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It's the hour of the 7 Mountain Takeover . . .


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"The Dams Are Bursting! It's the Hour

of the 7 Mountain Takeover!"

By Linda Freeman




First Day of Spring: "Dams Bursting!"


This is what I saw and heard on the first day of spring 2021:


Dams bursting! Dams bursting! I saw dams bursting and flood waters being unleashed, and I saw that the waters were gushing out of reservoirs which the Lord has established and hidden and stored up all over the world. Reservoirs of resources. Reservoirs of riches – not the earth's wealth, but Kingdom wealth. And I heard the sound of many waters as the walls of the dams burst that had held them back until the Lord's time, and I saw the unleashed waters becoming swells that carried wave on wave of anointing and appointing for God's people.


The Holy Spirit said that this is for God's people – His faithful ones – for the ones who pay their vows before the Lord, the ones who seek His presence and His face, the ones who are willing and waiting to do His will. The waves are coming to them, the flood waters are for them...not to overwhelm them, but for riding (Isaiah 43:2). The waves will pick them up and lift them up to ride higher and higher to the high places of the earth.


Seeds of Promise Springing Forth!


I saw that each of these Believers being swept up had a "Promised Land" inside of them...a place where the seeds of all the promises given to them by God have been planted, have been buried, and which were once watered with their prayers. But for many of them, their Promised Land looks barren now, looks empty, looks like nothing is there, because so many of their promises have been forgotten, overlooked, or misunderstood. But the Lord says that those promises are still there, planted within them...like the seeds that have lain dormant all winter and are about to spring forth into the earth with the spring rains.


Now, the Lord says that as the flood waters come to them, those dry places containing those seeds will be watered by God Himself. So many have forgotten those promises but the Lord their God has not forgotten even one. Now those seeds will spring forth into bloom, and the fruit that will be birthed is what will supply each saint with what he or she needs when they get to where the waters are carrying them.  


Riding on Waves of Glory: The Hour of the 7 Mountain Takeover


And as these waters continue to be released, they will rise even higher across the parched places, as the abandoned wells below the ground are uncapped and the springs gush up from below to meet the flood waters, causing each Believer, called to this time, to rise with the flood tide – even higher on the waves.


The Lord says that these Believers include even His "forgotten" people: the older generations, the unknowns, the "outsiders," the seemingly invisible Believers who are often overlooked or dismissed or rejected or discredited. They will all ride together, the great and small who still call upon His name; all will be lifted by these waves to the high places on the earth and delivered to their new assignments.


And the Lord says, "These assignments are for the mountaintops...not just any mountains, but the Seven Mountains of influence: Religion, Government, Media, Family, Education, Arts & Entertainment, Business." The Lord says, "The Seven Mountains are about to be shaken, but not from the bottom. They'll be shaken from the top as saints are carried to the tops and ushered into these systems, by the Holy Spirit, to suddenly, surprisingly, unexpectedly influence the people there, who in turn influence cultures, kingdoms, and people worldwide."


And I saw that the assignments were primarily the same for all of these saints of whom the Lord has said, "Trustworthy." They are to declare the Kingdom of God in everything they do and say, and make the glory of the Lord known in these places of power.


The Earth Will Be Filled with the Knowledge of the Glory of God


The Holy Spirit said, "The revelation of the vision is Habakkuk 2:14: 'For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.'"


When I asked the Lord to tell me what the word "glory" meant, the picture I got was "to amplify." They will turn up the volume on the knowledge of the Lord and His glory, these saints who are dropped into positions on the tops of those mountains.


When I asked the Lord to confirm this final part of this word to me with something from HIS Word, the Holy Spirit led me directly to Jeremiah 50:6,7 in the Amplified:


"My people have become lost sheep; their shepherds have led them astray. They have made them turn aside [to the seductive places of idolatry] on the mountains. They have gone along [from one sin to another] from mountain to hill; they have forgotten their [own] resting place.  


"All who found them have devoured them; and their adversaries have said, 'We are not guilty, because they have sinned against the Lord [and are no longer holy to Him], their [true] habitation of righteousness and justice, even the Lord, the [confident] hope of their fathers.'"


In this passage it seems clear He was confirming that His people have been corrupted by these mountains, even on these mountains, going from (being led from) one sin to another, and that the corruptors who have influenced them – and us all – from these high places feel no remorse, conviction or guilt, because of the CONDITION OF THE PEOPLE OF GOD who have lost their rightful, ordained, and divine influence in and over and through these mountaintops.


The final thing I sensed was that the people who still follow Jehovah as the One True and Only Holy God will also plunder these places of corruption and influence, and "mine" from them riches to be transformed into Kingdom riches: Righteousness, Truth, Salvation, Wealth, Health, Justice, and Sound Minds. These are the Seven Mountains OF THE LORD. And the power and authority, influence and reach, which have been amassed on the mountaintops of men, will now be "Kingdomized" – seized for the Kingdom – and used for His glory. Selah!






By Linda Freeman

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