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The LORD Requires One Sustained Sound!

By Pastor Debra Lowe



The Spirit says; “One sustained sound, the sound that Israel maintained, at the blowing of the trumpets and the shouts of My People that brought the walls of Jericho down.


It is this same sustained sound that I AM requiring all that call on My Name to do even today. That one sustained sound can bring you victory and cause the walls of defeat to come crashing down in your life.


The shout of Victory that is filled with My Word will break down walls and cause mountains to crumble, and valleys to break open with the hidden springs of life.


Oh, My children, the hidden mines of victories that lie within your mouth and your spirit waiting to open floods of living waters over you!


Deep treasures are about to be explored and brought to the surface for those who trust in My Word and depend upon My Promises for them.


As you spend time in worship and in My Word, learning how to wait with expectation, slowly, the treasure that I have already given you, will come and bubble up.


The waves of the Spirit will wash against the rocky places, the hard and difficult ones and reveal what you have in your hands.


Every time that you soak in My Presence, the Spirit will consistently remove little by little, the hindrances that have tried to prevent the discoveries that show who you really are.


You are changed by the waiting. As you behold me, these face to face encounters reflect Me, more and more, until you awake in My likeness.


There are hidden treasures in secret places that have been reserved just for you.”


“As for me, I will behold thy face in righteousness: I shall be satisfied, when I awake, with thy likeness.” Psalm 17:15.


“And I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places, that thou mayest know that I, The LORD, which call thee by thy name, am the God of Israel.” Isaiah 45:3.


“Fear not [there is nothing to fear], for I Am with you; do not look around you in terror and be dismayed, for I Am your God. I will strengthen and harden you to difficulties, yes, I will help you with My victorious right hand of rightness and justice.” Isaiah 41:10.


This promise is as good for us as it is for Israel. God will help us.


With all of this world’s future seemingly headed on a roller coaster of troubles, we are encouraged to look to our God for His faithfulness to His own.


We are told, there is nothing to fear. It doesn’t matter what happens in this world system, our foundation will not be shaken.


“God is our Refuge and Strength (mighty and impenetrable), a very present (well-proved) help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth be changed and removed and though the mountains be shaken into the midst of the sea.” Psalm 46:1-2.


“God is in the midst of her, (that’s us) she shall not be moved: God will help her right early [at the dawn of the morning].” Psalm 46:5.


In the book of Isaiah God tells us not to fear and not look around in terror or be dismayed. Dismayed means to look around or gaze about, to inspect or consider; to be nonplussed [cause to be at a loss as to what to say, think or do; reduce to a state of total incapacity to act or decide: perplex, baffle, stump]; looking around in amazement or bewilderment.


God wants us to have no respect as to what is going on now and what will happen in our near future. Now is our time to keep a steady gaze on God, who cannot be shaken!


Whatever produces fear in you, cannot be producing faith too. Separate those messages and then fix your gaze on God and you will not fear or become dismayed.


You will always have a reply to terror and dismay, it will be “thus says The LORD….” We will think only on those things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, good report, and things that are virtuous and praiseworthy. We will only do at all times what the Word says.


We have God’s Word on His present and mighty help at all times and He cannot lie.


“You will guard him and keep him in perfect and constant peace whose mind [both character and inclination] is stayed on You, leans on You and hopes confidently in You. So trust in The LORD… ” Isaiah 26:3ff.


“They that trust in The LORD shall be as Mount Zion, which cannot be removed but abideth forever. As the mountains are round about Jerusalem, so The LORD is round about His people from this time forth and forever.” Psalm 125:1-2.


We need only keep our mind fixed on His promises and trust that He will do what He says.


God has always taken good care of His children, even as the rest of the world was shaken by His righteous judgment. We must trust [be confident in; to be sure and bold; secure as an anchor of hope; to flee to for protection and refuge; dependent upon] in The LORD at all times.


It brings all of His nurturing, Fatherly care and divine protection and provision. Do not be shaken, but firm and stable, for our God is our impenetrable, unshakable foundation.


He will harden [make us firm, solid; to reduce friction and pressure being applied; to decrease the swelling and raise the melting point; to reinforce; to strengthen or confirm in disposition and feelings] us to difficulties, we will become tougher and stronger instead of weaker!


We will become less likely moved by our feelings, not as easily moved by the swelling up of our emotions and attitudes.


God will reinforce us and raise our melting points, even as the fires of testing rises. Yea, God and us!








Debra Lowe










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17.04 | 13:33

I am blessed to find you dear sister ✝️💜 ... God moving more beautifully and powerfully than ever through your writings ... thinking of you

Anne Marie Hamel

17.04 | 07:42

Kathy Mote is no longer on Facebook, but Instagram. That is where these posts came from . . . Miss Shelly

03.04 | 10:46

Overflowing with thanks to our Papa to receive a full belly and a glass of cold water from Him through my sister's heart and words.

10.11 | 06:23

Yes beloved . . . of course it is!!!!! Today! Yesterday and Forever!!!!!

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