If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

I have come to the Conclusion . . .

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I have Come to the Conclusion

By Kathy Mote



I have come to the conclusion that what I care most about is where my own heart is. You might think that is selfish, but this is my obedience and my obedience is my response to Him, something HE is in charge of. It is in this place that I stand before Him, trusting He will have His way in everyone else's heart that He calls to Him.


To assume I know His will or how He will bring His desire into someone else's life is not minding my own business, it is minding HIS business. That is what He told me. He said HE will deal with every heart. That is how He will rule His Kingdom.




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There Are Many Things

By Kathy Mote



There are many things that are wrong with the world, but let me tell you what's right with it! Things are coming to a head. The blatant rebellion you see in the world is the exact, polar opposite of the freedom that Christ offers.

This is to say the devil has upped his game to fight against the Lord's coming. The devil's agenda is being exposed to reveal a heretofore unparalleled view of what lost in darkness means.


Yesterday the Holy Spirit gave me a clear view of just how bad it is. My heart cried out against it. I asked the Lord for understanding, but this is something I rarely do. The reason I don't ask is that His answer would be to tell me what He is goint to do next, for that is truly my question. But the purpose of what He says to us is to build our trust in Him. He will have His way in all things.


As ugly and shaken as the world is right now, that is the truth of where all hearts are without Him. The devil used to hide as he drew people into rebellion. He used to be quite subtle. But now he leads an open rebellion, and all who follow after him glory in their self expression. In a word, he is teaching them they are a god unto themselves.

This is the clash of two kingdoms. It is the expression of Christ's Kingdom pressing the kingdom of darkness. As the Lord's presence comes near, all the fallen are rising to resist Him.


Even as we watch this unparalleled rebellion, we know that what we are seeing is gothic (to the death) spiritual warfare. In all of human history, every move of God in the Earth was met with rebellion. But what is about to occur is not like in any other time.


I remember the Lord saying everything that can be shaken will be shaken. I turned my heart to the Lord as I witnessed all this shaking, intent on trusting Him. It was in that moment He showed me that it was not my heart being shaken.


We have not yet seen all the Lord will do, but the Lord's coming is why the devil is so shaken. As the Lord's return grows nearer, the void and darkness in the world is stirred against Him. As the Lord comforts our hearts in all the shaking, He builds our confidence in Him. This is so we will not be shaken as we witness the world being shaken.






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The Lord Showed Me

By Kathy Mote



The Lord showed me something that I would like to share. It is something that has always baffled me about people in the world. They do not adhere to the thinking of live and let live. Not anymore. The Spirit that rules them is more aggressive than that. There is no neutral. You're either on or you are off.


The Lord said the principality that rules over those without Him requires that everyone bow to him. That spirit also considers those in Christ to be in his way. We who don't judge don't see it that way. Until recently, I would have considered a person's relationship with Christ a matter of personal choice. Now it is a matter of choosing sides.


The people who are influenced by the spirit ruling the world require us to validate their rebellion to Christ. It isn't enough for us to turn the other way and not judge. That Spirit, that principality of rebellion to Christ, requires all fall before him.


On every front and in every possible way, the world is becoming a war zone, and it is growing more hostile every day. As they declare they will be as they please, they consider all who don't agree to be in their way.



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By Kathy Mote



Yesterday the Lord told me to look up the word expiate. He showed me those who have been struggling with difficult people in their life.


These people have always been difficult for God's anointed ones, but now they are trying to expiate, or make up for, how the Lord used them to humble His Beloved to their core. But the humble don't look to this life the same way they once did. They look to the Lord and they live in Him.


Probably no one will get this who isn't going through it now. One could hardly imagine the difficult decades of struggle the Lord uses to build His world changers in.


There is an elilte group of anointed ones who have been put to the test. For decades of their life, His hand rested heavily on them. Their whole life was a test until they learned to give it to Him. This enables them to give Him the world they are in.


What we imagine is vainglory when we think of walking in His anointing to accomplish His will. Little Kathryn Kuhlmans, perhaps. But that's not how it is. It's not about being seen, it's about being hidden in Him.


His anointing will literally burn you to the ground. It is difficult to live with because it makes a training ground of human life. To survive, you learn to lay it down. It makes you walk in a depth of surrender that brings your heart before Him to live. Then you live in Him. What He builds in you is the ability to walk in glory, which is His presence.


These elite are humble as they stand in His presence even now. They literally live for Him and nothing else. He will change them, and they will change the world they are in. They will shine as He is present in them. They are as they have always been, the work of His hands.








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