If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

The Lord said something to me . . .

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The Lord Said Something To Me

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said something to me this morning. He said, He'll never get away with it. I didn't know why He would say this until I turned to see an angel as big as a two story building standing guard over me.


As I looked again at the mighty angel who guards what the Lord is releasing in the Earth, what I saw beyond him was the devil in a brown suit. He looked like a door to door salesman peddling junk, but he won't stop what God is doing in the Earth.


Knowing this caused such joy that I felt cocky until the Lord humbled my heart before Him. Now my joy is not in knowing God's will comes to pass, nor is it in knowing the devil can't stop God's will. I have joy in standing before Him. Such a simple, beautiful place to be.





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By Kathy Mote



Today there is a sweetness in my cup and a lightness in my heart. This is my portion. He said as I release His Word in the Earth, HE releases it in every heart. When He said this, I stopped looking for a response.


He showed me Abraham didn't have the slightest clue of how deep and wide the covenant he entered with God was. Abraham's heart stopped at believing God would raise the child he gave Him. Abraham had no concept that God would give His own son, which was Christ. Abraham's heart was intent on obeying God's voice.


Then He showed me Isaiah, whose promise of Christ came to us long after he left the Earth. He has shown me many things, all of which are living truth. But like all those who have lived before me, the Truth that lives in my heart is Him, and the sweetness of His presence is more than enough for my life.


We think of our 'calling' to serve Him. But that is second to His presence in our heart. We call Him Lord, but He is our Daddy. Our relationship with Him is the priority of our life. Being in His arms is our place as He has His way in the Earth.





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Our Thinking

By Kathy Mote



Our thinking is quickly transitioning from the seeing the world as our oyster to realizing that His Life and presence in us makes us the pearl in His oyster bed.


The pearl of great price is His presence in us, His Lordship over us, His Kingdom ruling in our heart. His love governs all that is in us. The pearl of great price is to know He is Life. To know Him is what we give our life to find out.




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His Faith, His Presence, His Living Word

By Kathy Mote



His faith, His presence, His Living Word which is Jesus working to bring His desire into us is how we come to respond to Him. We come to Him because He called us.





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Mankind Has Two Problems

By Kathy Mote



Mankind has two problems, and both cause them to be blind where God is concerned. They don't see that God is alive, and they don't see He is creating them.


The Lord said, What I began with let there be light, I am not finished with yet. The point of all I do in the Earth is to bring My children home to Me. I will reveal My heart and bring them into My arms. That's the whole point of everything I am doing and I am not done.


When He said that, it explained almost everything. He told me that knowing we were being created would answer eight out of the next ten questions we will have. Knowing this explained the reason He has made us in the first place.

All of creation groans in travail, waiting for the sons of God to appear. That means His children being brought to Him whole and complete in Him. That is Christ's work in us as He fills us with the fullness of God's heart in order to present us to Him.


This gave me deep clarity because it is a view of His heart. I asked Him about all the people who had lived and died. He held up His hand and said, I have them on the palm of My hand. When the last generation is raised and filled, the first will be raised to receive with them. So that is what the first shall be last and the last shall be first means. It also explains so much more we have failed to understand.


What keeps us from seeing God is that we only see ourselves. We only see as much as will fit in our life. But not seeing Him, we are carnal in our thinking, and ignorant. Being unaware of His heart in all He is doing, we don't see and can't imagine the point of what is written.


So, this is like the glass slipper in the story of Cinderella. Try it on next time you have a question about your life and time on the Earth. See Him and know He is LORD when you consider His promise to you. Like all of creation, for Him to finish what He started is what you are waiting for. He is filling you with all the fullness of His heart through Christ to bring you, filled with the fullness of His Life, to Him.




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I Would Much Rather

By Kathy Mote



I would much rather have His faith working in me than my faith working the Bible. He will clothe me in honor.




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“Thy Kingdom Come . . .”

By Kathy Mote



"Thy kingdom come Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Your presence." His kingdom is where He rules. That is where He is honored as Lord. He once told me that is our heart.


He also told me that all the declaring should be done by Him and not us as we accept Him as Lord of our heart. He is the one that declares His will in us. He said the Spirit filled religion is standing up and declaring what they think His word means instead of Him declaring His will in their heart as they accept His will in their life.


So when I am brought into His presence, He is the one doing the speaking, not me. He teaches me, and I am changed just by being with Him. His presence heals.


I do not declare what I think His word means in an attempt to receive it or bring it to pass. I do not attempt to control my circumstance. He protects me as He brings His will to pass. He declares His Word, His intentions and His Life in me "in and by His presence"  because that's what it is. It's all Him, bringing His promise of Life to pass as I accept Him.






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Ok, Here’s A No Brainer

By Kathy Mote



Ok, here's a no brainer, but it has to be said. It is such a deeply profound truth that I almost feel silly saying it. But it will finally end every carnal thought we will ever have.


God's promise of Life only happens in His presence because what God promised is Life in His presence.


This is true of every promise.


God's Word only comes to pass in His presence because God's Word IS His presence. His will only comes to pass by His presence because His will IS His presence.





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To ‘Take’ The Sword Of The Spirit

By Kathy Mote



To 'take' the Sword of the Spirit, which is the power of God's Word means to take it in, like a deep breath, and let it change your heart. The word used means to receive, not to wield, to allow into your own heart, not to enforce in the world.


That sword belongs to the Lord. It is the power of the Holy Spirit to bring about His Word. That is the Spirit that moved in the deep, bringing Light and shape to it as He desired.


This scripture does not mean you speak to the world around you trying to bring God's will into it, it means He speaks to your heart to bring change to you instead. He does not come to change the world. This is just the place He is raising you in. You are who He died for. You are His child. It is your heart He is concerned with.


His Spirit will bring Life to you as you let Him in. To 'take' the Sword of the Holy Spirit means to receive Him, as you would take a deep breath, and let Him in. The Sword is the power of the Holy Spirit and it is sent to bring you to your Father, changed, humbled and gloriously filled. He is who wields it as it brings about His will.


I am sent to say His Word comes to pass in you, not the world around you.




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The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said, “It won't be the same when I am done. What you have imagined My Word to mean isn't nearly all I will do.


Things won't be as they have always been. In the long years you have waited, your own thoughts have kept you entertained.


Things are beginning to change. Instead of you thinking you bring My Word to pass by your obedience, you will know My Word comes to pass in you by Christ Jesus' presence. Instead of you knowing what you have read, you will know Him as you are changed by Him. Obedience is your response to Him.


This is more than attitude and deed done in your life, this is the presence of My Word Who honors My heart as He is present in your heart. “


This is to say He will bring Life to you and this is how He will change you. Filling you is His obedience, being changed as you are filled is your obedience.


When He moves, your earthly life won't be able to hold you. When He is finished, you will come to Me. Nothing will withhold you from Me as He brings you into My arms. My children will become every desire of My heart.



*Our Father taught me something that I would like to share. When He spoke to me, He spoke into me and I heard with my heart. What He spoke to me lived inside me, and was seen in me as His desire. It brought me to stand before Him. It is the knowledge of Him. As He spoke, my heart knew Him. It is understanding, but it is more. It brings you to Him, humbled, knowing His heart and that is how you respond.


The evidence of things unseen is His Spirit moving in us to bring us to Him, and He starts moving at once. There is a heaviness we feel in our heart as He presses us to respond. His desire is finished from the beginning, even though we have no idea what it will be like when He is done. We keep responding by surrendering our heart to Him. What we are becoming is His to reveal.


See, we don't bring His desire to pass in us by anything we say or do. Only He knows what Life is and it comes into us to change us. Here I go again, trying to describe Life, but there are no words for it. I only know this is how He brings us into His presence. Our obedience is our response to Him as He moves in us.

So instead of thinking His will is something we have to read and act on to obey, He will be changing our thinking as He brings us into His presence.


Our relationship with Him is the Life He gives. HE completes us as He said He would. Shouldn't we simply turn our hearts to Him in trust?






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I am blessed to find you dear sister ✝️💜 ... God moving more beautifully and powerfully than ever through your writings ... thinking of you

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Kathy Mote is no longer on Facebook, but Instagram. That is where these posts came from . . . Miss Shelly

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Overflowing with thanks to our Papa to receive a full belly and a glass of cold water from Him through my sister's heart and words.

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