If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

Will you stand against the giants in the land?


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"Victory Awaits Your Faith! Will You Stand

Against the Giants in the Land?"

By Virginia Kettler Blackburn




Believer, I'm sure you noticed, as I have, that the world has been turned upside down! By that I mean, what we used to consider evil and ungodly seems to be acceptable. It seems like every day we are challenged with opportunities to either accept or reject what others define as normal, and yet as Christians is unacceptable!


While asking the Lord for a present, encouraging word for the Body, my pen started flying. The following is what I heard from God.


"Victory is Mine," says the Lord! "I have gone before you with the power of My sword—My Word cuts through and slays the enemy (giant) of your soul. I have ordained and established My plans before the foundation of the world. Think not that I have been surprised or not known what man would do up to this time in history.


"My word is truth and does not change. You must lean into MY truth, MY word that has come forth. Be encouraged and listen to ME and listen FOR ME. My word comes BEFORE the natural manifestation in the earth. Stand strong and unwavering and you will see My hand bring swift deliverance and justice!"


As the Lord continued to speak, I was keenly aware of how the world has continued to seep in and infiltrate and indoctrinate His people. He reminded me of His divine grace which enables us to withdraw from the world's evil grip, but also empowers us to make godly choices. He also assured me that each of us have His grace to withdraw from the its grip and to also make the proper choices to determine our positions that bring success and peace. It became abundantly clearer that we are not to make friends with the world, as it is at enmity with HIM (1 John 5:4, John 16:33, 1 Corinthians 15:57).


The Lord continued to say, "I have spoken many times. I have, in times past, spoken through My prophets. I am still speaking through My vessels today." He continued, "How do you judge the word? Are you judging by natural inclination or by My Spirit? For in these last days even the elect could be deceived and follow false gods.


"Therefore, because I love you, I will examine the hearts of My people and prepare them for the coming glory. This preparation will align you for a greater purpose and release of a greater glory to come. It is My desire to shine in you and through you. Watch, for I will release signs, wonders and miracles. I will call forth a remnant and through them I will do great things. For it's not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit.  


"Although some trust in horses, and some in chariots, you will trust in the name of the Lord your God. Don't look for a sign, but believe Me! As you let your faith increase, as you stand, pray and believe for what I desire to bring about on the earth, then YOU will be transformed. Circumstances will not move or shake you. Your anticipation, your faith, your hope will move Me on the earth!"


Return to Your First Love


The Lord is promising to circumcise our hearts and as we return to Him, the things of this world will fade and the things of the Spirit will become more real to us than the things of the world. We have accepted things of the world as normal, but the "norm" must be examined. We have adopted the devices of the enemy and are not aware of it.


Then He reminded me of a recent dream He gave me:


The Dream


I was in a classroom and a teacher was passing out a type of wooden plaque for each student to study. On the plaque were four raised symbols that were encrypted and foreign. As I was attempting to decipher the symbols the Lord spoke to me. He said, "Look at the symbols with My eyes of discernment!"


So, I looked again and then the understanding came. Immediately the teacher walked up to me and asked me the meaning of the first symbol. I said, "Well, it represents the enemy, the devil." Then he turned his back to me and said, "No, that's not right!" At that moment I felt a righteous anger arise within me and I was determined to correct what the teacher had said. I did not want the students to be deceived. I yelled out, "No, no! This symbol means satan!" At that moment in the dream, I woke up (after having yelled so loudly that I woke my husband too).


In the dream, the Lord showed me that there are symbols/codes/encryptions being used by the world/enemy that have hidden meanings. There is much deception in our nation and the world at this time in history. The only way we can navigate and understand our path is to have God's wisdom, not natural understanding. The false or worldly culture must be exposed so others can be set free from the demonic strongholds. And authority figures in the government, the media, and others will continue to attempt to seduce and deceive us. Having God's discernment, the mind of Christ, is critical in this day and hour.


Stand Up to the Giant!


Dear ones, God has a plan for each of us, our families, and our nation! The enemy has distracted us and has seduced us into focusing on the wrong things. As David stood up to Goliath, he didn't listen to the naysayers around him. The enemy roared that he was too small, he needed a larger sword, and that he was in no way equipped to win the battle! But David remained steadfast. Not looking to the left or the right, he remained focused on the job at hand. Overcoming Goliath looked impossible, but he knew his God! Knowing that God had strengthened him against the lion and the bear gave him great courage. David did not shrink back from what looked like an undefeatable foe.


We can all be encouraged by the story of David's victory. Each of us can rest assured that though we face a giant of opposition today, the world culture can be defeated by God's power and grace!


Let me ask you a question: Are you a Ruth or an Orpah? Ruth moved from complacency into a season of harvest and anointing. After a heartbreaking tragedy, Ruth stepped out into the unknown. She clung to her destiny and left all comfort behind. Ruth believed for something better, though she had never seen the new land. As a result, Ruth met her Boaz, her kinsman redeemer. Just as Ruth left all that was familiar in Moab and traveled to Bethlehem, we must do the same. The word "Bethlehem" means "House of Bread." The Lord desires to lead us and feed us. Our nourishment must come from Him, His Word and His direction.  


Let us also consider the faith of Joshua and Caleb. Numbers 13 gives the account of when Moses sent twelve spies out to scout Canaan. Ten of the twelve spies returned with a negative report. Their report was that Israel was unable to defeat the enemy and that the people were of great stature (giants) and the Israelites were as grasshoppers to them. However, Joshua and Caleb believed the report of the Lord knowing that He had promised victory.


We must also believe God's report, and know that He has a Promised Land for each of us. If we focus on His promise, we can overtake the enemy, no matter the present circumstances. It's our destiny to overcome the giants in our land—let's not miss out on the victory!


Be a Victor!


The Lord is promising that we will witness a mighty move of His glory. Yes! The Glory Train is coming and we are living in miraculous, amazing times. I know that you want, as I do, to be a part of a great victory celebration. It's time to draw close to Him and return to your FIRST love. As we do, He promises to draw close to us and show us things we have NEVER seen or encountered before.


"'...Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.'" (1 Corinthians 2:9 NKJV)


America is waiting for Believers to arise! Our families are waiting, our churches are waiting! Romans 8:22-23 says that the whole earth is groaning, waiting for us to arise and reveal His glory. We are living in literally the best time in history. God has given each of us a part to play. As His sons and daughters, let's arise and shine in this hour. See yourself as God sees you and begin to proclaim what God has spoken, what we are believing for, and not the words of the enemy.


It's time to take authority over our land (individually, corporately, nationally) and cover it with the Blood of the Lamb. God is ready to usher in the Kingdom! Let's choose to believe the word of God. This is the hour when every person must make up their own mind if they will go with God's word. Will you be a victor?




By Virginia Kettler Blackburn

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