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"Are You God Conscious?"

By Barbie Breathitt




The Spirit of Christ is God-inspired consciousness. It's the ingenious and powerfully productive, creative energy force, who skillfully imagined then spoke as He designed, formed and crafted the universe. As a result, Christ consciousness exists throughout the entire universe. Nothing was created, nothing exists and nothing holds together except in and through Christ. From before the foundation of the world, the great love of God chose each and every one of us as His very own to live the abundant life in Christ. His desired destiny for us is to be adopted as the children of God, holy and set apart as His blameless beloveds.


God created our being with the capacity to transcend time, space and eternity in order that we would be able to freely enter into God. Our body contains three life paths: the flesh, the soul and the transcendent spirit. Our spirit is the highest and only pathway that connects us to God. Scripture teaches that Jesus is the Son of God, Jesus Himself is God, and Jesus is the only access to God the Father. "...I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me" (John 14:6). Jesus did not say He is a way or one of the ways to God. He said He is the only way to God!


The way to God is not a path trodden by men's feet. The way to God is by discovering, accepting and intimately knowing the essence of the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the living, powerful Rhema Word of God. Jesus contains all of the mysteries that are written within the Logos. Jesus imagined, designed and structured all of creation. He created the entire ever-expanding universe. Jesus uniquely fashioned each of our individual bodies and gave each of us exclusive, irreplaceable, rare gifts and diverse, distinctive personalities through which to manifest His manifold, multidimensional glory.


How We Become Christ-Conscious


To become Christ-conscious and to operate as such, one must be born again of both Spirit and water to awaken the human spirit from death. By consciously receiving Christ as our Lord and Savior, His divine Spirit causes us to arise from the dead, as if awakening from a spiritual dream in sleep. The loss of life is a state of deep sleep. There is no transformational power in death, but there is unlimited, revolutionary power in eternal life. In death, our spirit is at eternal rest in the presence of the Lord, while our physical body is waiting for the day of its transformation and resurrection.


The Holy Spirit calls to us from within: "...Awake, you who sleep, arise from the dead, and Christ will give you light" (Ephesians 5:14).


When we are spiritually awakened from the sleep of death, the Spirit of Christ comes in and dwells within us. We are no longer bound to the earth; we are able to ascend or translate into the heavenly realms. We have access to the mind of Christ, the power of Christ, the authority of Christ. Anything Christ has, we have; we become joint heirs with Christ.


Christ consciousness is the ability to access the wisdom and the power of God, so we can become Christlike (a Christian). And until we become the wisdom of Christ, the mind of Christ, the power of Christ (Christ-conscious), we fall short of being a powerful representation of the living Christ for the sleeping world to behold.


The Bright Light of God


Every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father of Lights in whom there is no variation or shifting shadow. By the exercising of His will, Christ brought us forth by the Word of Truth, so that we would be a kind of firstfruits among His creatures (see James 1:17-18).  


It was God's divine will to appear in person, riding on His merkavah (chariot) while shrouded in a brilliant, blinding light, to convert Saul in a vision. The divine Spirit chose to set Saul apart to be Paul, making him His loyal, steadfast, apostolic messenger of Jesus Christ.


After Paul beheld the blinding brilliance of God's glorious light-realm, his natural sight had to be restored. God sent His obedient servant Ananias, one who understood the voice of the Spirit, to pray for the scales to fall off of Paul's eyes. Today we see so many leaders that are still blind and need to have their eyes opened to God's ways of truth.


The world has never been in a more desperate place. We need the bright light of God's presence to invade this present darkness with His universal, symbolic love language, to give us His revelation knowledge. God's grace comes to bring His enlightening Spirit to give the Believer the spirit of peace, unity and harmony, and to lead us into His unmerited favor. God's favor resting on Believers brings us into the blessing of every spiritual gift that resides in the heavenly realm.


Unified in Him


Christ redeemed, delivered and saved us through the power of His Blood for the remission and forgiveness of all of our sins, offenses, shortcomings and trespasses. Therefore, we are born from above, putting on God's righteousness that is beyond reproach, and we are able to rest in the riches of His generous love.


The Christ within us is exalted far above all rule, authority, power or dominion. He is above any name or title that can ever be conferred, not only in this present age and this world but also in the ages and the worlds that are to come. Because God has already placed ALL things under His feet, all things are also under the feet of Believers unified in Christ and centered in His will.


God has appointed Christ to be the universal, supreme Head of the Church. What is more, Christ has chosen to exercise His headship through the Blood-bought Church. The multiplied millions of Believers make up the one living Body of Christ, the great cloud of witnesses in Heaven and on the earth. The combination of all of our gifts and faith working together in unity forms the full measure of Christ, the One who makes everything and everyone complete with Himself. Christ holds the whole world together (see Ephesians 1).


Saturated in the Brilliance of Christ


Jesus Christ is the divine, imaginative light of the world. The love of Christ Jesus empowers us to walk in the conscious awareness of His saving light. God is calling us to awaken the Christ who is within us, because it is the Christ in us that gives.


Through the increased awareness of the Spirit of Christ living boldly within us, we express a greater degree of Christ's consciousness, grace, strength and power. A new day dawns within our lives as the Christ in us emerges and gives us more and more celestial light.


The amount of heavenly enlightenment our souls possess determines the level of godly wisdom, divine spiritual understanding and the amount of influence and physical success we experience in life. When Christ's light saturates our souls, we have the capacity to choose to rise to a higher state of being to become the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill that cannot be hidden (see Matthew 5:14).  


Christ's light shining in and through the Believer causes him or her to be highlighted, promoted and favored. Like Esther, who chose to take the path less trodden, and waltzed into the king's corridor and won the favor of all, we are called, chosen and set apart for divine purpose. The Christ within us emboldens our spirits to believe for the impossible. We must realize that those who consider something to be impossible, this is only their mistaken opinion.




Christ ignites our faith so that we move in great faith. We are enabled to discover and trust in God's powerful, transcendent ways. The more we trust, the more we allow God's love and grace to flow through us. As God's love flows through us, the gifts flow and eternal fruit is produced based on the foundation of His love. The world witnesses this and is drawn to the loving Christ within us. When at rest in Christ (Christ-conscious), we shine and lift Him up, thus drawing all men unto Him.


As Believers in Christ, we do not deny the present condition of this fallen world. Instead, we understand that God's love shining forth from within our spirits is the guiding beacon of Christ's healing light to the world.


"Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, 'I am the light [conscious awareness] of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life [the inspired, conscious awareness of Christ; the eternal, brilliant light and life force of God]." (John 8:12, emphasis mine)


We are called to project God's saving grace and "revelation knowledge" to the outer world. The knowledge of God comes so that others can be saved from the darkness of hatred, prejudice and death, so they can be awakened, resurrected and can live a transformed life in the ever-expanding Kingdom of God's light.



By Dr. Barbie L. Breathitt

President, Breath of the Spirit Ministries

Email: Barbie@BreathOfTheSpiritMinistries.com

Website: www.DreamsDecoder.com




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