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You Shall See the Hand of The LORD Move

By Kimberly Fuller




I heard The LORD say, “In a few short days, ye shall see My Hand move.


For I shall move mightily upon and through the land. I shall begin to expose and I shall undo all that has been done in opposition to My Will and My Purposes,”saith The LORD of Hosts.


“For the sighing of My People and the sighing of My little ones shall I move through this land with a vengeance and I shall take vengeance upon all those who have stood against Me and My Purposes in this earth.


My Hand is against those whom have done wickedly and whose heart is set against Me, who refuses to hear My Voice and humble themselves before Me.


For who shall stand against me in this day?” saith The LORD.


“Who shall be able to stand? And who shall stand in My Council and hear and understand My Word?


Who shall perceive that this is the hour of the vengeance of thy God and the time of recompenses has come.


Who is a wise one among you that can see, hear, and discern this time?”saith The LORD?


“Yes I have heard your cries and your please,” saith The LORD.


“I have heard them all and I AM come to deliver and set right the wrongs that have been committed against My People in this land and my little ones.


And I will set at nought all the devices of the wicked ones,” saith The LORD.


“I shall bring confusion to their camps and I shall bring forth a glorious victory for you My People,”saith The LORD, “My faithful ones.


“For I have seen the injustices that have taken place and the robbery and bribes they have taken thinking they would escape My Hand.


Hear the word of The LORD and know this ye wicked rulers that rule My People. No matter how well prepared you think you may have been I shall bring all your plans to nought,” saith The LORD.


“With just one sweep of my hand shall it all begin to unravel and come to nothing,” saith The LORD, “for I The LORD hath spoken.


For ye mortal men hath not power over me and my chosen ones for you have been foolish,” saith The LORD.


“And now your folly shall be seen and known all across this land and now shall My Justice come forth as the noon day. For even now if you will hear My Voice and repent I will have mercy upon thee but, you have set at nought all My Councils and reproofs and you have mocked me and you have mocked those I AM using to bring forth my purposes in this earth and shall I sit silent in your days for such things as these?


“Nay,” saith The Spirit, “I shall not at all sit idle and overlook the violence and perversions, the greed and the wickedness and even the bloodshed that have come from those who would stand to oppose Me and My People and My Purposes in this day,”saith The LORD.


“For the hour has come and it is now,” saith The LORD, “that I will being forth My Judgments and Vengeance against these ones,”saith The LORD.


“I myself will be a swift witness against them and My Voice shall utterly roar across this land and it shall go forth with all power from My chosen ones and I shall perform all My Pleasure and all My Heart, and ye shall know I AM the The LORD God and besides me there is no other, and these ones shall come to learn and know that there is no escaping of My Hand and then they will bow,” saith The Spirit, “and then they will cry then when their calamities shall come upon them for all the wickedness and the evil they have done,” saith The LORD God,“ and it shall come swiftly.


“Pray My People, pray and enter into thy secret chambers and I will meet with you and speak with you there and I shall comfort you My People for the days ahead,” saith The Spirit of The Living God.


“Stay upon me and I will carry you through and bring you out into a glorious place as I have promised unto thee,”saith The LORD “that hath mercy upon thee and my people shall never be ashamed.


For I shall bring forth the victory I have promised you and then ye shall see your freedoms restored and it is then that I shall release great spoils to my people hear what The Spirit of The LORD is saying to The Church, not many days hence, not many days hence, shall ye see these things come to past and your hearts shall rejoice,”saith The Spirit of The Living God.


“For My Righteousness shall go forth and I shall restore the joy of thy salvation and the hearts of many shall be renewed for this is a new day coming forth in this earth a time for My People to be restored and fully established in Me and shall I not do it?” saith The LORD.


“I shall restore all the years the locust hath eaten the cankerworm, the caterpillar, and the palmerworm, and there shall be rejoicing for My People.


I will bring forth mighty miracles, I shall recreate, restore and make new, and I shall bring again that which was bound and broken and I shall restore the years unto thee and I will rebuild to restore My People in all areas where they have been put to shame, for I The LORD hath spoken and I shall perform it.


For your eyes have not seen and your ears have not heard all I have prepared for thee My People, but I shall begin even now to reveal it to you, by My Spirit,”saith The LORD of Hosts, “and sorrow and sighing shall flee away,” says The Spirit of The Living God, who hath mercy upon thee, who hath spoken it, who also will perform it.




By Kimberly Fuller




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