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By Ron McGatlin




Prepare to be translated from where we are to a higher place, a different place above or beyond the natural life as a Christian or follower of Christ as we have been.


Probably we all firmly believe that the written word of God in the Bible is truth. We read of the powerful works of God with His people and believe without a doubt that they are true accounts of supernatural works of God with His people of old.


Great supernatural works such as Moses lifting up his rod and extending his arm over the Red Sea and parting the sea and the people crossing over on dry land. Then it closed back up and drowned the Egyptian army pursuing them.


Later when Joshua was leading the people, God caused the flooded Jordan river to stop flowing and the water to pile up. As soon as the feet of the priests that were carrying the ark of God touched the water, the river stopped flowing and the people walked across the Jordan on dry land.


Or how about Joshua receiving instruction from God for all the people to quietly march around the walls of Jericho led by seven priests blowing ram’s horn trumpets once a day for six days. On the seventh day they were to march around the city seven times in the same day and then all the people were to give a great shout. When this was done and the people shouted the walls fell down flat before them.


These are just a few examples of many major works of God with His people in the Old Testament.




God did a multitude of great miraculous works with Jesus and later on with the His disciples. Jesus healed many diseased, deformed, lame, blind, deaf people and raised the dead among many other miracles.


The first century disciples saw God do many powerful works with them after Jesus ascended and the Holy Spirit endued them with power at Pentecost. (Acts Chapters 1 and 2.)


They ministered with power as the Holy Spirit filled and empowered them.


They proclaimed the word of God in languages that they had not learned. Peter preached and 3000 people repented and were saved, baptized in water, and filled with the Holy Spirit.


They walked in miracles of healing. People crippled from birth got up and walked, blind eyes were healed, deaf ears were healed, lepers were made clean, the dead raised to life. The gospel of the kingdom was preached. It was said that they had turned the world upside down. The people even placed sick people next to the place where Peter walked so that perhaps his shadow would fall on them and heal them.


Christ Jesus was dwelling in and working the works of Father God in the disciples after they were filled with the Holy Spirit. Christ Jesus with them went about preaching, healing the sick, casting out demons, doing the works of Christ in them.


And they went out and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them and confirming the word through the accompanying signs. Amen. Mark 16:20.


It is natural for the people of God filled with the Holy Spirit to walk in supernatural works of God.




Father God has not changed. Christ Jesus has not turned away from Father God. Holy Spirit has not failed.


The purpose and plan of God has not changed.


On the contrary the fulfillment of the purpose of God on earth as it is in heaven is closer now than in the first century or at any time since then.


We have entered the day of His presence. The reality of pure holy love relationship with God in Christ by the Holy Spirit is manifesting on a global scale in the hearts and lives of maturing sons and daughters of God. The KINGDOM OF GOD is again being preached as it was in the first century with even more understanding and reality among the hearers than back then.


All out sincere praise and pure worship to God is coming forth from more people on earth now than ever before.


When the gospel of the kingdom is preached, when worship is sincere and high praise if lifted to God, signs and wonders follow.


Yes, there are many mighty miracles taking place today in this world. Truly the dead are being raised, the sick healed, the blind are seeing and the deaf are hearing and much more is happening in this world.


Never before has there been a greater time than today for the mighty works of God in Christ Jesus living in His people by the Holy Spirit of Almighty God in and with His precious humble people filled with His LOVE and LIFE!




Christ Jesus is made manifest in this world in His Body, the New Jerusalem BRIDE – the counter part of God – the Mother of us all. This mortality has put on immortality as the eternal life of God abides in and with us in this Day of the Lord’s coming forth on earth. (Galatians 4:26) (Revelation 21:2-3) (1 Corinthians 15:53).




Great darkness is covering the earth, the massive destruction of world systems of order are the works of God removing all that exalts itself above the rule of LOVE of God on earth. Governmental systems, economic systems, religious church systems are all collapsing. The walls that separated God from the people and the governance of the world are falling flat like the walls of Jericho.


The pure holy love of God in His people has inflamed the dark world of humanism, intellectualism, communism, socialism and all the other isms have gone mad and are destroying themselves and all they have built that is not of God. As they attempt to remove God and His people from the earth, they are devouring themselves in their insanity. (2 Peter 2:12-19).


These are not just people, these are demonic forces invading and controlling the hearts and minds of deceived and cursed people.


Deliverance on a massive scale is part of the great work of Christ in His humble sons and daughters made mighty by the love, power and wisdom of God in Christ in His people.


Experiencing the all-consuming love, power and wisdom of God will drive the devil’s darkness away and heal the heart, soul and body of the once deceived people that will come to God in Christ by the drawing of the Holy Spirit. Only those who will not hear and receive will fail to make it through the transition into the reality of the kingdom of God now on earth.


Religious Christians must be set free from the limited “gospel” of mixture and the burden of religious rules and man-made religious hierarchal systems to fully enter the supernatural Spirit realm of the kingdom of God’s provisions of love, power and wisdom directly from heaven by the Holy Spirit.


Religious spirits that are darkness posing as angels of light are the orchestrators of church systems that stand in the place of God, appointing rulers over others to lead organizations that replace Christ as head of His true Body.


God uses laws and rules applied by loving parents to immature children. However, laws and rules are bondage for adult children of God. The law of God in mature or grownup children of God is the love of God in their heart and soul applied by the life of Christ in them by the Holy Spirit.


Yes, the work of Christ in us will always align with the written word of God. However, the written word is not the fourth person of the God head. It is alive only as it is understood by the Holy Spirit that makes it alive to the Holy Spirit within us. We don’t worship the book; we worship God the author of the book.




It is much too late to try to convince me otherwise. I have seen and heard far too much in my lifetime to ever believe that God is not working among His people today as He did in Jesus and His disciples and even greater works as Jesus promised. “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father.” John 14:12.


One person comes to mind as I think on some of the miracles from past experience. I will call him Andrew but that is not his real name. Andrew was a man great in faith and simply would obey God when sent to different places for whatever purpose God had for him to accomplish. On one occasion he was told to go to a certain place in a different nation at a certain time. He did not have the money for the flight but got in line at the ticket counter. While standing there a man walked up to him and gave him the money for the flight. Another time he was to go to a certain city and again did not have the money for the flight. He went into the restroom at the airport before getting in line to get a ticket. When he stepped out of the restroom, he was in the airport in the city to which he was going.


I was at a conference with others and Andrew. A group of us men were standing in somewhat of a circle and decided to pray about something. When I bowed my head to pray, I saw a coin laying in the floor near my feet. I thought that rather than bending to pick it up that I would get it as soon as we finished praying. It was not a long prayer and when it was over, I looked up just to acknowledge the amen. Then I looked down and started to pick up the coin. It was not there! No one had moved. It was not possible for anyone to have picked it up without my knowledge because it was just too close to my feet. I looked all around as we began to move around and there was no coin anywhere. I realized that God was showing me how things were just not limited to what I could understand or explain.


Later that same day after the gathering a couple friends and myself were walking down the long and empty hallway toward our rooms. I remembered there was something that I had wanted to say to Andrew but did not happen to see him amongst the crowd after the meeting. I thought, I hope to see him before we leave. I turned my head to look for a moment at one of the men walking beside me. When I turned my head back down the hall, Andrew was there only a few yards ahead of us walking toward us as if to speak to us. The long hall had been completely empty only a split second earlier.


Another occasion comes to mind when a friend and myself were in a city in central Texas at a conference for several days. We stayed at a really nice hunting cabin of a friend out in the country. We had made the drive to the meeting two nights. It was a little over an hour’s drive to the meeting. On this third evening we were about 30 minutes late leaving for the meeting. I hated missing the start of the meeting. I only said quietly, help us Lord. We were very surprised when we arrived before the meeting started. I looked at my watch and sure enough we yet had time to get in and get seated before the meeting started. I thought wow what happened? I could not remember going through any of the small towns on the road. I asked my friend and neither of us could remember passing through the towns along the way or anything else about the trip, except that we were talking as we drove.


I still remember the first time that I really laid hands on a man that was healed. I was at a meeting in Dallas, Texas in the late 80s. Many folks including myself were coming out of lukewarm church systems and being introduced to the works of the Holy Spirit. The leadership would have the people lay hands and pray for one another for healing. People all over the large room were doing this. I was standing near the back and a bit shy about diving in to pray for someone. A man probably in his 30s walked up from somewhere in front of me. He said that God had spoke to him that if I would pray for him, his back would be healed.


He showed me where the pain was and I laid my hand on it and prayed for his back to be completely healed and spoke to his back to be healed in Jesus’ name and commanded the pain to go. It was a short prayer. The mild-mannered man looked up at me with a bit of shock on his face and said, “It’s gone, my back does not hurt. I said without excitement, “That’s good, Jesus is a healer.” He looked at me with wide eyes and spoke loudly, “You don’t understand, I hurt my back many years ago and have never since been free of pain until now! It is gone”. He said how many years but I don’t remember the number.


There are many testimonies from people of God of the dead being raised some several days after they had died. Multitudes of healings and miracles of all sorts, deliverances, angelic intervention in rescues and people being translated, even some seen in far different places in the same day.




Many do not see because their minds are blinded to the reality of the supernatural works of God. They may hear of some of these things and simply right them off as some weird or deceived person. They could witness a healing of God and subscribe some natural reason for the healing.


Yes, not everyone is healed and everything we wish for in our natural affection for things of this world do not always come about even if we pray sincerely. The scripture says we do not have because we do not ask or because we ask amiss that we may consume it upon our own lust. (James 4:2-3).


Today as the darkness fills the world including the once Christian nations, and the ungodly lifestyle of the people and nations is exposed, multitudes are becoming ready to hear and see the mighty works of God and turn away from the blindness of darkness and deception to the light and love of Almighty God.


Spiritual eyes and ears are opening to hear and see the power and wisdom of the reality of the love of God changing us and the world around us.


This is the time of the end of unbelief and the beginning of massive numbers coming into faith, perfect hope, and all consuming love of God Almighty reigning on earth as it is in heaven.


Today we can walk in heaven while on earth.


Love and blessing to all who seek Him with their whole hearts and do not love their past lives to the death to receive heaven’s life of Christ in us by the Holy Spirit doing the works of Christ Jesus.


Much Love and Blessings,



By Ron McGatlin



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