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"Have You Been Hit by a Wild Pitch?

It's Time to Get Back in the Batter's Box!"

By Bill Yount



Here comes the pitch! It turns wild as it comes in like a deranged missile at the batter. Unable to back away fast enough, the ball drills him in the back. All eyes in the stadium, including mine, are immediately riveted on the pitcher, questioning his intentions.


What He Doesn't Do Makes Him a Star


As the batter shakes off the pain, there's something he doesn't do that makes him a star in the game... he never once looks back at the pitcher who wounded him! Instead he proudly trots down to first base. Silently, his character speaks so loud that it fills the stadium with reverence... "Thank you, Mr. Pitcher, you did not strike me out. I still made it to first base!" In this moment, I feel the Holy Spirit come into that stadium and speak to me. He says, "Bill, how many of My people have been hit by a wild pitch and they cannot take their eyes off the pitcher who hurt them, and they never get on base because of the hurt?"


I sense that many in the Body of Christ – because of "hits and hurts" – cannot discern who is winning or losing, and they don't know what inning we are in.


There's Good News in All of This


I believe many have been "up to bat" spiritually and have been hit by some wild pitches. Many can't take their eyes off of the one who has hurt or wounded them. I believe so many have gotten hit by wild pitches in the Body of Christ that we have all the bases loaded. The good news is, we are still up at bat! The bad news is many are afraid of being in the batter's box because of being hit by wild pitches in the past. (Photo via Flickr)


Get Back in the Batter's Box


But God is saying, "Pick up the 'Bat of Prayer' and get back in the batter's box one more time. Pray for those who have hit you with a wild pitch. Pray for those who keep striking you out. Pray for those who throw so many 'wild pitches' at you that you have to end up taking a walk!"


There is more than one way to get on base. You can hit the ball. You can get a walk. Or you can get hit! Getting hit still gets you on base. I believe God is still "in" in our bat, and I feel a "Home-Run Anointing" coming over us as the Body of Christ is coming together as an unbeatable team.


I see us hitting the ball so hard that it will go over every wall, hitting the nations, smashing the 10-40 Window and every window to pieces! I see this ball going, going, like a ball inside a pinball machine. Anything it hits only knocks it further on, hitting strategic landmarks of the enemy across the face of the earth. Every time it hits something, something hits it again and it keeps traveling.


The Spiritual World Series


I believe what I'm seeing is the last-day "Spiritual World Series" coming upon the earth. The world is about to witness a "Grand Slam" from a team they thought would never win, and YOU are next up to bat.


Step inside the batter's box now!


I'm picking up my bat...


Wisdom from the Dugout:


• When it came to God's best for my life, I had to wait longer than I wanted to. I had to learn to out-wait the devil's best offer first. It's important for us to wait for that right pitch and then not let it pass by. The best hitters in baseball learn to "wait it out" for that right one.


• A prophet once spoke over me, "Son, if you keep swinging you are bound to hit something. Don't be afraid to swing!"  


A Grand Slam Attitude


A little girl on roller blades was racing down the sidewalk as she sideswiped a tree and hit the ground. She got up and kept speeding dangerously, falling again. Later on, I looked out the window and she was still at it. After falling head over heels again she slowly got up and continued wildly on.


I said, "Lord, what is wrong with that kid? His response surprised me. "She's doing great. She's not afraid of falling."


Suddenly, I was inspired by this fearless little girl and with this thought: If you do anything for the Lord, do it with all your heart and with all your might and don't be afraid to fail. Failing is forward progress in God's eyes when we don't let it stop us.


"We must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is day; night is coming, when no one can work." (John 9:4 ESV)




By Bill Yount

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