If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

Faith isn't a matter of believing . . .


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Faith Isn’t A Matter Of Believing

By Kathy Mote



Faith isn't a matter of believing what you read. Believing what you read isn't how your heart is healed and it isn't relationship with Him. Faith is believing Him (and to believe Him you have to know Him). This is Him speaking to your heart to reveal His heart, changing you and bringing you to Him. Faith is Him working in you. Trust is yours. Faith is His. That is how you are healed.





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I Am Convinced Of His Faithfulness

By Kathy Mote



I am convinced of His faithfulness. What He is faithful to is something I have learned recently.


This happened when I desired to be delivered from what humbled me. He assured me what humbled me was His gift to me. He said it was His will for me, and it would teach me the value humility above all He would give me.


Before I learned to value humility, it was my appearance I valued, and I that is what I wanted Him to restore to me. I considered my appearance to be in great need of healing. He considered my perspective to be what was in need of great healing, so He gave me humility.


Humility is not seeking self, it is seeking Him, not seeing self, but seeing Him. He protects us from the wants and desires of self so nothing in this life can tempt us away from Him.


The humble don't desire to see themselves in this life, and they don't desire to see their own way. What the humble desire is His heart and His presence and seeing Him is how He keeps them with Him. What He is faithful to as He humbles our heart is His love for us, and being humbled, we can see this of Him.




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He Is Spirit

By Kathy Mote


He is Spirit, and He will be coming into the breath of our lungs. He will reveal Himself to every one of us. That is how every eye will see Him.





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In Your Life

By Kathy Mote


In your life, God isn't controlling, He is protective, but as He moves in the Earth, He is decisive. He is holding you close to His heart as He brings about many changes. You are hidden safely in the folds of His garment as He keeps you from the great shaking. This is the day we are in. He has already brought into your heart the many changes He will bring to those who are without Him. For them, He will come in the midst of a great storm, but He deals gently with the surrendered.






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When My Daughter Was In Second Grade

By Kathy Mote


When my daughter was in second grade, my husband lost his job. So I packed up my cleaning supplies and cleaned houses to make ends meet while he looked for another job.


Those were the not so good old days when his behavior often caused consequence for my children and I. In those days I learned to gather my wits and my children in my arms and trust the Lord with all my heart.


We were fairly new to the area, and my little second grader was told to wait at the school doors to be picked up when school let out. One day I was running late, and I asked my husband to pick our little daughter up.


Two hours after school let out I finally arrived at home. Where is our daughter?? Still waiting at school. He had forgotten to pick her up.


My heart flew into a panic. I rushed to the school to gather her into my arms. I cried the whole way, barely able to hear the Lord as He told me she was safe from harm.


As I pulled up she got into the car. She asked me if I was ok. I must have looked a mess. But she wasn't afraid, she said, because Jesus spoke to her and told her it would be alright. She said He waited with her.


That night as I went to bed, I thought about how I had lost my mind. Well, what I did was I lost sight of His. When we consider the consequence of not being kept by Him, we have taken our eyes off of Him. We lose sight of His heart by not trusting His faithfulness to keep us there. The Lord said someone needs to hear this.♥️




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Those In The Word

By Kathy Mote


Those in the world speak with such hatred against us because our beliefs in God challenge their desire to rebel against Him. Their belief that they are a god unto themselves is the core of their rebellion.


The human rights they respect are those that rise against Him. This is why they see our respect for Him as disrespect for them. If our thinking hadn't challenged their perceived right to rule, they would have ignored us.


We would be wise not to despise them. They are here to refine us. Their actions are prompting world events, and this is important. It is one thing to hate rebellion, and quite another to hate the rebellious.







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I Know

By Kathy Mote




I know what it is to stand and watch as my enemies are scattered from before me. I know what it is to see the Lord give to my enemy the very portion my enemy desired for me. I know what it is to stand before the Lord as the enemy came gunning for me. It was in those moments of the fiercest warfare in my life that the Lord revealed His faithfulness to His will for me.


In the years since, I have thought back on this often. My heart warms at the memory of how, against all odds, His strong arm set me above my enemy as He delivered me. But that is not what gives me peace as His enemy now comes to taunt me. As I leave His will for me up to Him, His presence brings a palpable peace that lives and breathes inside me.






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We Were Never Meant To Fully Understand

By Kathy Mote


We were never meant to fully understand God in our mind, nor were we invited to accept Him in our head. Our minds are not a big enough screen to show us the whole picture of Who He is.


He meant for us to know Him in our heart. That is why we don't know Him by reading about Him or reading what He said. You can't know anyone like that.


He made our heart to know and receive Him and to enter into relationship with Him. How else would we become one with Him. Our hearts were made for Him.


Knowing Him is far more personal and real than knowing about Him. Knowing about Him doesn't bring us to Him. Only Him revealing His love to us can bring us to Him, and He does this to heal our heart.





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I Had A Friend Long Ago

By Kathy Mote


I had a friend long ago who thought very differently than I did. People were either good or bad, right or wrong, or true or false to her thinking, but her thinking didn't leave any room for the Lord or what He was doing in them.


I would often become frustrated with her, even though I loved her dearly as a friend. What helped me so much was when the Lord showed me my own heart in this. In my own heart I neglected to trust Him for what He would do in her.


He told me that He was not finished with all He would do in her heart, something that was between Him and her. So the small, hard and shriveled heart I thought I saw in her was also how my heart responded to her.


As He revealed His heart to me, it broke my heart to see where my heart had been. I had judged the work of His hands, and to do this I had looked down at her and not up at Him. This is something I will never ever do again.






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We Pour Over The Scriptures

By Kathy Mote


We pour over the scriptures, thinking that to understand them is to receive what is written in them. The scriptures weren't meant to be practiced, they were meant to lead us to Him. The Life and love and abundance and provision we seek is in His presence.


We will only know abundant Life in our fellowship with Him because abundant Life is living, being and abiding IN Him. All the fancy words and phrases that describe what we desire from Him don't come close to the Truth, that love, peace, provision, and all that is beautiful is Him and the Life that is Him. He created us. Our identity is in Him.




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The Lord Has Got Us

By Kathy Mote


The Lord has got us and the little ones we love.










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