If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

There is something . . .

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There Is Something

By Kathy Mote



There is something about God's end time warriors that I would like to share. They are living proof that God's mighty ones are far different than what we think they should be. To begin with, they don't fit in any mold, and they only answer to Him.

We have our own thinking of what God means when He speaks. That is our first mistake. One of God's greatest eagles is known to me. His heart is impenetrable by anything but God's voice. As I stand before Him, so is my own heart. God is building us from the ground up. What God put in us builds us and brings us to Him, even as it burns us to the ground.


That is how God's purpose and His Word works. It makes everything return to Him. As an expression of His will, it fulfills His desire as it returns to Him. God's warriors won't fit inside any church house that man built and they won't be a display of what man thinks God is. They will be a living testimony of His power as He fulfills His will in the Earth. They only move in Him.


I cannot help but remember Gideon's army of so few, but those few were dedicated to Him. We learned something of the Lord's heart in how He called those few to Him. God's might will not be seen through man's power or strength. It will be seen through those He claims as His.




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In A Vision

By Kathy Mote



In a vision that I see so often, is a battlefield. A burned out battlefield that was made for the most epic battle of all time. But it feels like the battle is already won. In this vision, I hear the scream of mighty, giant eagles. They are His mighty ones. They don't seem to fit in anywhere in this world. Their place is on the battlefield.

The Lord has been training His warriors for a battle that will take place on a battlefield that is already burned to the ground. I see the battlefield is the world. I admit I don't fully understand. I only know the outcome of the battle is preordained and it will all go the Lord's way. Everything is for Him.


This includes the giant eagles; most of whom don't even know His hand rests heavily on their life. They are rough. They are tough. They don't fit in and they don't care. They are strong because their deep trials have made them as they are. They need no one and no one can depend on them yet. They are a law unto themselves but when He is done with them, they will only listen to Him.


His eagles are His mightiest warriors and they will rise to Him in a time when great darkness fills the Earth.


These mighty eagles are our sons and daughters who seem so far from us. They were born in our time of travail. They may seem far from us now, but they are not far from the Lord's heart. He will fulfill His purpose in them. He always has His eye on them, and He is raising them for the time to come.





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This Is Where I Am Today

By Kathy Mote



This is where I am today, but this has been my journey for a long time and this is what the Lord sent me to share. We often don't recognize His hand in our life, and we feel the pain of how others treat us, not knowing it is how He protects us from what He is doing in them.


So many of us are watching those who are closest to us taking their ordered steps to Him. Knowing that we are actually witnessing His will in their life would ease our pain of losing them. It's not about us, it's about His will coming to pass as He positions us and them.


These are important days, and we are watching God raise His warriors and bring His family to Him. As they take their ordered steps, we are being positioned ourself, humbled and protected as we surrender our relationships to Him.


The Lord is pulling His family together, and some are learning their need to come to Him. Their ordered steps are not about our relationship with them, but their relationship with Him. Our ordered steps are to abide in Him.







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