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The Encounter With Uriel in 2013 About

the Coming Heavenly Schools Into Our Generation

By Susan O’Marra



The Book of Enoch Chapter 33


And from thence I went to the ends of the earth and saw there great beasts, and each differed from the other; and (I saw) birds also differing in appearance and beauty and voice, the one differing from the other. 2. And to the east of those beasts I saw the ends of the earth whereon the heaven rests, and the portals of the heaven open. 3. And I saw how the stars of heaven come forth, and I counted the portals out of which they proceed, and wrote down all their outlets, of each individual star by itself, according to their number and their names, their courses and their positions, and their times and their months, as Uriel the holy angel who was with me showed me. 4. He showed all things to me and wrote down for me: all their names he wrote for me, and their laws and their companies.


Transcript of the encounter with Uriel:


Patrick then realized the Angel Uriel had come from Heaven into the meeting. God had sent him for a purpose. We then all sought God for why he had come to us tonight. Then the Lord spoke His thoughts, through the Angel to us. Susan then began to hear what the Angel was saying so she came to the front and repeated what she heard.


“The Father has determined that it is time for this generation to ascend to its Heavenly positions in Christ. The Father has determined that you understand not just the natural laws, but also Spiritual laws. The Father has determined that you come into the order of the Heavenly sphere, and not just the earthly sphere. But it is time to go higher this year. It is time to learn of the Courses in Heaven. It is time to learn of the positions in Heaven in which you will sit in, one day. It is time to ascend and take your place.”


“You are called to rule and reign with Christ in the Heavenlies, and on the earth. But few come higher, to learn of their full authority; to learn of their full commission in the earth. Enoch was one of many that have come in every generation, and now it’s your turn. It is time to desire and look into the Heavenly things, with the angels. The things that have been reserved for these last days.


The things that you were born for, and your purpose on this planet is to accomplish the Father’s will in the end. It is your job to work with the Heavenly host. To work with us; to work with the Father. It is your job to ascend and descend on assignment, in the Heavenly realms, and on the earth. It is time to understand God’s order, the perimeter’s, the boundaries, and the laws that govern Heaven, and that govern earth.”


“If you are to walk in the eternal realm, you must know that there is an order to these realms, just as there is an order to the natural realm. It is time for you to function in your full capacities. It is time to learn in the Heavenly Classrooms. It is time to be taught the Divine Courses. The Father has activated and opened the portals to you, a few at a time, so that you could learn to grow up in them. So that you could grow up in the degrees of learning that will come to you.


Because as you grow up in Christ, you shall also mature, you shall also function as Christ functioned in the earth, and in the Heavens. For as He has authority, so do you, but you do not know it. You do not wield it. You do not enforce it. But you will, for the Father has said it is time to come, and to teach the Church her role in the Heavens, and in the earth. For you are Divinely giving birth.”


The Lord’s Presence increased, and He was moving deeply among us all. Susan then picked up more thoughts from the Lord and from the Angel. The Lord was instructing us corporately. Susan: The Lord was giving thoughts to me from Uriel:


“We are at a strategic time on the earth, when men’s choices and men’s desires are becoming full blown in the earth. The things that men have wanted to rule and have dominion over, and in the courses are going head over heels to destruction.”


“But the Lord says, “That we have authority in the earth to determine the course our home, our Church, our City, our State and even of our Nation. It is not just about the saints surviving what is to come, or fearing what is to come upon the earth; it is about the saints creating what is to come and to be. It is about the saints creating the true reality that God has wanted from the beginning. When the Church gives up our rights of rulership to men, then we tell them to rule instead, this is what we get.


But when the saints get a revelation of their scroll, or their Nations scroll, or whatever, we then begin to govern that City back into the will of God through prayer, because we have authority to decree, by the authority given to us each to sit in the Heavenlies with Christ and to rule from there. The Lord wants to train us and teach us how to rule, how to have authority, and how to change events on earth through prayer.”


The Lord says, “He has Scrolls, but if there is no one to enforce them, who is going to do it? God gave the earth to man. It is time for the dominion of the Church to begin, because God is bringing the dominion of man to an end. It is time for us to look into the Perfect Law of Liberty, to see what is written there, and then we are to begin to decree and to speak forth it, so the angels can create it. It is time authority to be enforced from the Throne, and for us to begin to say, “No, our Nation will go this way. This is what we will become.”


“This is what will happen in the days ahead, for we have the power to decree what will be. God is going to open the Books for us, to see what He wants to be, then we agree with what He wants to be, then Heaven and earth will fully agree. Then the Power of Decree will create it, and it will be enforced in Heaven and on the earth, by the angels. It’s not about what we want, it is about, what is written.”


“The Lord wants us to get with Him. He wants us to seek Him, to ask Him to open our eyes to His books that have been reserved for our day, and let us see the things that you want to be enforced on the earth. Let us see the Laws, and the Edicts, and the mandates that you want Legislated in the earth, and show us how to speak it, so that it can be created, so the angels can go and bring it to pass. God is sending angels to help us, when we cry out to God, then He hears us and answers us. The angels will come at times from the Lord, to tell us what to do, and what things mean for our day.”


By Susan G O'Marra


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