If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

I will not give up!


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I Will Not Give Up!

By Dana Jarvis




Elijah Took Four Things


Four things that Elijah took with him up to Mount Carmel.


He took a Revelation.


Before he ever took one step up that mountain, he could already envision that false religious order being overthrown.


He could see Baals altars torn down, and the altar of The LORD standing in it’s place. Even David had a revelation before Goliath even hit the ground.


Get a revelation of the Will and Plan of God for your life, You need to see yourself as God sees you, you need to lift your eyes above the circumstances around you.


He took with him Expectation.


He expected the fire to fall, He expected God to show up. Expect more from yourself and most of all expect more from Him. Expectation is the breeding ground for miracles!


He took with him a Desperation.


His life depended upon God answering by fire or he may die on that mountain. When you get desperate, you don’t care what other people say or think or do, all that matters is: I have got to get to Jesus, and I have got to touch him for myself.


I will do what it takes to get to the Master.


The final thing Elijah took with him was a Resignation.


He had already predetermined in his heart and mind that he was going through with this challenge, even if he had to die on that mountain.


Many times when life gets hard, your first thought is to quit and just bail, but you need to have and keep a made up mind.


You shall not be moved!


Rise up, Child


Rise up, Child of The Most High from the very place the devil thought he had buried you and done threw the dirt over you.


Soar from that place he thought he had completely drowned you.


That stone is rolling away from the place he held you captive. It was not your tomb, but a womb! You are in your birthing season of something new!


I hear the distinct words, “Breakthrough!” “Restoration!” “Healing!” “Acceleration!” “Deliverance!” and “RESURRECTION!”


Declared and Done over your lives right now in Jesus’ glorious Name!


I Will Not Give Up!

Some of you have had to get an “I WILL NOT GIVE UP!” in your spirit!


You have had to wrestle with God. It has not been easy. Wrestling can be exhausting.


I know in my walk with God and in those times of wrestling, I have cried those ugly cries, got an attitude, told God, “I don’t believe!”


He even hears what I am saying down here, and I am so not afraid to speak my mind sometimes.


Let’s face it, He knows what we are thinking anyway. Releasing it only helps us face the reality of our struggle.


Hello, somebody!


Although our spiritual winters can be brutal. It has been below freezing would be a better description


Your heart felt icy at times, and your soul felt like it would never warm again. You have wrestled in the darkness wondering if you would ever see the light.


You have questioned your calling, your decisions, your sanity. Even in the midst of uncertainty, He will NEVER let you down.


I remember over and over again how faithful He has been in my life, and I praise Him. In those moments, as I put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness, every concern melts into His Glory.


Without fail. Every. Single. Time. He has never let me down.


I see that glimmer of hope, that ray of light preparing to pierce your darkness. I can hear him whisper for you these words, “The waters are heaped around you, Beloved! The way has been made!


The place has been prepared! Keep going, Beloved! There is a place prepared for you on the other side of this pain, and you are almost there!


Don’t stop now! Just fix your eyes on Me and keep putting one foot in front of the other. When you cannot see what lies ahead, focus on the NOW.


When you find yourself in transition, realizing that yesterday is gone, and you cannot see tomorrow … just trust Me in the moment.”


“A place has been prepared for you, beloved! A place has been prepared!”saith The LORD.


Keep moving forward. Keep going! The best is yet to come! Spring has sprung in your spiritual life, I see it. I know it. I feel it. I believe it!


For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone….. (Song of Solomon 2:11)




By Dana Jarvis






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