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"Receive Your Commission Orders Into New Pathways!"

By Lana Vawser



I had an encounter with the Lord recently and I heard Him speaking over the pioneers: "The greatest refreshment you have experienced by My Spirit will be found on the new pioneering pathway I am leading you into."


I began to see many pioneers receiving the "commissioning orders" from the Lord for these new pioneering pathways. But there was a level of weariness of soul that came from the battles many of these pioneers had faced in the previous season; even though there was great excitement for the new pathways the Lord was leading them down, there was also a feeling of weariness.


Waters of Refreshment


But, when the Lord spoke those words about the greatest refreshment by His Spirit, I could hear the sound of rushing waters; I could tangibly feel the refreshment of the Lord, like a big, cold drink being poured over the parched and thirsty, bringing such deep healing, fulfillment and satisfaction to their souls. In His presence, deep refreshment was coming like never before as they built with Him in these new ways. Deep refreshment was taking place as they lived out this encounter with Jesus in the new "building projects."


I heard the Lord speak again: "Pioneers, what I am having you build with Me now is not only becoming a well for others to come and drink, but it is a well that you will also drink from."


Immediately I was surrounded by the heart of the Lord for these weary pioneers. Not only were these new pathways causing wells of encounter with Him and His Spirit to spring up so that others could drink from them and be refreshed and fulfilled – but as the pioneers built with the Lord, they themselves were being refreshed by His Spirit as they built and pioneered with Him.


His Beauty Outweighs the Battle


The Lord spoke again: "It will not be as it has been. It will not be as it has been."


I knew by the Spirit that the Lord was speaking to those who have been pioneering with Him. There has been an incredible move of His Spirit, but the level of "battle" that they have faced almost knocked them out of their assignment.  


This time it was not as it was before. This time the label of "battle weariness" and "exhaustion" was no longer upon them. This time I saw the weight of His glory resting upon them so tangibly, so heavily...I saw them so overcome by His presence, so deeply refreshed by His Spirit that they were living in a deeper place of rest and communion with the Lord, drinking so deeply of His Spirit and presence. They were coming up higher, above any effects of the battle that had knocked them around and caused them to want to withdraw and quit.


"My beauty outweighing the battle, My beauty outweighing the battle" – over and over again would these words resound in the atmosphere. The Lord was bringing these weary pioneers into such a deep encounter with Him that the beauty of who Jesus is, His majesty and holiness, was outweighing the effects of the battle, bringing deep, deep, deep refreshment. They were finding a well of intimacy with Jesus in the beauty of His nature that outweighed the weariness of the battle.


The Lord then said, "I am restoring the joy of My salvation in their hearts."


They were not only being refreshed and replenished in the Lord, as they moved into these new pioneering pathways with Him, but the branding upon their hearts as the "BURNING ONES" was going deeper than it had ever gone. A revival of His burning love, adoration, and beauty was setting their hearts on fire for Him in ways they had never experienced.


Houses and Wells of His Glory


I began to see HOUSES and WELLS being pioneered all across the earth. It reminded me of an encounter I had with the Lord recently where I saw arks that the Lord was establishing, through the pioneers for His glory, to come and rest.


As I looked at these houses and wells, the Lord spoke:


"Pioneers, pray and fast, lean in and listen, for you are being positioned to HOUSE WELLS OF MY GLORY."  


The tangible presence of God was so thick in my office as He spoke those words: "...to HOUSE WELLS OF MY GLORY."


Psalm 24:7-9 (NASB) began to resound loudly in my spirit:


"Lift up your heads, you gates, and be lifted up, you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in! Who is the King of glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle. Lift up your heads, you gates, and lift them up, you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in!"


The glory of God that was coming was unlike anything that has been seen or experienced before (Haggai 2:9), and the Lord was refreshing these pioneering ones to house His glory and a mighty move of His Spirit.


So if that's you today, pioneering friend, be encouraged. The Lord is bringing refreshment to you on the new pioneering pathways He is leading you down; this will be the greatest refreshment by His Spirit that you have experienced. You will find a deep well of refreshment as you pioneer with the Lord. You will find deep refreshment as you feast on the Word. You will find deep refreshment in the move of God that He is, and that He is going to birth through you as you build with Him.


Pray and fast, lean in and listen, for you are being positioned to HOUSE wells of His glory through what His is having you pioneer and build with Him.




By Lana Vawser

Lana Vawser Ministries

Email: info@lanavawser.com

Website: www.lanavawser.com




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