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Brace Yourself for Impact

By Sandi Holman



In my listening time with The LORD recently, I heard, “Brace yourself for impact.”


I sat straight up in the bed and replied, “Is that you, LORD? What does that mean?”


The LORD then said, “Tell My People to lay hold of the last Word I spoke to you regarding “re” and the reset.


Lay hold of My Word and take hold of My Hand as I carry out My unchanging Plan of Recovery and Revolution,” said The LORD of all.


Out of curiosity, I looked up the expression and this is what I found on Google.


“To physically or mentally prepare oneself for something, typically something that is imminent, in an attempt to limit any adverse impact.”


I braced myself for that big bump by holding onto the seat in front of me. I had braced myself for rejection, so hearing that I’d gotten the promotion was a very pleasant surprise.


Immediately I understood why He told me that I had released the WHAT of what is coming to encourage but now I knew the WHY He wanted me to give the HOW to prepare for all that is on the horizon and the grid of change as we move forward to ‘RECOVER ALL’.


We must understand the importance of YIELDING and SURRENDER.


As I pondered in my heart the recent Word The LORD spoke to me on “Prepare to Progress“ published this month on HKP, I heard the Author and Finisher of my faith speak boldly to me that it was time to do a part 2 or follow up on the RESET and what our part is in order to experience all that He is setting in place for the new era of positive progression.


What is your definition of YIELD? What does total SURRENDER mean?


As I practiced the pause in my thinking, I realized that in my own life, I have seemed to pause — but actually, many times I have moved forward without giving total RIGHT of WAY to The LORD in situations involving my will.


I simply went into overdrive without asking The LORD for His mind and His perspective.


The LORD said to me a few days ago, “Tell My People that they are holding the keys to crossover into the RESET time frame for they are truly the Prophets of their life.


As they speak forth in faith and decree the recent word of RECOVER ALL, the walls shall come tumbling down that have stopped their progress and held them captive to the plan of the enemy designed to shut down their businesses, stop their divine connections, and cause them to be held captive to their circumstances.


Take hold of My Word with Thanksgiving and Praise and Decree the Words to Restore, Renew, Recapture, and Recover everything the enemy has stolen.


Take hold of this New Beginning set before you. Then stand still and watch The Spirit of Recovery and Multiplication of Wealth begin” says The Father to all.


Where are we spiritually? Our tests and trials?


Beloved, we must realize that our many trials tend to awaken us, as to our heart’s condition. We are commanded to keep our hearts with great diligence.


Beloved, as I have researched and prayed about the heart, I have discovered that many have said that how we react under much pressure, reveals the real you.


Perhaps a better way to express it simply put is this:


“The true condition or purity of our heart comes out when we are under pressure!”


As The LORD pushed the RESET button, He was breaking open the prison doors that we have allowed to shut us down and capture our heart and soul.


The LORD is saying, “Shout it from the housetops, that as Resurrection Day is celebrated, so shall the healing and deliverance of My People spring forth, delivering those who have been plagued with the captivity of trauma and torment.


Offenses have found a lodging place in the hearts of many, but I say to you, YIELD and WIELD are your power twins for this season.


Yield to Me as I reveal truth and embrace truth as your Best Friend, for it will cut through the deception lodged in your heart and shake you and shock you into reality.


Allow My Presence to open up the eyes of your understanding of The Truth that will set you free, for you are now in a season of exposure of all Truth.”


Often we tend to take offense and/or stay offended rather than face the truth of the real problem… particularly in relationships.


The key to shutting the door to offense, that comes to steal good relations and friendships, is found in how we keep our relationship with The LORD by totally surrendering at all times to His Voice and allowing His Revelation to us bring needed change, when He shows us our heart.


Wield the sword of The LORD to cut through every offense for it is a Weapon of Warfare in your hand and in your mouth.


As Prophets of our own life, remember the tongue is an Ambassador of our heart. It is now your Hour of Power as your prophesy to yourself, activating the Words of Truth which The LORD has spoken into your heart.


Are we willing to yield? Are we stiff necked (prideful) and sometimes stubborn when it comes to personal conflicts?


It is important to establish a firm foundation on Godly Wisdom and The Fear of The LORD, if we are truly surrendered to Him.


It is good to remember that GUARDING our heart is a DEFENSIVE position. Choose to be a Defender, never an offender!


Turnaround is here and Justice is being released. Yielding to the plan of The LORD is the first step necessary as we develop a willing and obedient heart.


A Holy time of RESTORATION is abounding… suddenly! (Zechariah 10:1)


Restoration of what has died, is springing forth and a hunger for deeper intimacy with the Bridegroom has been increasing in the midst of great disappointment, for the Bridegroom is wooing his Bride to return to Him in a deeper relationship than ever before.


Watch, as The LORD rebuilds His House to stand in Unity against the division that has been at work to destroy relationships and Godly fellowship.


For The LORD has said in His Word,


“Unless The LORD build the house, they labor in vain who try to build it.” Psalm 127:1 NASB.


“Heavenly Doors of Revelation are opening for the Radical Remnant,” says the Captain of The LORD of Hosts.


“My mighty Remnant Warriors are standing strong in the winds of adversity, for they are grounded Vessels of Honor to hear My Voice and honor My Instructions with obedient hearts,” says The Father.


“I AM teaching you to intentionally stand guard over this season of Turbulent Winds of Change, Moments of Reset, ongoing Restoration, Renewal, and Revolution.


I have prepared you to be prepared for the earth shaking and reshaping that will take place during this ‘Perfect Storm’ prophesied by John Paul Jackson that is ongoing in the nations.


But I The LORD, now speak encouragement to you.


Embrace courage with your whole heart, as the storms are raging seemingly out of control.


Your tongue is the small rudder, guiding you as you Decree what I have spoken to you to Recover All!


Remember My Word says “Surely The LORD GOD does nothing without revealing His secret plan [of the judgment to come] To His servants the prophets.” (Amos 3:7 AMP) and I have spoken, Reset is here.


Stay deep into My Word, for you are in deep water, but never forget THE ANCHOR HOLDS!”



The scripture in James 3 is given here simply to say we must learn to control our tongues (i.e. the words we speak) for when we learn this truth, we gain control over our whole self. (Bible Reference here)


As you hear, so shall you see, as you see, so shall you decree, and as you decree, so shall it be!




By Sandi Holman





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