If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

There's a Difference . . .

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There’s A Difference

By Kathy Mote



There's a difference between wanting Him and wanting from Him whatever need drove you to Him. We are all driven by our need of Him, but it is in times of trial that we are most aware of how deeply we need Him. As we are pressed to call Him LORD, we are given the opportunity to make the most powerful choice our heart can make, and that is to acknowledge His place in our heart. The heart He answers is the one He has pressed to call Him Lord. He answers because He is already present to bring them to Him.






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Would It Surprise You

By Kathy Mote



Would it surprise you to know this world was never meant to be our permanent home. We are here to be awakened to Him, and as our hearts are refined, we learn to live in Him. When we leave here, we return to Him.





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What We Have Been Calling The Rapture

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said what we have been calling the rapture will happen before we leave the Earth. The rapture will be Him completely filling us. He will appear in us, in the very breath in our lungs as He completely fills us. The word 'clouds' in the scripture is literally translated as 'breath'. We will be so completely enraptured we will be taken and transformed as we are filled with Him.


When He comes for us He will do so by coming into us. We can't begin to imagine it! As He comes to embrace us, and as He fills our heart, He will transform us right out of our flesh as He lifts us off this Earth and into His arms. Then He will take us up with Him, but in Him, we will already be home.

He is Spirit and all that we are able to imagine is limited to what we know as we are. He told me we will be so filled, lifted, and 'enraptured,' we will leave this world behind. We won't remember it at all.


That is why it is said that the cares of this earthly life are what anchors us to this life. The cares of this life are like anchors to our heart as they weigh us down. It is also said that to lose your life is to find your life in Him. We will utterly leave this world behind as we are swept up in Him.





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As I Sat Relaxing

By Kathy Mote


As I sat relaxing, the Lord spoke to me, but I didn't hear the words. My heart heard Him and I just melted. This is new to me. Isn't the point of being spoken to to understand? I began to cry, just melting with His love for me flowing like a river carrying me back to Him.


As I sat weeping, I said, I can't hear, but He said, You came to Me when I called. My love entered your heart and brought you back to Me. He said, Go tell them that everyone comes when I call. Everyone hears My voice. When I call them, they will come. Go tell them I will call them all and they will all come.





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My Pride

By Kathy Mote



My pride may throw me down before my Father's throne, but it is obedience that stands me on my feet before Him. It is His presence, His will and His work in me that makes me obedient to Him.


In a vision I stood before His throne with a heart to obey Him. But when pride was seen in my heart, my legs crumpled beneath me. My heart was humbled in His presence by my desire to please Him, and as I gave my heart to Him, my legs appeared again. This is how we stand before Him.




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I Have Come To The  Conclusion

By Kathy Mote


I have come to the conclusion that what I care most about is where my own heart is. You might think that is selfish, but this is my obedience and my obedience is my response to Him, something HE is in charge of. It is in this place that I stand before Him, trusting He will have His way in everyone else's heart that He calls to Him. To assume I know His will or how He will bring His desire into someone else's life is not minding my own business, it is minding HIS business. That is what He told me. He said HE will deal with every heart.


That is how He will rule His Kingdom.




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I am blessed to find you dear sister ✝️💜 ... God moving more beautifully and powerfully than ever through your writings ... thinking of you

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