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“Get Ready for the Sweeping of the Holy Spirit!”

By Joe Joe Dawson




Like many other Believers, generals and intercessors, I have been in a season of focused intercession over America for several months. As I have been praying, my spirit has been filled with hope and expectation for what God is doing and will still do in America in the coming days.


Just a few weeks ago, I was heading into the place of prayer early one morning and the Lord spoke this to me: “I am about to sweep this nation with a fresh movement of My Holy Spirit.” I knew that this was the Lord responding not only to my prayers, but also to the prayers of many in the Body of Christ in this hour. God is about to sweep this nation with His Spirit!


As the Lord continued to speak to me in the place of prayer, I was reminded of some of the other prophetic words God has given to me in the past 18 months. The Lord has spoken to me over and over that He is doing more behind the scenes in America than anyone can imagine. I know how the natural situations and circumstances look in this nation today; however, I know that God is moving behind the scenes and we are about to experience one of the most powerful moves of God the world has ever known!


The Great Unveiling


The Lord also reminded me of a word He gave to me about 6 months ago about a great unveiling that is coming to America. This unveiling will reveal His plans and purposes for America, as well as expose the evil and corruption that God wants to bring to justice.  


Lord, send the great unveiling to reveal Yourself and to bring justice to this land!


As I continued to pray, the Lord told me to go and look at our church sign in the lobby of our ministry center. As I stood looking at the sign, the Lord reminded me that He named our ministry ROAR because it stands for Revival, Outpouring, Awakening, and Reformation. I could sense the presence of God as the Lord spoke to me again saying, “Now is the time for revival, outpouring, awakening, and reformation.”


The Sweeping of the Holy Spirit


Many have been in intercession for America for decades. I believe God has been answering our prayers. However, I believe we are about to see a great culmination of the prayers manifest as a powerful sweeping of the Holy Spirit that will rush across our land! This sweeping of the Holy Spirit will come upon individuals to bring them into personal revival. Those that have been complacent or weary will be revived by this fresh move of the Spirit of God.


The Holy Spirit will also sweep over into cities and regions as people carrying His presence and power, bringing it into the highways and byways outside of the four walls of the church. This sweeping of the Holy Spirit will also move across America, transforming it and realigning America with her prophetic destiny and the purpose that God intended for this nation.


I was reminded of the coming of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost in Acts 2, and how it described the Holy Spirit coming as a “mighty, rushing wind.” When you think about the word, “rushing,” it can also relate to flowing waters. It is the sound that comes from many running rivers and rivers wash away and renew the land around them. I believe that the river of God is about to rush across America with its healing and transforming waters, to bring this nation back to God and to the destiny that He has for the United States.  


With the sweeping of the Holy Spirit across this nation and the nations of the world, we will see a revival of love break out. There will be a revival of love for God and love for people. This revival of the love of God will help to bring in the harvest of prodigals and the lost that is coming!


Be encouraged. I know how America looks right now in the natural…however, we have a promise from God! He is about to sweep this nation with His Spirit and it will transform millions. Get ready for the sweeping of the Holy Spirit that is coming!




By Joe Joe Dawson

Joe Joe Dawson Ministries

Email: JoeJoeDawson@hotmail.com

Website: www.joejoedawson.net




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Albany, OR 97321


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