If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

For Days Now . . .



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For Days Now

By Kathy Mote



For days now, a man I knew and loved long ago has been coming to my mind. At first I pressed the thoughts of him out of my mind, trying to leave the past behind, but the Lord spoke to me and said, We have unfinished business, you and I. 


I waited, and I listened and I settled my heart. I dropped all assumptions of what this could mean as I cleared my mind. What possible unfinished business could the Lord have with me concerning the lost love of my life.


He said, I took him away from you. With him you could not be as you are called to be or do what you are called to do, and it is very important that you do. You would have been happy, but you would have had to choose Me over him. That's what he would have demanded, because that's the way he is. I know his heart.


I let that sink in. Just for a minute. I would have been happy. What a thought. Am I not happy now as I follow the sound of Your voice? I live in a place of peace in warm, golden Light that is beyond this Earth. I am more than happy. I am blessed.


But He said to me, I will heal your heart. The joy that came as He said this washed over me. I am as He says I am and I know this all too well. I am like putty in His mighty hands. He brings change to my heart in a single moment with one smile, one touch, one breath.


The way He heals is a mystery to me. He said that He establishes a thing at the end (of His thoughts on it) and it ends up as He desires. All things are established in His heart, and His Spirit brings the desires of His heart to Him.


He once said, I declare My desires at the end of all things and that is the beginning of them. This speaks of His Spirit bringing us to our ordered steps. We may not always understand our ordered steps, but He sees that we take them as we come to Him.

As He spoke to me about losing the love of my life, I realized I had no idea what it would have been like. I know He holds me in the palm of His hand. It may not seem like it in the moment, but this life only lasts a short time. Then we return to Him. He is the Lover of our soul and the Giver of abundant Life. He said, I AM the love of your life. That is the Life you live. I am blessed to say that it is.




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Things That Get In Way

By Kathy Mote



Things that get in the way.


When we have all manner of unsettled and unsettling things pressing our heart, we have allowed those things to step in the way. We focus on them and the worry they cause, or the fear they cause, or the desires they cause and those things live in our heart, carrying our heart away.


When we turn our heart toward the sound of His voice He is Lord of our heart as He lives and moves and breathes in our heart and nothing gets in His way. We are filled with joy at the sound of His voice saying, I've got you, you're okay.





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Our Father

By Kathy Mote




🥀Our Father made us different than the world. For such a time as this. He took away all that we would have been to make us what we are to Him. Speaking for myself, it was an undoing to be raised by Him. But the emptiness that this life would have been without Him is no loss as I am given Life in Him.


He redeemed my heart by showing me what I am to Him. He said all my undoing was done by His own hand to make me as I am. Accepting this life from Him has given me the courage to be who I am. It eased my heart to know that we have no place in the world because our place is in Him.


He said only one who is emptied can be filled. It is a matter of whose heart beats in them. Those brought before Him are made to honor Him. That's how He keeps them with Him, never to lose sight of Him. He said this as He brought me before Him to be who I am, emptied of who I had been.


Our heart is no longer empty as we find our place in Him. As we walk with Him, we are filled by Him. We are made to honor Him by His Word living in our heart, bringing us to Him. His love for us is the Life He gives.


I said all of that to say this to those who are called to Him: This life is not all that it seems. As brief, fleeting and often painful and uncertain as our time here is, it is our time to give our heart to Him. To know His love like a heartbeat in our heart is to be made beautiful by Him. To give our heart back to Him is to know that beauty is Him.




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Our Salvation

By Kathy Mote



Our salvation is not based on our confidence in our own thinking of Him. It is not measured by how comfortable we are. True salvation is not meeting a criteria, it is belonging to Him. It is being brought into His presence to live, and responding to Him with open heart. This is ongoing surrender to Him. This is why we call Him Lord. But He is more, and He calls us to Him as a parent who calls His children to Him.


It is not our love for Him that saves us, it is His love for us working in us to redeem us and call us to Him. That deep and powerful love that moves our heart is His presence. As He brings us to Him, He changes us and that change runs deep. He is, by His very presence in us, making us like Him that we would be compatible with Him. Being brought into His heart is what we have been calling redeemed.



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I Am Hesitant

By Kathy Mote



I am hesitant to share this, thinking there are so few who will agree. Only the mature will be able to even consider this, much less accept it or be comfortable with it. Those who want peace in the world may still have hope for it. But those of us who know the Lord's agenda are beginning to realize, He is dealing with the evil in it. What He said to me was, I'm almost done. Wait for Me.


My heart has been so grieved for the world, which has become obsessed with all things wretched. I am reminded of Lot who smote his own breast (being deeply grieved in his heart) over the state of the community he was living in. They had become all things grievous, just like the world is today.


In my own heart, just seeing such evil threw me into deep survival mode at the Lord's feet. My heart has been in a face down fetal ever since the last election and all that is being revealed. Perhaps that is the point of what is going on. It is a great storm. As I heard the Lord speak to me, I knew that is what He meant. He is not finished exposing the evil in every heart. No, we don't understand, but He said He would try every heart.


Even those of us who trust in Him cannot fully grasp all that He is doing today. Evil is being exposed with the purpose of tearing it out at the root. He is not coming to smooth things over. He is coming with a sword. It seems evil will not be allowed to coexist with the glory which is to come. As for myself, I am beginning to see this world is merely an atmosphere to raise us in and I am no longer attached to it. I am convinced of the Lord's faithfulness. He will gather and protect all those the Father gives to Him.




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The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said, “You are like the succulent growing strong in the desert winds, watered from a well that flows from within. You are carefully tended in the harsh environment you are in. Even now, you see the storm that rages around you is of My making. Before I am through, the whole Earth will be cleansed.”






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03.04 | 10:46

Overflowing with thanks to our Papa to receive a full belly and a glass of cold water from Him through my sister's heart and words.

10.11 | 06:23

Yes beloved . . . of course it is!!!!! Today! Yesterday and Forever!!!!!

08.11 | 09:41

Amen, I receive it in the Almighty Name of Jesus for family, friends, neighbor's, people in our lives, and myself according to Gods will. Amen

08.11 | 08:11

I see the date on this is May 31, 2016. Does it still apply to today? This is just so beautiful.

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