If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

To know His heart . . .

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To Know His Heart

By Kathy Mote



To know His heart is to know His thoughts and His will.



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The Deeper Your Surrender

By Kathy Mote



The deeper your surrender, the more you are aware of Him. The more closely you follow Him, the closer you are to Him. I would like to share my thoughts on the two words we use to describe our interactions with Him, surrender and obedience.


After living in His presence, I am finding them inadequate to describe our interaction with Him.


What we surrender is our ignorance of Him as He reveals His heart to us. We are in awe of Him so we hang on every word He says. This is why we follow after Him, our hearts being filled by Him. He is our Daddy God. He reveals this as He calls us His child.


In the reality of walking with Him, the words surrender and obedience just don't do justice to the Life He gives, or the soul deep peace of knowing Him.


He surrounds us, He protects us, He keeps us from harm. We are seated on the palm of His hand. He fills us and satisfies us with His desire for our life, and in His presence, He brings His will into our heart. What we give up is our place in darkness and torment as we are taken up into His arms.


So to say we surrender is to say we open our heart to Him. To say we obey is to say we act on our trust. In His presence, we are filled with all His desire, and that is how He provides for us.




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The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote



The Lord said pride is the will to live, to rise up and defend our thoughts of ourself. This is not our condition when we see Him, or what we do as we are taken in His arms. It is in His presence that we know Him, and knowing Him, we trust in Him. It is in His presence we are given Life. We are continually filled with the joy of it, and we are continually grateful to Him.



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For Some Time Now

By Kathy Mote


For some time now, I have 'released' His Word on another social media. This is what He said to my heart. I hoped each day for more and more people to come hear His Word, but that is not how one changes the world.


Something the Lord said to me today released my heart and filled me with joy. He said, I bring my Word to pass by releasing it in your heart. Then I am faithful to bring My will to pass in the Earth.


It's not what you say, and it doesn't matter how many hear you. What you are able to do would never be enough. By My Spirit, they will hear Me as My Word is released into every heart.


I promised My Kingdom would come. I established that promise in Isaiah's, in Abraham's, and in Mary's hearts to name a few, then I brought My Word to pass as I promised I would. Each time I came and made a promise, I kept My Word Myself. No one else can do this. What is promised, I fulfill.


This word is for all those who hold His promises dear. What He has established in your heart is His promise, and that is His to fulfill. We receive by trusting Him. Words cannot describe the joy this brings.





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A Word

By Kathy Mote




A word the Lord has asked me to share for those who have perceived themselves to be rejected in recent years. This is about the ministry circles you thought you should be a part of, but were not welcome in.


You were not rejected, you were ejected, and it was the hand of the Lord that did this. He removed you to set you aside and hide you from the judgment that is to come. He kept you safe as He humbled your heart.


You are not called to endure the more difficult judgment those who rejected you will see in the days to come. He is coming quickly to humble their heart.


But you, precious one, have a different heart, and you have been called to walk your path alone with Him. This is precious to Him, and He is enjoying it. As you see how close He is to you, you will know how precious you are to Him. You are not without Him, and you are not alone.






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