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The Rainbow Stairway of Living Stones . . .


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The Rainbow Stairway of Living Stones

By Veronika West



The T•R•U•M•P Tree and The Seven Spirit Whirlwind


“The Rainbow Stairway of Living Stones… The T•R•U•M•P Tree… The Seven Spirit Whirlwind and a New Kingdom Reformation Movement being birthed on the Earth!”


A few days ago I was caught up by The Spirit of Revelation in one of the most powerful Dream/ Vision encounters I have had this year 2021.


I believe this Dream comes at a critical time both for the ekklesia and for the nations of the earth, and especially the nation of America, which is being raised up at this time to take her place as a Radiant Light of the World, as a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.


Parts of this dream encounter will reveal clearly that ‘God has not yet finished with His Anointed Vessel, President Donald John Trump‘.


I can boldly declare that ‘the world is yet to see God bring President Trump into the fullness of his destiny!’


Furthermore, what I was shown in this Dream will also reveal that ‘God not only anointed Donald Trump to be president‘ — but that he would use ‘the man and the name of the man’…. T•R•U•M•P…. as a powerful prophetic sign to the world and to the Church of what is now beginning to take place and what will continue to unfold over the next decade.


I boldly declare that we have now entered into a new T•R•U•M•P era, and the Reformation of the ekklesia and restoration of the Five-Fold Ministries within the Church!


Note: This is long,… so its good idea to grab a coffee….


Please bear with me, as I endeavour to share what I saw and heard in this amazing Dream Encounter.


I do understand that sometimes it might seem very long winded in how I share my spirit encounters, but I must always try to share as accurately and as clearly as I can, so as to guard against adding or taking away from what I was shown.


The Dream


In this powerful Dream, the first thing that appeared to me in the Dream, was what looked like a ‘beautiful and majestic Rainbow Stairway’ A glorious stairway that ascended to the heavens from the nations of the earth.


Now as I looked at this incredible stairway, suddenly I heard these words, “Let My Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”


As I heard those Words, I began to hear a sound rising up from the ground.


The sound of many voices, all singing with one voice, ‘The Lord’s Prayer. And over and over again, I heard these Words, “Let My Will be done on earth as it is in heaven!”


As the sound of those Words filled the atmosphere in the Dream, I turned and looked again at the sprawling steps of the radiant Rainbow Stairway, and I saw that each one of the steps was made up of millions upon millions of vibrant muti-coloured stones, and each stone looked different and unique both in its shape and size.


But every stone was perfectly grafted in like a massive jigsaw puzzle. Every stone had its place. All fitting together as one.


As I looked intently at the stones, I saw that the stones looked alive and seemed to be moving, but without breaking formation.


Then I heard The Spirit of Revelation speak to me saying, “Look! For these are living stones, filled with the power of The Seven Manifold Spirits of The Living God!”


As I heard those Words, The Spirit spoke again saying, “Watch!” And then I saw, what looked like 5 Letters, and then 5 Words being written in gold upon the Rainbow Stairway of living stones


First I saw the letter T being written and then the word;Truth, appeared, and then the letter Rand the word; Righteousness, and then the letter U and the word; Unity, And then the letter M and the word; Mercy, and then the letter P and the word; Peace appeared before me.


And as I looked and looked again at the Stairway of Living and Moving Stones, I saw the word; T•R•U•M•P…. which appeared to me in ascending order, starting from the bottom of the stairway which touched the nations, to the highest of heights in heavenly places.


See below., what I saw as it appeared….



Now as I looked at the word T•R•U•M•P apppearing before me in the dream, I heard these words, ”In this hour My ‘Truth’ and Grace will trump deception and judgement.


As My Remnant arises, clothed in Purity and ‘Righteousness’ to take her place, and as they dwell together in ‘Unity’, I shall command a blessing and they shall overcome.

Watch! For My ‘Mercy’ will now make way, and The God of ‘Peace’ will soon crush Satan under your feet!”


As those words seemed to boom loudly in the Dream, suddenly I heard The Spirit of Revelation whisper in a gentle voice, ”Come and I will show you what will take place…”


Truth: The Roots of The Tree


As I heard His soft whisper, suddenly, ‘a mighty Oak Tree’ suddenly appeared beside the Rainbow Stairway of Living Stones, and as I looked at the mighty Oak Tree, I immediately heard The Spirit of Revelation say, “Look!”


And as I looked again at the Oak Tree, I was shown that many areas in the roots system of the Oak Tree were infested with a type of root rot. Some sort of disease and fungus seemed to be growing over some of the roots which badly infected different areas of the root system.


As I kept looking, I could see so much decay and rotting within the roots of the tree!


Then I heard The Spirit say, “Watch! For I shall shake, shake, shake the foundations of the mighty Oak Tree and I will expose the deep rot in the root system, and where decay and death has set in and defiled the fruit now My Spirit of Truth shall bring forth purification and restoration to the roots!”


Righteousness: The Stem/ Trunk of the Tree


As I heard those Words, my eyes looked up again, and I was shown the ‘thick trunk-stem of the Oak Tree’, and I saw that the bark on the tree trunk also looked badly diseased and large patches of thick black sticky fluid was weeping and seeping out of large cracks in the bark of the tree, which seemed to be covering the rotting spongy tissue of the tree trunk.


Then I heard these Words, ”Watch! For I shall reveal the disease of deception that has begun to take hold and I will uncover and bring to the light the subtle manipulation, control and corruption that has caused the trunk of the tree to become weak and compromised.


But fear not! For I shall bind up the broken-hearted, the prisoners, the mourners and they will be vindicated, crowned and comforted in these turbulent days of great shaking, for The Spirit of The Sovereign LORD rests upon My Remnant ekklesia and they will be called Oaks of Righteousness, the Planting of The LORD for the display of My Splendour in the nations of the Earth.”


Unity: The Branches of the Tree


As I heard those Words, suddenly I felt a soft wind begin to blow round about me in the Dream and I felt the ground beneath the Oak Tree begin to vibrate and tremble.


Then I heard The Spirit say, “Daughter of man look, look up!” As I looked up again, and my eyes were drawn to the many Branches of the Oak Tree.


As I looked at the Branches, I saw that there were many dead Branches in the tree. Then I heard these Words echo loudly in the Dream, “Watch! For now My governing Hand of Judgment and Justice is moving among the Branches of the Oak Tree to cut off and to prune, for every Branch that bears no fruit will be taken away and every Branch that does bear fruit, I will prune.


Therefore I say, Remain! Remain again! I say remain in Me, for no Branch can bear fruit by itself. So remain in Me and you shall be a fruitful branch.”


Now, as the weightiness of those Words seemed to permeate the atmosphere in the Dream, I heard these Words, “Unity! Unity! Unity…. how good and pleasant when brothers dwell in unity!”


And as I heard those Words, the winds began to blow with greater force and I felt a supernatural shift beginning to take place in the Dream.


I saw the mighty Oak Tree begin to shake violently, and the dead Branches in the Tree began to fall to the ground, as a loud sound of cracking and breaking, filled the atmosphere.


Mercy: The Green Leaves of the Tree


Then suddenly as I looked up again, my eyes were drawn to the Green Leaves on the Oak Tree and I saw that while there were Green Leaves on the Branches, they looked sparse and there were areas on the Tree where the Branches had no leaves.


Many of the Branches looked bare and exposed. Then suddenly I saw the numbers 222 begin to swirl round about me in the Dream and The Spirit of Revelation spoke to me saying, “Watch! For the curse shall be reversed and the power of the My Seven Spirit Whirlwind shall blow upon the Tree to Revive, Restore and Reform.


Watch! For My Glory shall now return and shall cover the Tree once again, for My Mercy, Mercy, Mercy shall trump Judgement and the Leaves of the Tree shall be for the healing of the nations.”


Peace: The Fruit of the Tree


As I heard those Words, suddenly I saw that there was only a little Fruit upon the Tree, and as my eyes were still trying to adjust to what I was seeing in the Dream, I heard these Words, ”Watch! For the Truth determines the Fruits, and the rot in the Roots has defiled the Fruit.


But watch! And listen! For the sound of The Roar of The Lion of Judah shall rise from the ground and the rot in the Roots shall be cleansed and the Roots shall be restored, and the Fruits shall be purified and come forth as pure gold.”


The Keyhole that becomes a Door —
and the restoration of the Five-Fold Ministries begins as the power of The Seven Spirit Whirlwind of Elijah comes upon the Tree


When I heard those Words, I suddenly saw what looked like a “Keyhole” appear in the midst of the mighty Oak Tree, and I heard a loud thundering sound come up from the ground.


It was the sound of The Roar of The Lon of Judah — and as the sound of The Roar rose up from the ground, a bright and piercing Yellow and White Light shone through the Keyhole in the midst of the mighty Oak Tree.


Suddenly, I saw the Keyhole become as a Door, which swung wide open, and out of the Door came forth a mighty Rainbow Whirlwind that began to move with great power and might around the Oak Tree


Then I heard these Words, ”Watch! For The Spirit and Power of Elijah now comes like a mighty Whirlwind upon the Oak Tree to Revive, Restore and to Reform.


Watch! For now My Seven Spirit Whirlwind comes to uproot, tear down, build and to plant in the midst of the nations!”


As those Words deeply penetrated my spirit in the dream, I heard The Spirit of Revelation say, ”Daughter, watch!”



Five-Fold Ministries now being Restored and Reformed

Truth: The Face of The Lion seen in the Roots: His Apostles


As I looked again at the mighty Whirlwind moving with great power around the Oak Tree, suddenly I saw, the colour purple from within the Rainbow Whirlwind swirling around ‘the Roots of the Oak Tree’, and the face of the Lion appeared before me.


I heard these Words, “Listen, for I AM The Lion of Judah and I shall roar over the Roots of the mighty Oak Tree, and My Roar shall shake and shift the foundations of the nations, and awaken those who are in a deep sleep.


Listen! For My Roar shall Restore Truth within the Roots and shall Reveal and Unveil true Kingdom Identity, and Release the Power and Governing Authority to My Apostles once again”


As I heard those Words going forth in the dream, I saw again the Word; “Truth” written in gold on the Stairway of Living Stones.


Righteousness: The Great Eagle seen in the Trunk/ Stem: His Prophets


Now as I continued to watch in the Dream what was taking place, suddenly I saw the colour blue come forth from within the mighty Rainbow Whirlwind which began to blow violently around the ‘Trunk of the Oak Tree.’


Suddenly the ‘face of a Great Eagle’ appeared within the Blue Winds of the Whirlwind and then I heard the loud and piercing cry of the Great Eagle coming forth from deep within the Oak Tree.


Then I heard these Words, ”Watch! For I shall reveal the deep and hidden secrets and mysteries of My Kingdom to My Eagles, the Prophets, and they shall walk in Righteousness and carry Divine Revelation with greater Power and Authority in the days ahead.”


Then I saw again the Word; “Righteousness”written in gold upon the Stairway of Living Stones. that ascended from Earth to the Heavens.


Unity: The Dace of the Great Owl seen in the Branches: His Teachers


As I stayed watching at all that The Spirit of Revelation was revealing to me, I saw the colour yellow within the Rainbow Whirlwind which began to move powerfully through the ‘Branches of the Oak Tree’.


As I looked again at the Branches which were being shaken back and forth, suddenly the face of an Owl appeared within the midst of the moving Branches of the Oak Tree, and in that moment, I saw the two bright and shining yellow eyes of the Owl.


Then I heard these Words, ”Watch! For I shall equip and empower My Teachers in this hour with My Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding, for My Owls will have eyes to see what prowls in the midst of the darkness.


I shall expose the serpent spirits in their hiding places, and My Owls shall devour the snakes that fall from the Branches of the Tree in this season of great shaking.”


.Now as I heard those Words, again my eyes were drawn back to the Stairway of Living Stones, and I saw the word; “Unity”, written in gold upon the stones.


Mercy: The Face of the Lamb seen in the Leaves: His Shepherds/ Pastors


But then my eyes were suddenly drawn up to the Leaves on the Branches of the Oak Tree and as I looked at the Leaves, I saw a vibrant colour of green coming forth from the mighty Whirlwind and the Strong Winds began to blow upon the Leaves of the Tree and suddenly the face of ‘a Lamb’ appeared before me from within the Leaves of the Tree.


Then I heard these words, “Watch! For My Crowning Glory shall return to the Tree to cover the nakedness of My Sheep, and new life and liberty shall be on the lips of My Shepherds/ Pastors and they shall speak boldly and without restraint.


They shall have the Anointing and the Authority of The Blood of The Lamb upon their hands for the working of Signs, Wonders and Miracles, and the Green Leaves shall be for healing of the Nations.”


As I heard those Words, my eyes were drawn again to the Rainbow Stairway of Living Stones, and as I looked again at the precious stones, I saw the Word, ”Mercy”written upon them.


Peace: The Pure White Dove seen in the Fruit: His Evangelists


But then I was suddenly the Dream shifted and I was taken up higher by The Spirit of Revelation, and a fiery colour of orange appeared over the top of the Tree, a whirling and swirling of powerful strong winds began to blow upon the sparse Fruit that hung on the Branches of the Tree.


Suddenly, I saw a Snow White Dove appear within the fiery orange winds of the Mighty Whirlwind, and I heard these Words, “Watch! For now a fresh Fire of My Glory will fall upon the heads of My Evangelists, for a time of purification and cleansing has now come upon the mighty Oak Tree.


Watch! For out of the very Roots shall come forth My Truths that shall purify the Fruits, for now My Seven Spirit Whirlwind comes to Shake, Shift and Separate the wheat and the tares.


For a time of great Harvest is now at hand and The God of Peace shall soon crush Satan under His Feet”.


As I heard The Spirit of Revelation speak those Words, again I was shown the Word; “Peace” which was written in gold upon the majestic Rainbow Stairway of Living Stones.


Suddenly I woke up from this powerful dream encounter and I immediately began to draw and write out what I saw in the dream.


As I started to pray, The Spirit of Revelation showed me a number of prophetic Words that I have previously shared that run parallel with this dream, I will put a few of the HKP link to these words specific below:


1. Trump Bent Not Broken

2. The Eagle, Owl and Dove

3. Samson

4. Trump Will Win but Walk With a Limp

5. Trump on the Mountain of The LORD

6. The Rose Garden, Two Trees


Prophetic Insights into the Dream


The Rainbow Stairway of Living Stones speaks to a few things.


First, I believe it speaks to what God is now building and establishing in and through his ekklesia, for we are living stones grafted in, all having our rightful place and position as one Body.


It’s out of this place of Divine Alignment and Order of Unity and Submission to one another in love, that “His Will, be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.”


T•R•U•M•P. The man and the New Kingdom Reformation Movement being birthed in the earth!


I also believe that it’s highly significant that the Word, T•R•U•M•P is written in gold and in ascending order on the steps of the Stairway of Living Stones.


First the gold, I believe, speaks to the the outpouring of His Glory that is coming to the earth.


Seing it in ascending order, speaks to God starting with restoring The Truth of His Word in the Foundations of His Church.


He is now going to fully expose the rot in Root system of the Tree (The Church) and He is Uncovering and Revealing every unrighteous Root that has defiled the Fruits.


Many will begin to hear the sound of The Lion of Judah rising from the ground and roaring over the Toots. This is the Roar of The Seven Spirits of God which will bring Supernatural Cleansing and Purification to the Foundations.


The Root System will be fully Restored by The Power of His Roar and thus there will be a greater manifestation of a Purity of Fruit, and much Fruit and Fruit that will remain!


Trump: A wreaking ball to a battering ram. From dismantling political and religious structures to demolishing demonic strongholds.


Furthermore, I believe God is again revealing through this dream, the Anointing and Authority that is upon the man, His chosen vessel, President Trump, who started as a wreaking ball that dismantled political and religious structures, to now becoming a battering ram that will demolish the satanic One World Order strongholds within the nation(s).


God has given Trump a heavenly mandate to tear-down and uproot, build and plant.


President Trump is certainly God’s Trumpet for this new era, and God will continue to use His Vessel mightily in the days ahead.


Whether you like it or not, God is not done with President Trump.


The spirit of God says, “Watch what will come forth from a time in exile!”


Like we see in the Dream, where a radical change and transformation comes upon the Oak Tree as The Seven Spirit Whirlwind comes upon it., so God is now doing a work of radical change and transformation within the vessel, the man whom he has anointed for this New Kingdom Era.


See also HKP Word: America: Trump and His Mighty Men!


T•R•U•M•P : The Building Blocks of a New Kingdom Era


I also believe that seeing T•R•U•M•P written on the Rainbow Stairway of Living Stones speaks to a Kingdom Legacy of Peace, Mercy, Unity and Righteousness being built and established on the foundation of His Truth through His ekklesia.


This will accelerate and advance His Kingdom Purposes coming to pass in the nations of the earth, for now, The Spirit and Power of Elijah is coming upon His Church as a Mighty Whirlwind to cleanse, to cut off, to Prune and Purify… from the Roots to the Fruits!


“Trump will win…. but walk with a limp.”


Lastly, I believe the Rainbow Stairway parallels with a powerful dream I had shared, where I was shown President Trump like Jacob the dream of the Stairway to Heaven and how Jacob wrestled with God.


I saw President Trump in the dream also wrestling with God over the Destiny and Rirthright of the Nation, and he would not let go until he received the blessing of God for the Nation.


I prophesied that Trump would win, but he would walk with a limp. This Word, I believe is now coming to pass.

Trump is now in a fierce wrestling match with The LORD, both for his own destiny and birthright and that of the nation, and for the blessing of God over the Nation

Trump as we know, he did win the election, but like in that dream, I saw the ekklesia kneeling down with President. Trump, as his hip was broken in the wrestling match.


But God released the blessing, called him by a new name, but he walked with a limp.


So keep praying Church; see links to this Word.


Please see below, some of the pictures I’ve drawn to show something of what I saw in the Dream. I am trying to get this Dream painted by a Prophetic Artist, which will truly bring the power and significance of the Dream to life.


In the main picture of the Oak Tree, I try to demonstrate that the Oak Tree has two sides. On seeing the tree for the first time in the dream, I was shown the Tree as lifeless and lacking in true power, might and kingdom authority. (the state of the Church now).


I see the Rot in the Root System, the disease in the Rrunk, the dead Branches etc, the lack of Leaves and the sparse Fruit on the Tree….


But… suddenly there is a Wind which begins to blow., a sign of The Winds of Change.


Then there is a sound of a roar, a sound that rises from the ground from deep within the Foundations, that heralds a Divine Shaking and Shifting, and suddenly a Keyhole is seen that becomes a Door and The Spirit and Power of Elijah comes forth as a mighty Whirlwind, which comes upon the current state of the Church.


And then the Five-Fold Ministries are revealed, by the five faces: Lion, Eagle, Owl, Lamb and Dove.


Each face and each colour of the whirlwind parallel to one another and their function.


We see how The Seven Spirits of God begins to bring Radical Change, Restoration and Reformation to the each of these Five-Fold Offices…. the Oak Tree is transformed from death to new life and fruitfulness!



Blessings to you all.
By Veronika West








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