mine beloved‘s. Do what I lead you to do. Slow down enough to ask me, like a child depends on their parent.


The waves of My Glory are soon billowing and cresting over the Nations. Those who want Me more than their comforts will find Me washing over them with Joy inexpressible and overflowing!


I will wash away all the tiredness all the sickness, all infirmities and all the pain, all the anger and rejection, all impatience and all the generational hindrances and other wickedness trying to stop you from obedience to Me.


Many are unexpectant due to spirits of heaviness that have overtaken their thoughts and hearts from years of oppression, but My Grace will destroy the shackles, and you will arise resplendent with My Glory!”


By Priscilla Van Sutphin







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