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"The Release of a Powerful Mantle: Where Is the Lord God of Elijah?"

By Ella Onakoya




On March 1, 2021, the Lord took me into a powerful dream encounter where I witnessed the transfer of Elijah's mantle onto Elisha thousands of years ago. I saw Elisha pick up the mantle after Elijah had ascended into Heaven.


In this dream, after Elisha had picked up the mantle of Elijah, I saw him stride forward with zeal and purpose, eager to see the power of God demonstrated through the mantle he had received. I saw him throw the mantle on the waters as I heard these words: "Where is the Lord God of Elijah?" I saw the waters split in two. It was one of the most powerful sights I have ever seen.


The 4th Watch


I woke up in the middle of the night with these words ringing in my heart: "Where is the Lord God of Elijah?" I looked at the time. It was about 3 AM, the beginning of the 4th watch. One of the important characteristics of the 4th watch is that it is the hour of the supernatural. It was in the 4th watch that Jesus called Peter to walk on water to Him (Matthew 14:22-33). It was in the 4th watch that an earthquake occurred at the tomb as Jesus was resurrected (Matthew 28:1-2).


I began to pray earnestly in my heart for the Body of Christ to begin to walk in the fullness of the mantle of the supernatural that had been transferred.


What Is the Elijah Mantle and Who Are the Elisha Company?


A threshold has been crossed in Heaven's timing for the Church to arise as a type of Elisha company, who will operate in a similar anointing as that which was on Elijah.


Who are the Elisha company in these times?


1. They are those whose eyes are steadfastly fixed on Jesus, despite distractions, persecutions or trials. Because their gaze is fixed on the Lord, they will have the ability to move with Heaven's timing when spontaneous and powerful moves of God are released.  


In 2 Kings chapter 2, verses 9 and 10, Elisha asked if he could have a double portion of Elijah's anointing. Elijah replied that if he would see him when he was taken away, he would receive what he asked for. Elisha never removed his gaze from Elijah as they journeyed together. He received Elijah's mantle that fell when he ascended into Heaven as a result.


In a like manner, those who fix their gaze on Jesus, with the desire and willingness to make His name known, will be used by God in moves of His Spirit. God is no respecter of persons and some of those who will emerge as forerunners will surprise the world. My book, Spirit Led Evangelism (available on the Elijah List), shares important keys to being prepared for the moves of God.


2. This company of Believers is primed and ready to walk fearlessly in the mantle of God's power. In my dream, Elisha's walk to the waters was steadfast and purposeful. He was not going to waste the mantle. He was going to use it. Be purposeful to release the power of the mantle of God that's been invested in you.


Their heart's cry will be "Where is the Lord God of Elijah?" Their relentless expectation of Heaven's intervention will draw Heaven's response.


The mantle of Elijah which I saw in my dream represents a move of the supernatural, prayer and authority to contend against the power of darkness. The God of Elijah moved mightily in these areas on behalf of Elijah during his ministry on the earth. He is willing to move in great power and authority if we will step out in the mantle He has released to us.


What will it look like to walk in an Elijah-type anointing or mantle today?


Bold Prayers of Authority


Prayer was one of the hallmarks of Elijah's powerful ministry on the earth. There is a hunger in the heart of God for those who will rise up and pray bold, declarative prayers that will draw the attention of Heaven. Similar to the days of Elijah, today we live in a society where God is mocked by those who have no faith in His power, profanity is exalted and revered, and the current plague, the worldwide pandemic, is lingering for far too long.


Surely there is a need for a company of Believers who will arise in the Elijah anointing...who, through the power of bold declarative prayers, will release prayers with such authority that a shift will take place in our time, where we will experience God's move on Earth as is in Heaven! God desires for us to pray such prayers that will reveal the authority of who He is.


Some years ago, after teaching at a school of Supernatural Evangelism in Nigeria, we were about to go out to preach the Gospel when a heavy deluge of rain started. It would have been impossible in such a situation to have the outreach, as those types of rains often cause floods. We stretched out our hands to command the rain to stop and it stopped! Storms had eased during my itinerant travel flights; hurricanes eased at the power of prayer in response to prayers of authority that I and others had prayed. Bold prayers such as these please the heart of the Father.


There Will Be Victory Against the Powers of Darkness


Elijah's ministry on Earth was typified by victorious contentions against the enemy. He lived at a time when evil rulers lived lifestyles that disdained God. In 1 Kings 18:16-40, on Mount Carmel, he sought to honor the name of God when he challenged the prophets of Baal to call down fire, declaring that the God who releases fire is the real God. Such was the authority and power of God that backed Elijah's proclamation, the Baal prophets were unable to call down fire, regardless of how hard they tried, but God came through for his prophet and released fire on the altar. We will release similar authority when faced with demonic contentions, when we release the authority Christ has bestowed on us.  


Several years ago, when I was on a ministry crusade trip with other missionaries to Uganda, we were told about witch doctors who would make enchantments against crusades to hinder the moves of God. While there, I woke up in the middle of the night, and through the windows I could see witch doctors brazenly encamped outside our guest hotel, cursing, chanting and beating their drums. It was clear that they were there to hinder God's move. I stood up that night and prayed, decreeing all enchantments to fail and for the Lord's fire to destroy all demonic contention, and to protect the missionaries I was with and the crusade. The Lord moved and protected His people and the crusade was a success, with many saved and healed.


Crossing Over Into the New


The crossing of the Jordan in Scripture is significant...it signifies a supernatural "crossing over" into the land of inheritance, purpose and destiny. After Elijah was taken into Heaven, it was time for Elisha to emerge into the destiny he was called to. The mantle he now held was not only symbolic of God's power, but it actually held all that Elijah walked in—now given to Elisha. He released this mantle over the Jordan and crossed over on dry land. By this act, he had crossed over into His God-ordained ministry on Earth.


A transition is taking place that will cause several in the Body of Christ to experience a new level of ministry that Heaven has ordained for them. I hear in my spirit, "It's a cross over season!"


A Far Greater Mantle Than That of Elijah


Although the dream I had was about the mantle of Elijah, I believe this mantle is a type and shadow of the mantle we have received from Jesus Himself. If the mantle of Elijah released such supernatural power in the ministry of Elisha, which we are also encouraged to walk in, how much more is the power in the mantle passed on to us by Jesus? When Jesus was leaving the earth, He declared, "Receive ye the Holy Ghost" (John 20:22). And in Mark 16:17:18, when He commissioned Believers to preach the Gospel, heal the sick and live a life of power, He was effectively releasing His mantle to us.


Church, I encourage you to rise up in the urgency of the hour we are in, as it is not time to sleep but to be fully awake. In my dream I saw the zeal of Elisha as he walked purposefully to release the power of the mantle given to Him. It is time for us to arise with the same zeal and release the power and authority of Christ!




By Ella Onakoya

Harvest of the Nations

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Website: www.harvestofthenations.com




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