If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

Seeing People's Reaction . . .



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Seeing People’s Reaction

By Kathy Mote



 Seeing people's reaction is not seeing what they are reacting to. Right now the world is reacting to what the Lord is doing in the Earth. He is exposing what is in every heart to prepare them to be refined. He is preparing us for His second coming, and the world is going nuts.


Scripture says He will come in the clouds. The word they heard was air, but what they didn't know then was the word 'air' meant the breath in our lungs, not the clouds. When He comes, He will be that close to us. That is how every eye will see and every ear will hear.


What is happening in the world is the move of the Lord and what we see is every heart's response as the time draws near, He draws near. Something I am all to familiar with is the reaction of the wicked as they encounter a move of the Lord. They consider it arbitrary, and they rebel.


Unless they are brought to Him to know and trust His love first, they buck and fight against Him as He moves because they don't receive Him as Lord. His presence threatens them in the deepest way. Look at the world's response to every major move of God in the Earth. Because of their desire to live without Him, He isn't welcome here.


So what I see in the world today, particularly in my own country, doesn't surprise me one bit. The world's reaction is a confirmation that He is indeed doing all He said He will do. What He said to me today regarding this was, My momentum is gaining force and I am stepping up the pace. This is what no man can see.


So what about His hidden ones, those dear and precious ones He has called to His heart? They are deeply hidden as He moves in them to desire Him above all the things of this life. To prepare them to receive His glory is His purpose as He draws them closer to Him. His plan is not to raise spectacular ones, but to be spectacular in those He raised. In the Kingdom where He reigns, up is down and down is up.





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The Lord Doesn’t Need Us . . .

By Kathy Mote


The Lord doesn't need us to reach everyone in order to release the Word He gave us. What He needs is for us to believe the Word He gave us and trust Him to fulfill it. We are His witnesses in the Earth, but HE will reach every heart as He wills and He doesn't need us for that. (Abraham is an example of how this works.)




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This Is What The Lord Said

By Kathy Mote


This is what the Lord said. I will give you dignity beyond compare.







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By Kathy Mote



Humility is not a choice we make, it is the condition we are in when God's presence brings us to Him, and that same presence is what enables us to hear Him.


His presence is the justice that corrects us and comforts us, making us right with Him. (He makes us right with Him by making us right in Him.) To Him, justice IS Him making everything come to Him.


So this is what I learned. Justice isn't something He metes out in arbitrary terms based on what we did, it is the expression of His nature, desire and will that we be made right with Him.


Justice is being brought into His presence because that is His will. He is love, and that love heals. Justice describes His powerful presence expressing the love that defines Him.






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When Your Pride Exalts Your Self

By Kathy Mote



When your pride exalts your self and protects your opinion, you are acting as lord of your heart instead of trusting Him. You have to dig deep today to choose Him. That's the warfare of the day we are in, and the only way out of the jam you find your self in. This is the day His presence rules over religion, intelligence and opinion, the day of a much deeper walk with Him.




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